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What Fits My Profile: PRINCE2® Foundation, PRINCE2® Practitioner or PRINCE2® Agile Certification?

“Projects IN Controlled Environments” wouldn’t sound much familiar to you rather if I say “PRINCE2”. Isn’t it? PRINCE2®,a project management framework that can flexibly be customized to any size of the project . This standardized approach to project management is widely adapted by indeed attracting all those project management aspirants to pursue for. Being more popular in UK, Europe, and Australia, PRINCE2®would definitely prove to be fruitful for all those who are looking employability in these regions.

Which Certification I Should Do in PRINCE2

What are the different levels of certifications in PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2®Foundation: Learn about foundation principles and terminologies in this PRINCE2® Foundation certification. If you are presently a part of a project team and need a competent knowledge then this certificate is for you. This PRINCE2® Foundation certification would best suit those emerging project management buddies who are taking up the roles of the team lead, project team member and product managers. This PRINCE2® Foundation demands no prerequisites and warmly welcomes all those who are interested in Project Management field.

PRINCE2®Practitioner: After acquiring the knowledge of PRINCE2® Foundation, Isn’t it important that you should apply it to the current projects in order to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario?. True, PRINCE2® Practitioner will teach you to apply the PRINCE2® concepts in running projects within a PRINCE2® supporting environment. PRINCE2® Practitioner demands prerequisites of passing PRINCE2® Foundation certification. If you have not taken up PRINCE2® Foundation course and would love to take up the PRINCE2® Practitioner then they are a bit flexible of allowing any of these certifications too for prerequisites

PRINCE2®Practioner is for present and future managers, senior staffs, analytics and executive managers who already have a knowledge of working on a project or have handled a project.

PRINCE2®Agile: Being the combination of PRINCE2®concepts and Agile methodology, it provides scalability and ability to work with corporate management process. PRINCE2 Agile is considered to be most comprehensive Agile project management framework as it is adds governance structure of PRINCE2 core framework with existing popular Agile methodologies such as SCRUM, KANBAN, Lean Start up etc., PRINCE2 Agile also introduced concept of Agilometer, which provide six key aspects to access “How agile the project is?” and “How Agile it needs to be to deliver the benefits successfully?”. This also brings a notion that it is not the question whether the project is Agile or NOT but how much Agile the project is?. These concepts are unique contributions of PRINCE2 Agile to Agile community. This course demands pre requisites of completing any of the below certifications.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Project Management Professional® (PMP) from PMI
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM) from PMI
  • IPMA Levels A,B,C and D® (Certified Projects Director)

On completion of PRINCE2 Agile certification, you should be able to better custom fit the PRINCE2®principles and processes to projects on the Agile environment.

In a concluding note, it is a proven record through a number of studies that a certified professional earns more than their noncertified peers. When you are in project management line or looking to pursue a career in this line then you definitely need to get a certification that helps you to equip yourself with better project management knowledge and understand their universal language. All the above-discussed certifications are delivered by this accredited training provider SKILLOGIC™, at different training locations as classroom training and as online training. World class approach is being taught by certified trainers will only make you a specialist in PRINCE2® concepts. Contact our customer support to grab those early bird offers.

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