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Why PMP Certification Adds Value to Your Profile

In a world where education and experience are paramount to achieving the highest possible level of success at work, it’s difficult to discern what qualifications and titles are worth pursuing, and which ones are relatively superfluous to achieving your ultimate career goals.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can add a tremendous amount of value to your profile for prospective employers. For years, the project manager distinction has gone to the people who can lead, who can build their company up, who can engineer greatness and who can be counted upon to bring the highest level of excellence to everything they do. A PMP is recognized within the echelon of a distinct discipline, as a critical thinker.

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So why take the time to attain PMP certification? First and foremost, it identifies you as standing out from a crowded employment field. With more and more graduates entering the work force every year, it makes sense to want to gather any certifications that can set you apart. The Project Management Institute (PMI), where PMPs congregate and learn together, is the epicenter for those who have taken the time to get certified. The certification indicates you have a standard set of knowledge and skills and that you can be counted upon by any future employer to provide the exact level of professionalism they require.

However, looking at the other side, it’s important to note there is no specific correlation between having a PMP certification and definitively being able to adequately manage projects. Ultimately, no piece of paper can prove someone will be a great project manager, so some employers may not hold the PMI’s certification in the same level of regard.

According to PMI though, their credential is the most important industry-recognized certification because it sets a standard and benchmark among all project managers. Certain methodologies, like Projects IN Controlled Environments, Version 2 (PRINCE2), are projects to be handled by the highest level of professional, and the PMP certification can distinguish you as such.

Particularly in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi, where careers in project management are in especially high demand, having a PMP certification can make a huge difference in whether a person is recognized for a position or not. It demonstrates that the experience, education and competency to lead and direct a project has been attained by this candidate, and that can make all the difference in IT-heavy job fields.

The PMI has also determined that project leaders who have not been certified tend to turn their projects in later and over budget more frequently than projects that do have PMP certified leaders. That alone can be enough to sway someone looking to hire a project manager. So if you’re serious about a career in project manager, the PMI’s PMP certification can add enough value to make the process worthwhile.

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    Hi I am a B Tech graduate fresher, I want to know am I eligible for doing this course and how PMP Certification will be helpful for my career?

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    Hi Sumit,
    PMP requires minimum of 3500 hours of project experience. You will not be eligible for that. And ofcourse, you can attend training for your knowledge purpose.

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