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How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Kolkata?

In recent decades, project management has blossomed into one of the world’s most popular new professions. This rapid expansion, combined with highly competitive market wages, has encouraged many professionals and students to choose a career in this industry. With so many newcomers to the sector, dedicated project managers are looking for ways to stand out. For many, the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the ticket.

What are Project Management and PMP?

Project management is a critical, well-respected field on which enterprises of all sizes rely all across the world. Project management, according to the Project Management Institute, entails starting, designing, performing, overseeing, regulating, and completing a project. Professionals in the sector may find themselves living in a variety of industries.

PMP is an abbreviation for project management specialist. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate is a professional standard in the project management sector and is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification was created in response to a growing desire for a streamlined, repeatable method of determining a project manager’s reliability

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Is the PMP Certification a sought-after one in Kolkata?

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® certification is a worldwide recognised accreditation for project managers. Whereas a PMP certification is not necessary for most project management jobs, it does represent an individual’s technical skill, instils trust in prospective clients and employers, and frequently serves as a reason for greater compensation or promotion.

Having a PMP certification in Kolkata can help your resume stand out to employers around the world that are looking for candidates. You’ll become a much stronger candidate when you apply for new jobs because it will significantly strengthen your CV.

You stand out from the crowd if you obtain a PMP certification. Project managers with the PMP certification can be found in many prestigious companies worldwide. You must put in a lot of effort to achieve PMP certification. Even though the PMP certification exam is challenging and labour-intensive, earning the credential is worthwhile.

What are the requirements for PMP?

You will need to verify your education and project management experience before you can sit for the exam. The following are these:

  • The minimum requirement for applicants is 7,500 hours of project management experience, plus 35 hours of relevant education.
  • Or a four-year degree in the field plus 4,500 hours of project leadership experience and 35 hours of project management education.

What is the salary level for PMP in Kolkata?

Project management is a popular career path among professionals worldwide. PMP is in high demand in every industry, including information technology-enabled services, construction, healthcare, and many others. IT and manufacturing are now engaging Project Management Professional certified project managers to develop business strategies and think competitively about project deployment.

  • The average salary for a project manager in Calcutta is 14,00,000 LPA. (Glassdoor)
  • As per ambitionbox.com, the senior project manager’s salary in Kolkata varies from 5,10,000 LPA to 30,00,000 LPA with the average remuneration being 17,90,000 LPA.
  • As per Indeed.com, a project manager in Culcutta receives an annual salary of 4,72,985 a year.

The certification is an unbiased endorsement of Project Management skills and experience on a global scale, and it provides high market value, enhanced credibility, and higher remuneration. You can get a 25% global raise and a 36% Indian raise compared to non-PMP project managers.

How much would the PMP certification cost in Kolkata?

The PMP Certification Cost in Kolkata differs accordingly for PMI members and non-members. For PMI members in Kolkata, the PMP certification costs 23,459 Indian rupees. Non-PMI members must pay 42,863 Indian rupees to obtain the PMP certification in Kolkata. SKILLOGIC offers PMP Classroom Training in Kolkata as well as Online PMP Certification Training in Kolkata as part of their PMP Certification Courses in Kolkata.

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Why Should You Attend PMP Training in Kolkata with SKILLOGIC?

If you are seeking PMP Courses in Kolkata, SKILLOGIC is the best location to start your certification hunt. SKILLOGIC, the Project Management Institute’s Premier ATP, offers training on the most latest project management curriculum available. PMP Training in Kolkata expenses vary depending on the institution you enrol in and the level you choose. SKILLOGIC offers PMP certification courses in Kolkata in addition to classroom-based and online PMP training in Kolkata.

Earning the PMP® certificate in Kolkata can set a project manager ahead in the perspective of employers because it shows that they’ve finished a curriculum customized to the requirements of business and industry.

In Kolkata, how much will it cost to get a PMP certification?

SKILLOGIC’s PMP certification training is delivered by domain specialists using a hypothetical scenario analysis learning methodology. Our 10-day PMP Course will comprise 2 hours of instruction every day in the context of PMP Training Online in Kolkata. The PMP will be taught in person over the course of four days. The fee of SKILLOGIC’s online PMP training in Kolkata is reduced from 23,000 INR to 14,900 INR when you obtain a discount. PMP classroom training, which used to cost 26,000 INR, is now only 20,900 INR in Kolkata.


Project managers can make a significant difference. They have a direct impact on not only morale but also the financial line of the organisation. That’s a decent bonus on top of the enviable pay. Studies show that employers will require roughly 88 million workers for roles centred on project management by 2027.

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