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How much is the PRINCE2 Certification Cost in Bangalore?

The PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environments qualifications are among the most well-known project management credentials available worldwide. If you hold a PRINCE2 Certification, a successful career in project management is waiting for you. Industry experts who are effectively managing significant projects are already reaping the rewards of the PRINCE2 Training.

What is PRINCE2?

A project management methodology called PRINCE2 is primarily employed in the UK, Australia, and European nations. The acronym “PRINCE2” stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments and refers to a project management methodology that emphasises managing resources and risks through the division of projects into more miniature stages, the definition of clear roles and responsibilities, and the use of seven processes to oversee the project life cycle. The most widely used project management approach globally PRINCE2 is utilised by teams in more than 150 countries.

Where does the popularity of PRINCE2 come from?

And why is PRINCE2 project management so well-liked? The following are some of the main advantages of PRINCE2 project management:

  • Enable reviewing project progress on a regular basis against business cases and plans
  • Facilitates early detection of potential issues
  • Paves way for greater decision-making latitude
  • Better resource management and project control
  • Eases efficiency in risk management
  • Ensures that projects are only continued when they have real, business-related explanations
  • Promotes a clear procedure for handling any project deviations from the established plan
  • Fosters beneficial relations between the project team and other PRINCE2 stakeholders

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Why you should pursue a PRINCE2 career in Bangalore?

Being an internationally recognised qualification, the majority of organisations are aware of the PRINCE2 accreditation, resource availability, training and consulting, knowledge exchange, and resource availability. It gives people the chance to advance their project management careers right away, learn more, coach aspiring project managers, share their expertise and experiences, influence project management policy, and so forth.

The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, contributes to more than 30% of the country’s exports of information technology. Because of its location and the abundance of talent in the city, Bengaluru has long been the most preferred destination for IT businesses. Certified project managers in Bangalore would be equipped with the relevant knowledge. Regardless of the industry, they have the basic procedures necessary to contribute to team leadership, resource management, and helping the team achieve its objectives!

Levels of PRINCE2 Certification

A PRINCE2 certification in Bangalore is highly regarded by many employers. The project management methodology is the de facto norm in the UK public sector and many businesses. Depending on your experience, there are three different PRINCE2 certification levels.

The foundational terms and ideas of the PRINCE2 methodology are covered in the PRINCE2 Foundation Course. To become eligible for the subsequent PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, beginners must first earn this certificate. Project management in PRINCE2 environments will be made easier for you with the help of the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. Using agile methodology while adhering to PRINCE2 principles is made easier with the support of the PRINCE2 Agile Certification.

How valid is PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore?

The PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification validate a candidate’s understanding of the framework as well as their practical application and adaptation skills. As a result, certification can open up new job possibilities for applicants.

Let’s move on to the most crucial query: “Do PRINCE2 certifications expire?” Gladly, the PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate will be valid for life. No matter how much time has passed, the certificate will be entirely valid. The PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification, nonetheless, is only valid for five years as you will need to reapply for the certification exam afterwards.

Why SKILLOGIC for PRINCE2 Certification Training in Bangalore?

SKILLOGIC is an IT consultancy and training provider in the domain of project management, quality management, business analytics, cyber security and more! SKILLOGIC PRINCE2 certification training in Bangalore will give you the knowledge and abilities you need to successfully manage projects with the designated workforce. In addition to giving you more control over your resources and the capacity to manage business and project risk more skillfully, it also helps you avoid mistakes by establishing a common system, procedures, and terminology.

Here is some reasoning for pursuing SKILLOGIC’s PRINCE2 Certification:

  • Axelos, a respected organisation from around the world, has granted its blessing.
  • Industry experts train students
  • Using Case Studies as a Methodology
  • Flexi pass for three months
  • separate periods for practising and clarifying questions.
  • A complimentary course is Business Analytics for Project Managers.
  • Learning in a Blended Environment.

SKILLOGIC offers training for the PRINCE2 certification in:

How much is the PRINCE2 Training Cost in Bangalore?

Given that PRINCE2 is acknowledged throughout the world and is a highly well-designed project management methodology, the PRINCE2 Certification Training Cost in Bangalore is 35,000 to 1,00,000 INR.

The price of the online PRINCE2 Foundation Training in Bangalore is 35,700 INR, however with the discount, you can enrol for just 29,750 INR. The discounted price of 34,750 INR allows you to enrol in the PRINCE2 Foundation Classroom Training in Bangalore, which normally costs 41,700 INR.

Online PRINCE2 Practitioner Training costs 40,000 INR in Bangalore, however with the discount, you can enrol for just 31,900 INR. With the discount, you may enrol in the PRINCE2 Practitioner Classroom Training in Bangalore for just 35,900 INR instead of the normal 44,000 INR.

The price of online PRINCE2 Agile training in Bangalore is 72,300 INR, but thanks to the reduction, you can enrol for just 60,250 INR. With the discount, you may enrol in the PRINCE2 Agile Classroom Course in Bangalore for just 65,250 INR instead of the regular price of 78,300 INR.

What is the duration of PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore?

Being certified in PRINCE2 has the distinct and additional benefit of requiring less time for study or training. You will find it extremely simple to obtain other qualifications thanks to your PRINCE2 certification. Now for the duration, if it’s an online program, the SKILLOGIC PRINCE2 classes will last 2 hours for 10 days, and if it’s an offline program, it will take 4 days of complete classroom instruction.

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A PRINCE2 certification is a terrific addition to your resume because it is the industry standard for project management and is recognised as a top-notch international product. If you’re still debating if PRINCE2 certification in Bangalore is worthwhile, consider your time commitment, prior obligations at work, and desire for professional development. Globally, a PRINCE2 certification increases demand remuneration. Studies show that a project manager with PRINCE2 Certification earns up to 15,00,000 LPA!

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