How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Chennai?

How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Chennai?
How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Chennai?

The PMP certification is a well-liked credential that many project managers add to their resumes.

These three letters have undoubtedly been mentioned in every discussion you’ve had regarding certification if you’re a project manager wanting to advance your career. However, it’s possible that you are unaware of what PMP stands for or whether the certification is even worthwhile.

What is a PMP Credential?

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® administers the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, which is by far the most well-known project management credential globally.

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, which is a widely recognised project management credential, assesses a candidate’s capacity to oversee the people, procedures, and business priorities of a professional project. The Project Management Institute (PMI), the organisation that oversees the certification, estimates that there are over a million PMP holders worldwide. It applies to project managers in almost every sector, including those in the business, IT, construction, and health care.

Why should you take up the PMP Certification?

One of the most popular alternatives among professionals today is project management. Every industry, including information technology-enabled services, construction, healthcare, and many others, has a demand for PMPs. Project managers with PMP Certifications in Chennai are already in demand from project-focused industries like IT and manufacturing to develop strategic plans and utilise a tactical mindset when deploying the projects.

There is an increasing need for certified PMPs. Project managers’ professional development was the subject of a recent Anderson Economic Group study that was commissioned by PMI. By 2027, the study predicted an increase of 33%, or about 22 million employment.

Benefits of PMP certification

The PMP certification process may appear difficult given the time and money required to complete it. However, statistical information and anecdotal evidence back up the idea that being a PMP-certified professional in Chennai has a significant benefit for project managers and their businesses.

  • develops fundamental project management abilities and offers a well-structured framework for project management
  • gives you professional influence in the field of project management
  • provides access to professional opportunities
  • increases your likelihood of receiving a pay raise or a promotion

How much is the PMP Salary in Chennai?

When you check at the various job openings on the market, many of them either need the PMP or give precedence to professionals with certifications. A PMP certification will benefit your career in terms of advancement and raises in pay. If you have a PMP certification, your income increase will probably be more than if you don’t.

project manager’s salary in Chennai is 15,00,000 LPA! The highest salary for a project manager in Chennai is 25,63,000 LPA and the lowest salary a project manager would earn in Chennai is 5,00,000 LPA. (Glassdoor)

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What is the price of the PMP Certification in Chennai?

For appropriate reasons, the PMP Certification Cost is different for PMI members and non-members. The PMP certification costs 23,459 INR for PMI members in Chennai. The PMP certification cost in Chennai 42,863 INR for non-PMI members.

The price of PMP training in Chennai might range from $2,000 to over $10,000 depending on the school you choose and the level of course you choose. As part of their PMP Certification Courses, SKILLOGIC offers both online and in-person PMP Certification Training in Chennai.

Who can apply for the PMP Certification Exam in Chennai?

It is difficult to pass the PMP exam. It requires several hours of preparation and research. You must master the subject matter and comprehend the foundations of each project management approach.

A candidate must satisfy one of the two requirements listed below in order to be qualified to take the PMP exam:

A minimum of 60 months of distinct, non-overlapping experience in professional project management AND a high school diploma


A Bachelor’s degree AND at least 36 months of entirely new, non-overlapping experience in professional project management

Every candidate must also complete 35 contact hours of professional project management training. This particular need can be fulfilled in a number of different methods, such as through training schools, employer-sponsored programmes, PMI chapters or communities, or college/university training programmes.

Why Choose SKILLOGIC for PMP Training in Chennai?

The ideal place to start your certification search if you’re looking for PMP Courses in Chennai is at SKILLOGIC. The Project Management Institute’s Premier ATP, SKILLOGIC, provides training on the most recent project management curriculum that is currently accessible.

How much does the SKILLOGIC PMP Certification Training Cost in Chennai?

At SKILLOGIC, our PMP Certification Training is delivered by subject-matter experts using a case study-based learning technique. Our 10-day PMP Course in Chennai will consist of two hours of training every day and will last for a total of ten days. You will participate in 4-day PMP classroom training in Chennai sessions for the PMP certification. The price of SKILLOGIC, Online PMP Training in Chennai is 23,000 INR, but with a discount, it is only 14,900 INR. Previously costing 26,000 INR in Chennai, PMP classroom training is now merely 20,900 INR.

Additionally, you will gain knowledge in crucial hard and soft skills like time management, problem-solving, leadership, organisation, teamwork, and resource management. The PMP certification opens doors to additional learning options that will expand your knowledge and professional opportunities.

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Interested in gaining practical project management experience? Consider SKILLOGIC. Without breaking a sweat, complete projects on schedule and under budget. To ensure nothing is overlooked, you might keep track of all your crucial PMP certification duties. Project management is simple with SKILLOGIC no matter how you look at it.

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