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How to Pass PMP Certification in the First Attempt in 2020


Talk about Project Management certifications, PMP is the first certification that strikes our mind. A survey conducted among project management experts says the passing rate for PMP is less than 50%. This clearly interprets the difficulty level of cracking PMP certification in one go. In the first place, the COVID pandemic in 2020 has its severe impact on every business domain and segment. Be it a multi-national firm or a startup, the economical crash urges each individual to upskill themselves to save their livelihoods. One such opportunity for project managers to enhance their scope to survive the crisis is pursuing the PMP certification.

How to Pass PMP Certification?

A peek into privileges PMP comes up with:

  • Adds valuable weightage to your resume
  • Gain recognition across industries
  • Handsome salary packages
  • Achieve better career prospects
  • Build your credibility

“A survey conducted among project management experts says the passing rate for PMP is less than 50%.”

Yes, passing the PMP certification is difficult, but not impossible. Observing certain patterns and going along with a few pointers will make your way easier to land at your destination. Understanding the mentioned pointers and letting them be your guiding principles will make your path seamless towards the goal.


1. Heavy and vast, but not unworkable:

The principle guide we religiously follow to crack PMP is the PMBOK guide. You may find the syllabus for PMP heavy, vast, and tedious. But not to give up! Try to figure out the way how it works for you.

2. DO NOT look for shortcuts:

PMP certification says a no-go for shortcuts. It is nearly impossible to crack PMP with a preparation plan of 15-20 hours at once dedicated on weekends. It needs a consistent plan of action to achieve the desired results. Develop a habit of dedicating 2-3 hours on a daily basis. The ideal time period required to prepare for PMP is 1.5-2 months. This gives you an ample amount of time to concentrate on each and every key concept involved.

3. Discipline, always at your rescue:

The most challenging part of the preparation plan is discipline. Being consistent with the roadmap you drew out for yourself is important. A consistent study approach is the best way to upgrade your knowledge with PMP.

4. Try not to memorize; Comprehend the HOW and WHY of the concepts:

People tend to fall into a trap of believing that memorizing concepts may help them out to pass the examination. Breaking the bubble to you, this will not help you in any way. Turn your globe of ideas and approaches into a workable blueprint and stick to it. Understand the HOW and WHY elements of a topic which makes the concepts more comprehensive and relatable to real-time situations.

A study plan with topics that are relevant to the PMP exam is the best learning approach. Only a certain part of the PMBOK guide is relevant to the PMP certification. You also have a probability of facing various questions out of the PMBOK guide in the PMP examination. Thus, this implies other sources like PMP exam reference book, practice questions, and PMP Exam Preparation Tool comes in handy for the preparation part.

5. Develop the Exam Strategy:

Exam Strategy plays a vital role in cracking an exam. People usually panic under pressure while attempting the exam. This happens due to the lack of a solid exam strategy. The method of attempting an examination depends upon an individual. Figure out the technique that works for you. Following proven exam strategies have a higher probability of achieving that extra 5-10% marks. Develop a strategy for yourself. Do practice the mock tests available to you and understand your patterns to find your strengths and weaknesses.


1. Be Consistent: Consistency is the only key to success even before implementing the other principle elements of your practice. Even if you lose your track on and off, try to stay focussed and concentrated.

2. Time Management: You should be able to manage your time effectively to cover every essential topic of the syllabus.

3. DO NOT give up: Though it seems grinding, do not give up. Follow your plan of action to achieve the target.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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