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How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Bangalore?

The most well-known qualification for project managers is the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, but is it worthwhile? The certification is recognition that you are qualified to lead and oversee projects according to your experience, education, and competency. Due to professionals’ increased interest in gaining new skills and modern project management processes, the PMP Certification in Bangalore is the most sought-after certification.

What is PMP and why should you pursue it?

The PMP is a widely accepted and respected credential that project managers are expected to possess. Specifically for professionals who want to advance in their careers. A person’s project management skills and knowledge are factually asserted by the PMP, often reputed as the project management professional certification. It is highlighted on an international market and rewards people who exhibit it with enhanced job prospects, legitimacy, and increased revenue.

According to a Project Management Institute estimate, employers will need 87.7 million employees to fill project management-related positions by 2027. Nevertheless, the industry is suffering from a talent shortage. You have the best chance of improving your work opportunities by earning a PMP degree. You may set yourself out from the competitors and get a job much faster.

How much is the PMP Salary in Bangalore?

Project managers with a PMP certification in Bangalore typically make more money than those without one. According to PMI’s Salary Survey, people with PMP credentials make 23% more money than those who don’t. You become a highly competitive applicant on the job market thanks to the knowledge and experience you gain via this course. As per Glassdoor, a project manager’s salary in Bangalore is 18,00,000 INR!

How much will the PMP Certification Cost in Bangalore?

The price of obtaining PMP Training in Bangalore varies depending on the institution you enrol with and the course level you choose. SKILLOGIC offers PMP Certification Courses in Bangalore through Online PMP Certification Training in Bangalore as well as Classroom PMP Certification Training in Bangalore.

Who can apply for the PMP Certification Exam in Bangalore?

The minimum requirements for applicants are 7,500 hours of project management experience, 35 hours of relevant education, or a four-year degree in the field, 4,500 hours of project management experience, and 35 hours of project management training.

PMP Certification Cost in Bangalore

For PMI members and non-members, the cost of the PMP Certification varies appropriately. The PMP certification costs 23,459 INR in Bangalore for PMI members. In contrast, the cost of PMP certification for non-PMI members is 42,863 INR in Bangalore.

Why SKILLOGIC for PMP Certification Training in Bangalore?

If you want to obtain PMP Courses in Bangalore, SKILLOGIC is the best location to begin your search for a certification. SKILLOGIC is a Premier ATP of the Project Management Institute and offers instruction on the latest ATP materials made available by PMI.

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How much is the SKILLOGIC PMP Certification Training Fee in Bangalore?

At SKILLOGIC, we use a case study-based learning methodology for PMP instruction from domain specialists. In the case of PMP Training Online in Bangalore, our PMP Course will last for 10 days and include two hours of training per day. You will attend 4-day training sessions for PMP in a classroom setting. The cost of SKILLOGIC, Online PMP Training in Bangalore is 23,000 INR, however, it is 14,900 INR when you receive a discount. While PMP classroom training cost in Bangalore is 26,000 INR, it is now only 20,900 INR.


There’s no denying that having a PMP certification looks good on a CV and can help you land job managing projects. However, the PMP certification is already expected for many project management job vacancies. Employers take the certificate into consideration even though it is not needed.

However, the question is whether the exam would still be as valuable today if passing it were a breeze for everyone. Absolutely not! The high requirements needed to get and keep this accreditation are what give it its prestige. As a result, you will need to work hard to earn your PMP certification Courses in Bangalore. The good news is that this effort will yield sweet results!

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