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How much is the ITIL Certification Training Cost in Bangalore?

More and more people now believe that data is the most important vital asset that any organisation must manage. The kind of IT services provided to the business is crucial to the collection, analysis, creation, and appropriation of data inside an association.

What is ITIL®?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is what ITIL is known as in its whole form. ITIL is a framework for standardising the choice, scheduling, provisioning, upkeep, and overall lifespan of IT services inside a corporation. Enhancing efficiency and achieving consistent service delivery are the objectives.

Cloud services, backup, network security, data processing and storage, managed print services, IT consultancy, Help desk support, IOT, and other common IT services are among those covered by ITIL.

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How does ITIL differ from ITSM?

Before you go any more, let’s clear this misconception from your head about ITIL:
A framework of best practices for providing IT services is called ITIL. Businesses can manage risk, improve customer relationships, and create an IT environment that is prepared for growth, scalability, and change with the support of ITIL’s methodical approach to ITSM.

Information Technology Service Management, or ITSM, is the management process for information systems that produce and provide value to consumers. Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is the most well-known and widely-applied framework for ITSM.

Why is ITIL important?

By reducing processes and spotting opportunities to boost productivity, ITIL aims to help businesses develop predictable IT infrastructures and provide the greatest customer service to consumers and clients. As technology becomes a crucial component of every business unit, ITIL has always placed a strong emphasis on integrating IT into the business. The most recent version of the ITIL framework, ITIL 4, keeps the initial objective while placing a higher emphasis on encouraging an adaptable and agile IT department.

The benefits of using ITIL, which gives an organised and expert approach to managing the supply of IT services, include the following:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Better IT services utilising tried-and-true best practises
  • Increased client satisfaction as a result of a more skilled method of service delivery
  • Guidelines and standards
  • Increased output
  • Better utilisation of knowledge and experience

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Why a career in ITIL?

If you complete the certification after taking the ITIL course, your job possibilities will be better. You have an advantage over other non-guaranteed candidates in the ITSM community. Additionally, your pay scale gets a substantial jump as an ITIL certified professional. Having a global certification and improved management and technical skills will ultimately show in your performance, making you stand out from the rest of your colleagues.

Because it is compatible with a wide range of other frameworks, like PMP and PRINCE2, IT administrators adore ITIL. It’s time to join ITIL if you haven’t yet enjoyed its advantages.

What are the popular ITIL Certifications in Bangalore?

Having a workforce that is ITIL certified enables businesses to seek and embrace structural changes that are in line with the ITIL framework in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. By earning an ITIL certification, you get to showcase the remarkable skill set that can be a boon in the long run.

With Agile, DevOps, and digital transformation, ITIL 4 focuses on the business and technological environment, how it operates now and how it will operate in the future.

Popular ITIL Certifications in Bangalore:

ITIL Course Cost in Bangalore

Because of the value addition that an ITIL certification holder delivers to a business, ITIL is favoured by employers. It is a well-liked option among IT workers because to its widespread acceptability in the employment market. Its popularity stems from the advantages that enterprises gain from understanding ITIL. After earning an ITIL certification, your options for profiles and jobs can significantly grow.

Costs for the SKILLOGIC ITIL Certification in Bangalore range from 27,900 to 2,00,000 INR.

In Bangalore, the cost of the ITIL Foundation Classroom Training is 39,000 INR, but you may get it for just 32,500 INR. With the discount, you can purchase the ITIL Foundation Training Online for for 27,500 INR instead of the usual 33,000 INR.

You may receive the ITIL Practitioner Classroom Training in Bangalore for just 33,900 INR instead of the usual 42,000 INR. With the discount, the Online ITIL Practitioner Training is only INR 30,900 instead of INR 38,000.

You can receive the ITIL Intermediate Classroom Training for about 38,500 INR instead of the 46,200 INR it costs in Bangalore. The discounted price of INR 33,500 permits you to take the ITIL Intermediate Online programme, which normally costs INR 40,200 INR.

Instead of paying 2,20,000 INR in Bangalore, you can acquire the ITIL Expert Classroom Training for roughly 1,77,900 INR. You may enrol in the ITIL Expert Programme Online for the reduced rate of INR 1,59,900, which is equal to INR 1,98,000 INR.

Rather than paying 46,200 INR as it does in Bangalore, you can get the ITIL MPT Classroom Training for approximately 38,500 INR. You may enrol in the ITIL MPT Programme Online for a discounted fee of INR 33,500, which is lower than the program’s regular price of INR 40,200.

Why SKILLOGIC for ITIL Certification Training in Bangalore?

SKILLOGIC offers the best training in ITIL and instills you the most efficient methods for boosting corporate productivity while utilising ITIL Methodologies.

  • Accredited by Axelos
  • Training imparted by industry specialists
  • A Case-Study Methodology
  • Flexi pass for 3 months
  • Separate sessions for rehearsing and clarifying questions.
  • DevOps Foundation is a complementary course.
  • Learning in a Blended Environment.


Leading worldwide service providers view ITIL certification as a requirement for professionals in services management, therefore it can assist advance your career even internationally. You gain a qualification and expertise that are recognised throughout the world when you successfully complete an ITIL course, and as a result, you are paid more. Many project professionals agree that after earning their ITIL certification, their salaries increased by 15%. Along with the compensation, you also receive a bigger terrain with greater prospects for advancement!

What is ITIL?

What is ITIL? and How Your Business Can Use It?

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