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“Project Management Guide PMBOK” – What and Why ?

Do you know that Project Management standards remain incomplete without this learning renowned book of knowledge “PMBOK” Guide? In fact, the value of this Project management standard guide goes beyond just turning you to a certified management professional.

What is “PMBOK”?


PMBOK stands for “Project Management Book of Knowledge” issued by renowned project management body “PMI (Project Management Institute)”. If you are one among the project management aspirants preparing your PMP certification then this guide looks would be to you. Considered as a valuable tool for those studying for PMP certification, this PMBOK Guide helps to unveil the standardized process for Project Management.

This PMBOK Guide covers Ten important knowledge areas and they are Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Human Resources Management, Procurement Management, Risk Management, Communications Management, Quality Management and Stakeholder Management.

Why “PMBOK” is Essential?

Understanding the importance of “PMBOK” Guide is really essential if you are stepping into this most prestigious Project Management field.

Why so?

1) A standardized process across various departments would allow companies to experience better performance and transparency. This is best achieved by practices PMBOK guidelines as it is the collection of global best practices in project management across various industries.

2) PMBOK Guide is inscribed with what works best in project management. The methods that are documented will help project managers to make better decisions and particularly in situations of uncertainity, for example, how to manage a project related risk management.

3) A standardized system would definitely smoothen the workflow which is greatly achieved by practising PMBOK. This helps Project Managers to work with this standardized methodology across various companies.

PMBOK Guide is not only a valuable guideline for practising project managers but also for a company to standardize its project management methodology. PMP certification is completely based on PMBOK and the advantage of holding a PMP certification is that you are trained in these global best practices, enabling to manage project more successfully.. When a Project Manager is familiar with PMBOK standards then it assures that he/she can custom tailor the project management process to best suit their organization’s need. Investing your precious time in learning PMBOK Guide, will not only boost your career but also will allow you to be prioritized to handle those critical projects.

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