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7 Key Differences Between Leadership and Management

Leadership Vs Management

“Leadership is doing the right things whereas Management is doing things right” is indeed a popular quote often heard when you are promoted to a role of managing people. “Can you be a strong leader if you are a great manager?” Though we use the titles interchangeably they mean completely different. Remember that you don’t automatically turn into a strong ...

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What Is The Cost Of Six Sigma Certifications In India?

Cost of Six Sigma Training & Certification in INDIA

A majority of organizations implement Six Sigma practices in order to minimize the errors and to effectively improve their business process. This process improvement system can render a robust business system and eradicates the defect in the process. Since it is the proven methodology for quality management, many top-notch companies have already implemented this practice and enjoying an increase in ...

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All About Devops Certification Courses And How To Do Them?

Type of DevOps Certification Courses

DevOps, an evolving concept that merges Development and Operations team to result in a combination of culture, process, and tools. It has made life easier for both the developer and operations team to collaborate and work together. In fact, they can build and release software much faster and frequently than before. Watch video to understand ‘What is DevOps?’ DevOps is ...

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What Is DevOps And How It Really Works?

What is Devops-How It Works

“DevOps” is an emerging model that allows effective collaboration of development and Operations team so that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Traditionally in an organization, where a waterfall method is followed in which the development team tests the new code in an isolated development environment for quality assurance. Also, the two teams Operation and ...

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How Much Does ITIL Certifications Cost In India?

ITIL Certifications Cost in INDIA

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework that has been designed to standardize the IT services of an organization. A robust framework that covers the entire lifecycle of service management can provide immense benefits to business when it is successfully adopted. ITIL is not developed from a single organization’s idea but is a collaboration of best practices of many ...

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How To Pass Your PMP® Certification In 2018?

How to Pass PMP in 2018

Project Management is considered as the hottest career option of IT professionals for the high demand that it is receiving from many organizations. With these organizations looking for trained Project Management professionals, many IT professionals are choosing the most coveted certification for Project Management Professionals PMP®. Project Management Institute (PMI) is the certifying body offering this most prestigious PMP® Certification. ...

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How Much Do PRINCE2 Certifications Cost In India?

SKILLOGIC PRINCE2 Certification Cost

A popular de facto standard for project management practice in UK and Europe as well as in other parts of the globe is PRINCE2. An acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, PRINCE2 is the best practice guidance on Project management and is being widely practiced in most of the private sectors worldwide. PRINCE2 certifications prove beneficial for both the candidates ...

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Know About PMI Certifications And Choose The Right One For You

PMI Certifications

Project Management Institute (PMI), being a largest certifying body is popularly known for its PMP certification. But, PMI does offer many other certifications which you can opt to boost your career. Began in early 1980’s, PMI started with PMP credentials since then started adding several certifications to its list. When you become a member of this renowned institute, you definitely ...

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SKILLOGIC™ Launches Intensive Classroom Training For Certified Scrum Master (CSM) In Bengaluru

SKILLOGIC PressRelease on Certified Scrum Master

Bengaluru professionals looking for weekend training on CSM can now encash the opportunity as SKILLOGIC™ has announced its upcoming schedule for intensive classroom training for Certified Scrum Master (CSM). SKILLOGIC™ is going to deliver Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training along with DevOps classroom training in Novel Tech Park, 46/4, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068. The professionals working ...

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What Is Chef And Why Do We Need It?

What Is Chef? (DevOps Tool)

A powerful automation tool used in configuration management by transforming infrastructure into code is called Chef. It effectively manages infrastructure by writing a code rather than using rigorous manual methods and for coding it uses pure-Ruby, a domain-specific language (DSL). Irrespective of the size and the operating environment, Chef can effectively automate your Infrastructure configuration, deployment of applications and configurations ...

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