How Much Does ITIL Certifications Cost In India?

How Much Does ITIL Certifications Cost In India?
How Much Does ITIL Certifications Cost In India?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework that has been designed to standardize the IT services of an organization. A robust framework that covers the entire lifecycle of service management can provide immense benefits to business when it is successfully adopted. ITIL is not developed from a single organization’s idea but is a collaboration of best practices of many successful organizations and experts. ITIL is a widely used and recognized framework and has been successfully adopted by many high profile organizations worldwide. As more and more organizations have started realizing the effectiveness of ITIL management, they want to implement the best practices to manage the business effectively. Hence, for a successful implementation of ITIL, they require efficient ITIL certified professionals.

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ITIL Certifications Are Divided Into
ITIL Foundation, ITIL Practitioner, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL Expert, and ITIL Master.

ITIL Foundation Certification Cost

An entry-level exam that covers the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle. You get to learn about the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices. Candidates can gain a basic knowledge of ITIL framework as well as how it is used to enhance the IT service management within an organization.

ITIL Foundation training is offered by many training institutes but it is essential to look at how the training is provided. SKILLOGIC™, an authorized Training Organisation (ATO) providing ITIL training worldwide, have a unique learning methodology that helps the candidates to acquire deep knowledge of ITIL concepts. The high-quality ITIL foundation certification training are available at cost effective prices of, classroom training is at Rs 32,500, Live ONLINE training is at Rs 27,500 and Self Learning is at Rs 17,900 plus tax. For more details about SKILLOGIC™’s ITIL foundation training, please visit

ITIL Practitioner Certification Cost

The next level certification that allows the candidates to learn on how to adopt and adapt the ITIL practices in their work environment. After learning about the concepts and terminologies in ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner can enable one to not only speak the IITL language instead use it effectively. It touches upon Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach and three key crucial areas such as Organizational Change Management, Communication and Measurement, and Metrics.

SKILLOGIC™ is renowned training provider offering high-quality ITIL Practitioner training at cost-effective prices. The case study based approach with citing of many real-time examples helps the candidates to develop sound knowledge ITIL knowledge. The classroom training is at Rs 33,900, Live ONLINE training is at Rs 30,900 and Self Learning is at Rs 27,900 plus tax. For more details about SKILLOGIC™’s ITIL Practitioner training, please visit

ITIL Intermediate Certification Cost

ITIL Intermediate dwells deep into ITIL practices than the Foundation level and Practitioner level. It has a modular structure, they are Lifecycle Modules and Capability Modules with each module lays a different focus on IT Service Management. Being an industry-recognized qualification, ITIL intermediate certification exam demands you to attend training sessions and cannot do self-study.

SKILLOGIC™ ITIL Intermediate’s training is offered as a full-time training program of 2-3 days along with modules, training, exam, and certification at a cost-effective price in various locations in India. The training sessions are conducted by certified experts with a great amount of experience in their niche. The classroom training is at Rs 38,500, Live ONLINE training is at Rs 33,500 and Self Learning is at Rs 21,900 plus tax. For more details about SKILLOGIC™’s ITIL Intermediate training, please visit

ITIL Expert Certification Cost

ITIL Expert Certification helps the candidates to gain superior knowledge and skills in ITIL framework. A highly regarded qualification that acts as a prerequisite for the last level ITIL master certification can help you to advance well in your IT career. Since this certification is pretty costly, candidates need to be prepared financially and it needs a wise decision of choosing correct training partner. Furthermore, qualified candidates need to prove that they have acquired a minimum of 17 credits out of 22 credits.

SKILLOGIC™ ITIL Expert training can help the candidates to cross this crucial level with full confidence. The modules for SKILLOGIC™’s ITIL Expert training are aligned with the latest version of ITIL and the training are provided by industry best trainers backed with a great amount of experience. The classroom training is at Rs. 1,77,900, Live online training is at Rs. 1,59,900 and Self Learning is at Rs. 1,13,900 plus tax. For more details about SKILLOGIC™’s ITIL Expert training, please visit

ITIL Master Certification Cost

ITIL Master is the highest level of certification also is an uncommon one. With no fixed syllabus or training course, each candidate need to select a different, personal range of experiences that are tested depending on the nature of the situation. Those candidates who have worked in IT service management for at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher management advisory levels are only eligible to apply for ITIL Master certification.

It’s time to propel your IT career with SKILLOGIC™ ITIL certifications. Please visit to know more details.