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How Much Does PRINCE2 Certifications Cost in 2020?

PRojects IN Controlled Environments – PRINCE2 is well-known and recognized as the best practice guidance for project management. It is the golden standard for project management practice in many locations across the world. PRINCE2 is significantly practiced in most of the private sectors in many parts of the world. PRINCE2 is process-based guidelines for effective project management that imparts the fundamentals required for one to become a successful project manager.

Besides being relatively simple, PRINCE2 forms an easier means to approach and deal with a project. It is a product-based methodology and simplifies projects into manageable and controllable phases. This way, PRINCE2 helps in improving the communication between the team members and client-panel. PRINCE2 certifications prove advantageous for both the candidates as well as the organizations. PRINCE2 certifications have two main levels: Foundation and Practitioner.

PRINCE2 aspirants can take-up PRINCE2 certifications in one of the mentioned two ways:

  1. You can take the exam at the end of a PRINCE2 training course with an AXELOS’s Accredited Training Organization (ATO) or
  2. Study privately for all the certification levels for PRINCE2.

Looking into more details about AXELOS, AXELOS is a joint venture company by Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita. It is responsible to develop, enhance, and promote best practice frameworks and methodologies used by professionals globally in IT service management and cyber resilience. AXELOS highly regarded qualifications also include ITIL for IT service management, RESILIA for Cyber Resilience, and MSP for program management. Thus, the prices for PRINCE2 training courses and examinations are set by the training providers and may vary accordingly.

PRINCE2 Foundation training cost in 2020:

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Cost in 2020

PRINCE2 Foundation certification aims to provide knowledge regarding the PRINCE2 methodologies to work with, to achieve efficiency in handling projects within an environment supporting PRINCE2 as a project member. This certification is one of the major prerequisites to appear for the next level PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

An effective way to start your PRINCE2 Foundation training is registering for SKILLOGIC, AXELOS Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for PRINCE2 training. SKILLOGIC has trained more than 10,000 project management professionals and also offers online live-virtual training, self-learning, and classroom training. It is one of the leading training providers for PRINCE2 certifications with high-quality sessions at cost-effective prices.

SKILLOGIC offers PRINCE2 Foundation training as follows:

  1. The PRINCE2 Foundation cost for live virtual training is 25,900/-
  2. The PRINCE2 Foundation cost for self-learning is 22,900/-
  3. The PRINCE2 Foundation cost for classroom training is 28,900/-

PRINCE2 Practitioner training cost in 2020:

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Cost in 2020

Individuals who are into managing projects or job roles of project management, PRINCE2 Practitioner certification can be highly beneficial. PRINCE2 Practitioner training helps you to gain sufficient knowledge to apply and customize the methods accordingly for different project environments and scenarios. It also provides a command over various aspects regarding a project – Business Case, Cost, Time, Quality, Scope, Risk, and Benefits. With the completion of this certification, you will be able to apply and implement PRINCE2 concepts effectively and tailor the methodologies accordingly for any required project.

SKILLOGIC offers PRINCE2 Practitioner training as follows:

  1. The PRINCE2 Practitioner cost for live virtual training is 31,900/-
  2. The PRINCE2 Practitioner cost for self-learning is 28,900/-
  3. The PRINCE2 Practitioner cost for classroom training is 35,900/-

PRINCE2 Combo training cost in 2020:

PRINCE2 Certification and Training Cost in INDIA in 2020

In 2020, every individual strives to save time, money, and efforts without any compromise in quality with the kind of services or training we acquire. To one such case, PRINCE2 Combo training comes in handy. Candidates can complete their PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications in this PRINCE2 Combo. SKILLOGIC also provides PRINCE2 Combo training in three modes of training where you can choose your feasible option.

SKILLOGIC offers PRINCE2 Combo training as follows:

  1. The PRINCE2 Combo cost for live virtual training is 44,900/-
  2. The PRINCE2 Combo cost for self-learning is 39,900/-
  3. The PRINCE2 Combo cost for classroom training is 49,900/-

Know more about Why SKILLOGIC can be your best training provider for PRINCE2 certifications training:

  1. AXELOS Accredited Training Organization for PRINCE2
  2. 95% of success rate in PRINCE2 Certifications from SKILLOGIC
  3. Conducted by industry best-certified trainers through a practical approach
  4. Unlimited revision sessions; Case study-based training
  5. Flexi-pass for PRINCE2 courses: attend sessions from SKILLOGIC for 6 months
  6. One of the top PRINCE2 training providers across the globe
  7. 5 full PRINCE2 online simulation mock tests to check your exam readiness
  8. Dedicated team to help you in your every step towards your successful completion of PRINCE2 Certification.
  9. SKILLOGIC provides ‘Business Analytics for Managers’ course as a complementary course along with PRINCE2 Certification
  10. Earn 24 hours of contact hours (PDU) certificate

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