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Achieve Your Goals with PRINCE2 Certification

Irrespective of an industry nature, a project management team is a crucial element of an organisation. Isn’t it true? Absolutely, learning the best project management methods practiced across the globe offers not only a strong foundation but also builds an effective project management team. That is the reason for many aspiring managers opting this widely recognized PRINCE2 Certification.

Achive Your Goal With PRINCE2 Certification

What is PRINCE2 certification?

We had a small introduction about this PRINCE2 certification but “what does PRINCE2 denotes?” The expansion of PRINCE2 is Projects IN Controlled Environments. This certification is indeed a collection of experience drawn from many successful projects and their contributors. A structured project management method is driven by isolating only the management aspects from these successful project works.

A greatest advantage with PRINCE2 is, it is flexible and can be adapted to any type or size of the project. Hence, this PRINCE2 certification is the standard in UK , EUROPE , Australia and increasing accepted as preferred project management certification in more than 150 countries as in year 2016.

PRINCE2 focuses on key performance aspects of the projects such as Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Benefits and Risks. As per the framework, if these aspects are managed as per the best practice, the project would be delivered more successfully. To achieve this, PRINCE2 defines four integrated elements: 7 Principles, 7 Themes, 7 Process and Tailoring to suit the project.

PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus covers overview of all these four integrated elements at “what is what” level and the exam composes of 75 simple multiple choice question , requiring 50% marks to clear the certification exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner syllabus covers in details discussion of all PRINCE2 elements and their application to the project. PRINCE2 Practitioner exam has 80 scenario based questions, requiring 55% marks to clear the certification exam.

What are the certification requirements of PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 Foundation has no mandatory project experience as requirement albeit few years of project experience is desired. PRINCE2 Practitioner requires successful complete of PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.

Why SKILLOGIC™?Why Skillogic for PRINCE2

You would always pick a leading and renowned knowledge service provider in order to equip right skills in that particular domain. Isn’t it? That is why SKILLOGIC™, as it believes in imparting practically oriented project management best practice skills to the professionals aspiring to become better project managers.

Certification without knowledge can never help you to attain your goals in this highly competitive project management domain. SKILLOGIC™ trainers are experts in subject matters certified trainers, with decades of experience not only in training but also providing project management consulting services to tier-1 companies across the globe.

How should I go about applying?

When you opt a certified provider such as SKILLOGIC™, the certification exam will be facilitated by them so provide the candidate a seamless training and exam experience. Candidates receive official results and PRINCE2 certificate from Exam Board, PEOPLECERT on behalf of Apex body AXELOS.

For more details about PRINCE2 Certification training please visit: https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/

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    Hello Ashok, Thank you for your Article. Prince2 is “Understanding the purpose, objectives, and overview of project management. Knowing how to organize and support a project”

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