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How To Prepare For PMP® Project Management Certification Exam In 2019?

You have been thinking about your career advancement lately and find out that PMP®project management certification to be the most required for many positions in project management. It is indeed true, and there was a recent study conducted jointly by Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com and have found out that 10% of the project manager job postings require the candidate to hold a PMP® project management certificate which proves that PMP® has grown considerably and have acquired an increased prestige and popularity over the years.

What is PMP®

So, it is the perfect time to think about acquiring your PMP® if you are serious about your project management career. However, with all the recent changes happening in the PMBOK® Guide and the PMP® examination, you might be little confused on how to go about preparing PMP® project management certification Exam for this year. Do not fret, after helping out more than 7000 aspiring management candidates, we have come up with a detailed article on how to prepare for the 2019 PMP® certification with the new syllabus. This article helps you with an in-depth look at each step and includes helpful tips to make the process a little less daunting.

But before we get into the article, understand the three top benefits of a PMP® certification for your project management career.

    1. You will be recognized as a project manager with proven knowledge in managing projects efficiently
    2. You can connect with other experts and peers, thus increasing your project management knowledge
    3. You can enjoy greater paycheck then your peers.

Are you ready for this journey to enter the esteemed PMP® certified project management professionals?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Taking Up PMP® Project Management Certification Exam?

PMP® project management certification Exam specifically asks for aspiring professionals to meet few criteria and they are

A 4-year bachelor degree, 4500 hours of project management experience and 35 contact hours/PDUs of Project Management Education.

If you don’t have a 4-year degree, you can still take up the PMP certification exam only if you meet the following criteria

A Secondary degree or high school diploma, 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 contact hours/PDUs of Project Management Education.

SKILLOGIC ® is having rich experience in training many aspiring management professionals, and after completing our PMP® project management course, you are not only enhancing your skills of Project Management but also meeting your eligibility criteria with a 35 PDUs getting added to your skillset.

What Are The Changes In PMP® Project Management Certification Exam In The Year 2019?

How to Prepare for PMP in 2019

It is a common practice for Project Management Institute (PMI) to update their PMBOK® guide at regular intervals in order to be aligned to the changing trends and improvements in the project management arena. As the 6th version of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)” has been released last year September, it is worth mentioning about it now. Because, the PMP®project management certification Exam will be conducted with the new syllabus from March 26th, 2018. There is going to be no overlap between the old and new version of the exam since the PMP® exam based on PMBOK 5th edition will be available to take only till 25th March 2018. Aspiring management candidates who wants be a certified PMP®’S in the year 2019, can enroll for the new version based PMP® and leverage their project management knowledge with new industry aligned project management practices.

How To Prepare For PMP® Project Management Certification Exam?

Remember, PMP® certification is considered as a most prestigious certificate so be prepared to face a tough fight in the certification exam. With the recent significant changes in PMBOK 6th edition, it is becoming even tougher. However, when you choose a quality training institute who is providing a structured learning program, then half of your preparation is already over.

1) It is essential to study PMBOK book and internalize the concept as the questions coming in the exam will definitely test your understanding and application of concepts.
2) After completing your study, you need to test yourself by trying to answer the questions banks.
3) It is essential to analyze each of your answers to see why an answer is right or wrong, as this process will help you to answer better in the final examination.
4) Taking up full-length tests often is a great boon as it helps you to manage your 4 hours final examination time effectively as well as you can get a feel of the actual exam.

How To Apply For PMP® Project Management Certification Exam?

You have completed your PMP® preparation and is ready to apply for the examination. It is essential to check your eligibility criteria before applying for the exam because PMI will verify your years of experience as a project manager before accepting your application.

To apply for the PMP® project management certification Exam, one needs to follow these steps

1) As a first step, you need to create login credentials at PMI’s official website (www.pmi.org).
2) Choose the PMP® application form and start filling in the details. This application form is conveniently available in both Online and Printable PDF format.
3) Filling this application form is a time-consuming process, and you need to enter all the details about the projects that you have already handled and those projects that are running in parallel. In addition to entering your personal information, contact details, and education details.
4) Project Experience needs to be mentioned as per the process groups.
5) Include the 35 contact hour information of your project management.
6) Once, you are done with all the information then submit the online application and Wait for Confirmation of Receipt and Completeness of Application
7) Now, you are done with the application and PMI takes 5 to 10 business days to review your application. When this review process is complete PMI will notify that your application is approved and ask you to pay the payment.
8) One important step that takes place before payment is “auditing.” PMI will randomly pick few applications for audit and asks them to confirm their education and experience documented.

What If I Get Audited?

If your application has been selected by PMI for auditing, then you need to submit supporting documents for the details that you have mentioned in the application form.

1) You might be asked to submit the copies of degree certificates.
2) Copy of the 35 contact hours certificate.
3) Signed copies from your manager or supervisor for the project recorded in the experience verification section of the application.

PMI gives 90 days to submit these copies, and after submitting, it takes seven days to audit your application. Once the audit is carefully completed, PMI will notify you through email with your PMI eligibility ID and examination scheduling instructions. From this day, you have one year of time to take up tor PMP® certification examination.

What Is The Examination Process Of PMP® Project Management Certification Exam?

Here are the details about the PMP® project management examination process

  • PMP® project management certification Exam is a four hours duration exam.
  • You are required to answer 200 multiple choice questions.
  • There is no negative marking included.
  • Once, you are done answering all the questions, submit your answers.
  • “Congratulations” message flashes on the screen marking that you have passed your PMP® project management exam.
  • You are PMP® certified management professional now on.

How To Pass The PMP® Project Management Certification Exam At Your First Try?

First, we will share the top tips that we always give our candidates in order to nail the exam at first go.

1) Read the PMBOK guide and understand each word in it.
2) Gain a better understanding of PMBOK structures and popular terms before attending the training.
3) If possible, buy another book for variation and further analysis.
4) Use online test simulator that provides you with loads and loads of questions to practice.
5) Closely asses your progress and work on those areas where you lag behind.
6) Plan your last couple of weeks before exam very specifically to revise.

Since the PMP® certification exam is relatively tough than other certifications, it requires a lot of preparation. The key to cracking your PMP® project management certification Exam at your first go is practicing as much as possible. SKILLOGIC ® offers PMP® project management certification training as a structured program that maximizes the success in PMP® certification exam at their first attempt. Recently, we have even proudly announced our successful completion of 7000 PMP certification training.

How to Pass PMP® 6th Edition in 1st Attempt

Here Are Features Of Our PMP® Project Management Training

  • Case Study Based Training
  • Conducted by Industry best-certified trainers through a practical approach
  • Unlimited Classroom Revision
  • 5 Full PMP® ONLINE Simulation Mock Tests to check your Exam Readiness
  • Earn 35 Hours Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate
  • Dedicated customer support Team to provide End to End Support in PMP® Application Process

We, SKILLOGIC®, a globally authorized professional certification training provider and PMI® Global Registered Education Provider has been regularly conducting PMP training sessions through each of the convenient modes such as Online, classroom, and self-study. SKILLOGIC®’s PMP course is the most sought-after management course by many management candidates which is evident from Google’s highest review rating of 4.9 for this course. Many Project managers have leveraged their PMP credentials with SKILLOGIC®’s PMP training, and it is your time to knock our doors.

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All the best for your 2019 PMP® certification exam!!!!

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