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What is the Cost of PMP Certification in 2020?

No wonder why PMP is in such great demand. Every project manager is expected to be a PMP certified professional to prove his potential enough to the employers. It is a globally recognized certification provided by PMI, applicable to every domain happening to allow PMP certified professionals to enter any domain without any restrictions. The Project Management Institute is a global nonprofit professional organization for project management, that provides Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Program Management Professional (PgMP)®, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, and more. The privileges that PMP comes with, offers numerous job opportunities. A couple of advantages that the “PMP certified” tag gets you are recognition, salary hike, promotions, and many more.

What is the cost of PMP Certification in 2020

“If you are PMP certified, you can expect up to 20% increase in your PMP salary when compared to non-certified,” says PMI.

When everything is set to take up a PMP Certification training, the cost factor comes into the play. Learning more about the ‘cost’ factor of PMP Certification training, the certification involves two types of costs:

  1. Examination cost (A fixed price)
  2. Preparation and training costs(A variable price)

Getting into more the details of the information about the costs of PMP Certification:

1. Examination cost: The PMP Certification examination fee is a fixed price for everyone attending the exam across the world. The costs are as follows:

a. The cost of PMP training for a registered PMI member: $405
b. The cost of PMP training for a non-registered member: $550

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2. Preparation and training costs: The Project Management Institute(PMI) says, 35 hours of training is a must before taking up the PMP examination. To undergo the training, there are many training institutes offering PMP training at different prices. SKILLOGIC is one of the leading PMP training providers and conducts training in many major cities worldwide.

PMP exam preparation includes a major preparation part from the PMI issued Project management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide. Along with this, a vigorous revision and practice sessions with mock-tests for PMP final examination would be helpful in passing your PMP examination. You also can purchase certain study materials that would assist you in clearing your doubts and gaining conceptual knowledge. It’s not a must to purchase all these materials but if you are looking for a self-study option, then you should invest in buying certain material for your preparation. Also, certain websites sell mock-tests where you can pay for them and assess your preparation. The cost of PMP certification training varies from each institute. The total can sum up to a budget of 50,000 Indian rupees, that includes examination fee along with preparation and training costs. On the other hand, the registered PMI partner charge 15,000 to 25,000 Indian rupees to provide PMP training.

SKILLOGIC is one of such leading and well-known training providers.

SKILLOGIC has a global presence and offers a specialized PMP training program at the following prices:

  1. The PMP training cost for live virtual or online training is 14,900/- rupees
  2. The PMP training cost for self-study is 12,900/-
  3. The PMP training cost for classroom training: ?20,900/-

Hence, without burning a hole into your pocket, you can cover 35 days of learning plan with 10 days of online training or 4 days of classroom training through this program. The classroom revisions, self-study support along with the mock assessments are the add-ons that are available in the PMP program by SKILLOGIC. The PMP Certification exam format consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. The pass percentage of PMP Certification is 68.5% i.e., 137 answers need to be correct out of 200. And the exam has no negative marking system. The duration of the exam is 4 hours.

SKILLOGIC has the best considerable factors to choose it as your PMP training provider:

  1. Global Accreditation: PMI Registered Education Provider REP: 4785
  2. One of the top 25 PMP training providers across the globe
  3. 96% of success rate in PMP Certifications from SKILLOGIC
  4. Conducted by industry best-certified trainers through a practical approach
  5. Unlimited revision sessions
  6. Case study-based training
  7. 5 full PMP online simulation mock tests to check your exam readiness
  8. Dedicated team to help you in your every step towards your successful completion of PMP Certification.
  9. SKILLOGIC provides ‘Business Analytics for Managers’ course as a complementary course along with PMP Certification
  10. Earn 35 hours of contact hours (PDU) certificate

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