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How much is the PMP Certification Cost in Hyderabad?

Many project managers add their names to their professional resumes with the PMP certification. In every discussion you’ve had regarding certification, if you’re a project manager trying to further your career, you’ve undoubtedly heard these three letters mentioned. However, you might not be aware of what PMP stands for or whether the certification is truly valuable.

What is a PMP Credential?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a broadly perceived project management credential that assesses a candidate’s capacity to manage the people, procedures, and business priorities of a professional project. The Project Management Institute (PMI), which oversees the certification, claims that there are more than a million PMP holders worldwide. Project managers in almost every area, including business, information technology (IT), construction, and health, can use it.

It is safe to say that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, is the project management credential with the most international recognition. Nearly every single project manager at some time in their career mulls over the decision of obtaining a project management certification.

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Why should you take up the PMP Certification?

Today’s professionals frequently choose project management as their speciality. Every industry, including construction, healthcare, information technology-enabled services, and others, has a high demand for PMPs.

Project managers with Project Management Professional Credentials are already being hired by businesses with an emphasis on projects, such as IT and manufacturing, to develop strategic plans and utilise a tactical mindset when deploying the projects. Employers will require roughly 88 million people to fill project management-related tasks by 2027.

Benefits of PMP Certification in Hyderabad

It may seem difficult to become PMP certified given the time and money required to complete it. A PMP certification, however, offers great value for project managers and their employers, according to statistical data and anecdotal experience.

  • provides a systematic framework for managing projects and helps to develop essential project management abilities
  • increases your influence as an expert in the field of project management
  • increases the possibility of a career
  • your chances of getting a pay raise or a promotion are increased

How much is the PMP Salary in Hyderabad?

When you look at the many job openings on the market, you’ll notice that many of them either demand the PMP or provide preference to those who hold the credential. Your career will benefit from a PMP certification in terms of advancement and pay increases. If you have a PMP certification, your present income is probably going to increase more than it would without one.

In Hyderabad, a project manager makes 16,25,000 LPA. The highest income a project manager may receive in Hyderabad is 30,00,000 LPA, while the lowest salary is 5,03,200 LPA. (Glassdoor)

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What is the price of the PMP Certification in Hyderabad?

For PMI members and non-members, the PMP Certification Cost in Hyderabad is appropriately different. The cost of the PMP certification for PMI members in Hyderabad is 23,459 Indian rupees. The price of the PMP certification in Hyderabad is 42,863 Indian rupees for non-PMI members. PMP Classroom Training in Hyderabad and Online PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad are both offered by SKILLOGIC as part of their PMP Certification Courses in Hyderabad.

Who can apply for the PMP Certification Exam in Hyderabad?

Obtaining a PMP certification increases your knowledge and career growth options by providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills. Not everyone can pass the PMP exam. Numerous hours are needed for preparation and study. You need to be able to comprehend the material and understand the foundations of each project management approach.

Your education and project management experience must be verified before you can sit for the exam. Here are some of them:

35 hours of project management training, or instruction that was focused on project management learning goals. A Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® credential can take its place.

If you have a four-year degree, you must have 36 months of project management experience, or 60 months if you only have a high school certificate or an associate’s degree.

Why should you choose SKILLOGIC for PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad?

SKILLOGIC is the ideal place to start your quest for certification if you want to enrol in PMP Courses in Hyderabad. As a Premier ATP of the PMI, SKILLOGIC provides training in the most recent project management curriculum that is made accessible by the PMI.

In Hyderabad, how much does SKILLOGIC PMP Certification Training Cost?

The PMP training provided by domain experts at SKILLOGIC is taught using a case study-based learning methodology. In the case of PMP Training Online in Hyderabad, our 10-day PMP Course will consist of two hours of instruction per day. In-class training for the PMP will take place over a period of four days. When you receive a discount, the price of SKILLOGIC’s online PMP Courses in Hyderabad drops from 23,000 INR to 14,900 INR. Previously costing 26,000 INR, PMP Classroom Training is now merely 20,900 INR in Hyderabad. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of crucial hard and soft skills including time management, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, organisation, and communication.


A practical project management background would be beneficial. Without strain, complete tasks on schedule and within budget. Or keep track of every essential step you need to complete for your PMP certification so nothing is overlooked. Through SKILLOGIC PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad, managing projects is simple no matter how you look at it.

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