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How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Pune?

You’ve undoubtedly heard these three letters mentioned in every conversation you’ve had regarding certification as a project manager trying to advance your career in project management. However, you might not be familiar with the PMP acronym or the value of the certification.

What is a PMP Credential?

A prominent credential that many project managers add to their resumes is the PMP certification.

A well-known and valued project management credential, the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, evaluates a candidate’s ability to manage the staff, processes, and business priorities of a professional project. There are more than a million PMP holders worldwide, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the organisation that regulates the certification. Project managers in practically every industry, such as business, information technology (IT), construction, and health, can benefit from it.

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Why should you take up the PMP Certification?

Certified PMPs are in greater demand. Recent research by Anderson Economic Group, commissioned by PMI, examined project managers’ potential for career advancement. By 2027, the study predicted a 33% increase in employment or about 22 million new jobs.

The ability to gain new skills that will advance your knowledge and job options is made possible by obtaining a PMP certification in Pune. What can you learn from the certification process?

Though the PMP examination is difficult to pass and it calls for numerous hours of preparation and study, you can become an expert in the subject and understand the foundations of each project management methodology through the subject. Important hard and soft skills including communication, leadership, organisation, teamwork, resource management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and time management are some things you’ll study.

Benefits of PMP certification

  • Provides a systematic framework for managing projects while developing fundamental project management skills
  • Gives you authority in the field of project management
  • Opens up prospects for employment
  • Raises your chances of getting a pay raise or a promotion

How much is the PMP Salary in Pune?

Although a PMP certification is not necessary to function as a project manager in the majority of professions, it does represent a person’s technical skill, inspires confidence in potential customers and employers, and frequently serves as a reason for increased compensation or promotion. As per Glassdoor reports, a project manager in Pune receives an annual salary of 15,00,000 INR! According to PMI’s most recent compensation survey, the median project manager with a PMP certification will earn per year in Pune, which is approximately 20% more than their non-certified peers.

What is the price of the PMP Certification in Pune?

Depending on the institution you enrol in and the level of course you select, different institutions charge different amounts for PMP Certification Courses in Pune. In addition to classroom-based PMP Certification Training in Pune, SKILLOGIC also provides Online PMP Certification Training in Pune.

Who can apply for the PMP Certification Exam in Pune?

Over 600,000 members worldwide have access to project management training, tools, and networking opportunities thanks to PMI, the industry’s premier project management association.

High school graduation and at least 60 months of distinct, non-overlapping experience in professional project management.


A Bachelor’s degree AND at least 36 months of completely new, unrelated project management experience.

Each applicant is also required to complete 35 contact hours of formal project management training.

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Cost of a PMP Certification in Pune

The pricing of the PMP Certification varies properly for PMI members and non-members. For PMI members in Pune, the PMP Certification Costs 23,459 Indian rupees. In comparison, it is 42,863 INR for the PMP Certification Cost in Pune for non-PMI members.

Why SKILLOGIC for PMP Certification Training In Pune?

The ideal place to start your search for certification is at SKILLOGIC if you’re looking for PMP Courses in Pune. As a Premier ATP of the Project Management Institute, SKILLOGIC provides training in the most recent project management curriculum that PMI has to offer.

How much does the SKILLOGIC PMP Certification Training Cost in Pune?

For PMP teaching from subject-matter experts, SKILLOGIC employs a case study-based learning technique. With regard to PMP Training Online in Pune, our 10-day course will have two hours of instruction per day.

In a classroom setting, you will participate in 4-day PMP training sessions. SKILLOGIC, Online PMP Training Cost in Pune is 23,000 INR, however, after a discount, it only costs 14,900 INR. In Pune, the cost of PMP classroom training was 26,000 INR, but it is now only 20,900 INR.

The PMP Certification in Pune provides the information, experience, and abilities needed to manage projects successfully. Project management entails all aspects of project planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, and report creation. It is a fantastic and essential component of the operations because it is required for both one-time and ongoing tasks. The PMP certification can advance your professional standing.


Want to gain some practical project management expertise? Try SKILLOGIC Project Management Courses in Pune out for size. There are no restrictions on trying it, so go ahead! Whatever way you look at it, SKILLOGIC simplifies project management.

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