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How to Start a Career in Project Management?

Key Points

  • What is Project Management?
  • Who is Project Manager?
  • Why learn Project Management?

Project Management has become a common phrase in most organisations and is considered one of the career choices that prove to be rewarding in the long run. It is because if you can manage a project efficiently, you can perform any task that requires leadership qualities. The skill you build in the process of the job makes you competent enough to do so.

Are you thinking of a career in Project Management?. This article will help you to gain insights about career possibilities.

What is Project Management?

A project is a series of tasks that are time-bound and helps in producing results. Project Management refers to all the efforts streamlined in a systematic fashion towards achieving completion.

Who is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager is someone responsible for the timely planning and execution of the project. The individuals who are associated with the Project Manager and carry out the tasks, as dictated by him, constitute a project team.
The functions of a Project Manager include the following:-

  • Project Planning
  • Organising
  • Risk Analysis
  • Control
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation

Greg Cimmarusti quoted it right- “Being a Project Manager is like being an Artist, you have a different coloured process stream combining into a work of art”. A Project Manager is accountable for the performance of every component of a project.

What is the demand for Project Management Professionals?

As modern-day organisations embrace a complex structure, the demand for project management professionals is also parallelly growing. According to reports, the opportunities in project management are expected to grow in the next ten years and, will possibly outperform other expertise and immensely contribute to a change in the global job scenario.

As far as India is concerned, the job opportunities in project management will grow to the extent of 70 to 80 lakhs in the next ten years.

Tools for effectively managing a project


Agile methodology in Project Management happens to be an iterative approach towards the delivery of a project. Iteration is widely employed, as it facilitates adjustment in the course of progress. Iteration helps in reaping the benefits at every step, rather than in the end. Organisations of today are widely employing Agile methodology for the flexibility it offers.


Projects In Controlled Environment, popularly known as PRINCE2, is a methodology used in Project Management. It is a process-based approach for project delivery. PRINCE2 was first introduced in 1996 and has been in use ever since. PRINCE2 helps in addressing the following:

  • Scope of the Project
  • Project Duration
  • Project Cost

Why learn Project Management?

The demand for Project Management Professionals is increasing every year, with companies recognising the need for the involvement of experts in successfully delivering the tasks. Project Management courses such as PMP and PRINCE2 are the best ways to land a career in Project Management. However, learning Project Management will help in many ways as far as your future career prospects are concerned. Some of the areas can be listed as follows:-

  1. Time Management
  2. Cost Management
  3. Quality Management
  4. Revenue Maximisation
  5. Change Management

The Project Management course is the one, which serves as a stepping stone to a career in the domain and rightly guides to apply the various tools and techniques, in addressing the challenges on an organisational level.

Getting PMP certified

The Project Management Professional certification is one of the most important and the first step towards landing a career in Project Management. Employers view this as a prerequisite for hiring candidates for a Project Manager’s role, mainly because PMP is a Project Management Course which helps in exhibiting a certain level of professional commitment and also immensely contributes to confirming your position as a Project Manager. Intense research has been done in this direction to arrive at overwhelming findings. Studies show that 40% of the projects are successful, while 20% of them tend to fail. The reason being the presence of PMP certified professionals in the organisation.

If you are looking forward to opting for a career in Project Management, make it a point to get PMP certified. SKILLOGIC is the best-known institute that offers training programs in PMP in collaboration with PMI(Project Management Institute)- The certification body for PMP. The PMP Certification offered by SKILLOGIC has the following features:-

SKILLOGIC’s PMP Certification helps in demonstrating the required skills and expertise and is a prerequisite to land a career in Project Management.

The PRINCE2 Certification by SKILLOGIC

SKiLLOGIC offers a comprehensive PRINCE2 certification. PRINCE2 is a de-facto standard for project management practice and helps in understanding the objectives of project management, and its role, in delivering quality results. SKILLOGIC offers the PRINCE2 certification in three levels:-

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