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How Much Do PRINCE2 Certifications Cost In India?

A popular de facto standard for project management practice in UK and Europe as well as in other parts of the globe is PRINCE2. An acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, PRINCE2 is the best practice guidance on Project management and is being widely practiced in most of the private sectors worldwide. PRINCE2 certifications prove beneficial for both the candidates as well as the organizations. PRINCE2 Certifications have two main levels and they are Foundation and Practitioner.

Watch this video to understand “What is PRINCE2 Certification”

Aspiring project management Candidates interested in taking up PRINCE2 certifications do have two choices and they are

1) Choose PRINCE2 training courses through one of AXELOS’ Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) or
2) Do a self-study for all the certification levels of PRINCE2.

Talking about AXELOS, it is not a training organization nor an examination body but is a joint venture company created in a motive to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio. Hence, the prices for training courses and exams are set by the training providers and will vary accordingly.

SKILLOGIC PRINCE2 Certification Cost

PRINCE2 Foundation Cost in INDIA:

A strong foundation of the concepts and methodologies of PRINCE2 is indeed an essential one for project management professionals. PRINCE2 Foundation certification allows the candidates to effectively gain the knowledge about the PRINCE2 concepts and methodologies. After the certification, the candidates will be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team in a PRINCE2 environment. This certification is the major prerequisite to appear for the next level PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

A great place to start your PRINCE2 foundation training is from SKILLOGIC™. A largest authorized training organization accredited by AXELOS’ for PRINCE2 and having trained more than 10,000 project management professionals in India, SKILLOGIC™ offers flexible classroom training, online training, and self-learning. With so many training organization providing training for PRINCE2, SKILLOGIC™ is the only provider who is offering high-quality training at cost-effective prices.

The classroom training is Rs 34,750, Live online training is Rs 29,750 and Self Learning is Rs 22,900 plus tax.

For details: https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/prince2-foundation-certification/

PRINCE2 Practitioner Cost in INDIA:

If you are the one who is managing projects or a part of formal Project management function or role, PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification can be of huge benefit to you. PRINCE2 Practitioner training help you to gain a better knowledge on various aspects of a project- Business Case, Cost, Time, Quality, Scope, Risk, and Benefits. After this certification, you will be able to apply the PRINCE2 concepts and effectively tailor the method to apply in different project environments and scenarios.

Candidates can enjoy High-quality PRINCE2 Practitioner training at a cost-effective price when they choose SKILLOGIC™. The classroom training is Rs 35,500, Live online training is Rs 30,500 and Self Learning is Rs 28,900 plus tax.

For details: https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/prince2-practitioner-certification/

PRINCE2 Combo (Foundation & Practitioner) Cost in INDIA

Furthermore, they do have combo offer for those aspiring management candidates wishing to complete both the Foundation and Practitioner certifications. The classroom training is Rs 65,250, Live online training is Rs 60,250 and Self Learning is Rs 39,900 plus tax.

Validate your skills and knowledge in Project Management aspects through SKILLOGIC™’s PRINCE2 certifications. Please visit https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/ to know more details about the PRINCE2 course.

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  1. Avatar

    Dear Team,

    I would like to go for Prince 2 certification. Is it needed to do foundation then Practitioner. I want to do direct prince 2 Practitioner.
    Please guide me about it.

  2. Ashok A

    Hi Sarita, Yes. Foundation is prerequisite for Practitioner.

  3. Avatar


    can i take the exam while i am travelling, and how much is the exam cost.


  4. Avatar

    No, You cannot take the exam while travelling,. The PRINCE2 Combo (certification and training) cost will be around 48,000 rupees, After discount 39,000 rupees. Please talk to our educational counselors for more details. You can call to 1800-200-9030 for more details.

  5. Avatar

    Hi, how much is the certification fee of Prince2 Agile Foundation and Practioner? And how it exam will be done during lockdown.

  6. Avatar


    Are you still taking class room training for Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner ? Can I attend it via Web meeting ?


  7. Avatar

    Can I get discount on the course, kindly contact me

  8. Avatar

    Hi, Could you let me know the training/certification centers in India, especially if it is there in Kerala-Trivandrum? I want to take the Prince2 Foundation Level Certification

  9. Avatar


    Can you please let us know the latest Exam Fee for Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner in India.

  10. Avatar

    Hi Team,

    Please let me know the course detail and the exam pattern.

  11. Avatar

    I could see prices are given around the training and live training. I am looking for certification price and not the training price if someone can help me out with that.

  12. Avatar


    I am interested in both Prince2 foundation and practitioner course.

  13. Avatar

    Hi, I am a Banking Management professional with 15+ years experience and currently working in the UK. My specialization is International Trade Finance. Now I am in India on a short break and will be here for at least next 3 months. I am planning to do a project management course and I feel Prince 2 will suite me.

    My query is whether it is worth taking this exam taking in to context my professional background.

    Many Thanks

  14. Avatar

    We have shared your email Id with our educational counselor. They will send you the course details. You can also share your contact number so that we will call you and explain about course. For more details For more details please visit: https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/

  15. Avatar

    Prince2 certificate cost is 39900+18% Tax.Please share your contact number so that our educational counselor can call you and explain about the course. For more details visit https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/

  16. Avatar

    PRINCE2 COMBO Certification (Foundation + Practitioner)

    10 days of Online Live Instructor-led Training
    Total 44,900+ (18%. Service Tax)
    Price Includes Training, Exam fee, Softcopy of courseware.
    100% pass warranty (As per pass warranty policy, if you could not pass the exam, your next attempt Exam fee will be paid by us.)

    For more details, you can share your contact number so that we will call you and explain the course.
    Please visit https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/ for more information.

  17. Avatar

    Currently, the exam fee is 39900+tax as a combo(foundation + practitioner)
    Please visit https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/ for more information.

  18. Avatar

    We are in Bangalore, you can take up the course through online, we have live instructor-led online training, even exam you can take through online.

    Prince 2 Foundation Exam fee:- 25,900+ Service Tax 18%.
    Price includes exam fees, pre-course materials, Courseware, 5 Online days training.
    Includes a 100% Pass warranty as well.
    (As per pass warranty policy, if you could not pass the exam, your next attempt Exam fee will be paid by us.)

    you can share your contact number. For more details please visit: https://skillogic.com/prince2-training/prince2-foundation-certification/

    Certification Validity: Lifetime

  19. Avatar

    I have 10 Years experience in HR but now i switched to PMO role, were i have 3 years experience so i am planning to do Prince2 Foundation First and then Slowly Practioner if i do in Skillogic what benefits do i get when i compare with Other training centers they are giving few Scholarship and your course feed is little higher,

    Being HR for 10 years and Now PMO for last 3 years is it a right choice as i did the career switch.

  20. Avatar

    Hi karunakaranj, We are glad to know your interest in the Prince 2 Certification, Kindly share with us your email id and contact number so we can connect with you to provide further details along with discounted course fees.

  21. Avatar

    Hello Team

    I am planning to take (foundation + Practioner), but currently I am residing in UK. Is it possible for me to join the online and what could be the price for me in that case. Can I give the exam any where globally after enrolling in skillogic.

  22. Avatar

    Hai HARISH NADIGOTTU, Yes, You can take the course online, can give exams anywhere from your comfort. Please Check Your Mail for more information.

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