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What is the Cost of PMP Certification in INDIA in 2021?

Key Points

  • What is Project Management Professional?
  • Importance of getting PMP Certified.
  • Cost of a PMP certification in India

Are you a Project Management Professional?

Are you PMP certified?

Do you plan to get PMP certified in 2021?

This article explores the cost-related elements of a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in 2021.

PMP Certification Cost in 2021

What is Project Management Professional?

Project Management Professional Certification is an internationally recognised, industry certification designed for Project Managers. It helps in providing a valid testimony on the skills of an individual, that is aligned with the project management roles and responsibilities.

The PMP syllabus is designed wholly based on the Project Management Body Of Knowledge. The PMBOK comprises the standards and procedures to be followed in the project management job. The PMBOK first originated in 1969 in the U.S. in a meeting conducted by a group of professionals, as a result of which PMI was formed.

Why is it important to get PMP certified?

A Project Manager is an ace conversationalist, a team leader, a motivator, a guide and many more. However, apart from these soft skills, certifications help a project manager to demonstrate the right skills and expertise.

The Project Management skills will be in big demand in the next few years. According to the findings of the Talent Gap Report submitted by the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) by 2027, India will rise to the second position as far as the number of project management jobs are concerned.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a globally recognised one and demanded by employers around the world. Some of the benefits of getting PMP certified are:-

  • Learn new skills

Imagine yourselves as a Project Manager without PMP and with PMP.
The PMP certification helps you in learning new concepts and skills in Project Management that you might have been oblivious of. The PMP syllabus is designed in accordance with the current industry trends.

Therefore the knowledge you earn during the course of training is the one which is asked by employers.

  • Achieve recognition

As a PMP certified your value will increase compared with that of a non-certified. Employers opt for certified professionals as they are more knowledgeable about industry trends, which they gain by going through industry case studies.

  • Higher Salaries

Employers are always in search of professionals who are certified, as it provides testimony on the skills possessed by an employee. Therefore they are ready to offer good pay, compared to non-certified professionals. According to payscale.com the average salary of a PMP certified professional in India ranges from INR 17 Lakhs- INR 20 Lakhs.

  • Build a professional network

Pursuing a PMP certification will help you to get exposure to a wide network of experienced project management professionals, through the conferences and seminars organised by the Project Management Institute.

Duration of a PMP Certification Training

The average duration of the PMP certification training in India is 5 days to 10 days. However, this may vary based on the mode of training.

SKILLOGIC provides a PMP Certification training with a duration of 10 days, 2 hrs/ day training program for online mode, and 4 days of full-time training for classroom mode.

What is the PMP Certification Training cost in India?

The Project Management Institute provides professional certifications for professionals working in the Project Management domain. The PMP certification exam fees provided by PMI is the same for everyone. The cost of certification examination by PMI is $ 405 for members and $ 550 for non-members.

The PMP certification training cost range from INR 10000 to INR 25000. However, the total cost of the PMP training comes up to INR 50000, which includes the examination fees, and the cost of the training.

SKILLOGIC provides the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification training in collaboration with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  1. The PMP certification training cost provided by SKILLOGIC for Live-Online training is INR14,900/- + GST.
  2. The training cost for Classroom mode is INR 20,900/- + GST.
  3. The training cost for Self-Learning mode is INR 12,900/- + GST.

Why should I choose SKILLOGIC for PMP Certification?

  • Accredited by PMI (Registered Educational Partner).
  • 3 Months Flexi Pass.
  • Training by industry experts.
  • Case Studies Approach.
  • A complementary course of Business Analytics for Project Managers.
  • 35 PDUs from PMI.
  • Classroom revision and doubt clearing sessions.

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