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How to Pass the PMP Certification Exam

Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications are a well-known, industry recognized certification for project managers. It is globally recognized as the certification that demonstrates knowledge, training and ability in regards to leading and directing project management.

How to Pass the PMP Exam

To apply for the PMP certification, you must have at least a high school diploma or associates degree with a minimum of five years of project management experience, or a four year degree with a minimum of three years of project management experience. Information is available online regarding how to apply and what the exam entails.

The PMP certification exam is a 200 question, multiple choice exam, which typically takes about four hours to complete. It is recommended that you study a great deal for the exam, as many do not typically pass the first time.

Here are some tips to help you pass the PMP certification exam:

  • It is recommended that you start studying a minimum of three months before your scheduled exam. The key is to study smart, not necessarily hard, for example, there are hundreds of books, study materials and articles available, but you would never have time to read them all. Instead, join one or two forums, follow a couple of blogs, and read the PMBOK along with a good study guide.
  • The PMP exam is not about memorization, it is about implementing processes into your everyday, real projects. Do not try to memorize the PMBOK guide, it will be a waste of time. The exam tests your ability to implement processes into a project.
  • Attending a PMP boot camp training session is a good idea. Most everyone that takes the certification exam attends the boot camp, but many do not take anything away from the training. It is imperative that you begin your study process before the boot camp, only then will it benefit you. The boot camp training is meant to be a preparation for the exam, not your only study tool.
  • No matter what type of project management experience you have, you must keep in mind that the PMP certification exam is all about the PMI point of view. If you truly want to pass the certification exam (and on the first try), then you must think and answer all the questions from the PMI point view, not yours.
  • There are many study guides available, but make sure that you choose reputable guides, such as Rita Mulcahy’s study guides, or Kim Heldman’s study guide. There are many to choose from, just be sure you have a guide that follows the PMI processes and principles.

While the PMP certification exam is thought to be very difficult, you can pass the exam, and on the first try, with some solid preparation and studying.

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    Beautiful tips to prepare PMP Certification exam, however in my beliefs only passing the exam is not the end which will make you a project manager. A project manager should that quality to adopt the recent trends and terminology. I think a real life experience will do that better where as certification can give you a negotiation power.

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    Good bunch of information definitely going to help me in my studies and preparation in PMP Certification exam. Can you guide me some good sources.

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    Sure Ananya. Just send an email to request@skillogic.com.

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    Pankaj Kumar sarrof

    Beautiful article! The perfect things have been presented in the right way. Making a specific study plan and sticking to it is the best way to prepare for PMP Certification.

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    How PMP Helpful for a Civil Engineer in Construction field.

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    Hi Amiya,

    PMP is industry neutral and can be applied for any project. For construction field PMP is already been popular and there are complimentary publication for PMP for construction domain.

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