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Getting ITIL Certified help in your career?


We all agree that ITIL® certification is the most popular IT service management,  but how do you know that it is right for you?

As an ITIL® certifications training provider, we get many such questions. This blog is intended to answer some of them, hopefully.

What is ITIL®?

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the collection of industry best practices in IT service management. It is a framework, which takes care of IT service from inception to effective operations and continual improvement on regular basis.

Unlike ISO 20000, first international standard for IT service management, ITIL® is not a standard but guidelines to align your IT service management to Industry best practices. ITIL® has extensive Certification scheme, from ITIL foundation certification to ITIL® Expert and ITIL® Master. Ref: Scheme.

After the release of version ITIL® 2011, which focused on bringing consistency over the five ITIL® core publications, ITIL® gained popularity globally, and many large IT companies started adopting ITIL® for its IT service management practice.

India, as a leading IT service outsourcing nation, is observing surge in ITIL® certifications with few thousands of professionals getting certified very month on an average, since 2011.

I am a software engineer, should I consider ITIL® certification?

There are two board fields in software:  software development and software maintenance.

Software development takes a project management approach with start and end dates in developing new software applications. Software maintenance take over, once the application is developed and put into operations, business-as-usual. ITIL® plays a major role in the software maintenance side as the concepts involved is similar to IT hardware maintenance.

If you are in software maintenance, IT infrastructure, IT support and other IT service management area, ITIL® will enable you to perform your job more effectively and adds a significant value to your career.

If you plan to switch sides, you can opt for ITIL® as well to gain access to IT service management career opportunities.

How to become ITIL® Expert certified professional?

ITIL® offers extensive certification scheme for professionals based on their experience.


ITIL® foundation is mandatory certification to qualify for intermediate level certification.
ITIL® Intermediate modules are specialized courses for professionals to achieve specialist Intermediate certifications or become an ITIL® Expert.

ITIL® intermediate level has two streams: Lifecycle stream and Capability stream. Lifecycle modules focus more on managing the processes and on the other side, Capability modules go in more details to provide knowledge to practice ITIL® process’.

ITIL® expert qualification is credits based system. You need minimum of 22 credit to become ITIL expert Certified.

  • ITIL® foundation gives you 2 credits
  • Life cycle Intermediate modules give you 3 credits each
  • Capability Intermediate modules give you 4 credits each
  • A total of minimum 17 credits should be attained for taking MALC module, which provides you with 5 credits.

This gives you a minimum 22 credits required to become ITIL® expert Certified Professional.

How ITIL® help in the job market?

I get this question directly or indirectly from most of the ITIL® aspirants. Though I am equally experienced in European and Indian markets.  I scope this answer to Indian job market.

If you are  a beginner/fresher or have a couple of years of IT experience, you can target jobs such as,

  • IT service delivery analyst, support engineer, technical support, help desk engineer etc..
  • Entry-level jobs  in IT service management tools  such as BMC remedy, IBM Tivoli  etc..
  • Many IT infrastructure jobs in MNCs providing infrastructure services  such as IBM, Amazon, HP, Mphasis etc..

At middle level, with 7+ years of experience, you would be asked to take more responsible roles such as IT service delivery manager, Incident/problem manager, release manager, service desk manager and other managerial roles.

With significant experience and deep knowledge in ITIL® , you could opt to be independent ITIL® consultant. If you are interested in academic career, you could be ITIL® trainer as well.

Please drop me a mail at ashok.a@skillogic.in , if you have any further questions on ITIL . I would be more than happy to help you understand ITIL® better.

Author : Ashok A,  ITIL Expert with 10+ years of  Industry experience, Consultant at Skillogic.


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About Ashok A

Ashok A
Ashok is a Phd-Scholar and CEO of Rubixe, an Artificial Intelligence Solutions company, based in Netherlands. He has 17+ years of experience managing large scale IT innovation projects for Europeon Commission. He is passionate about learning and teaching cutting edge technology concepts. He is an MBA from University of Amsterdam and IIM Ahmedabad. Linkedin Profile


  1. Avatar

    Very informative. I am not technical but involved in senior roles in service desk operation. Can I pursue ITIL Expert level to get better opportunities? I have in all 9+ years experience.

  2. Avatar

    @Saravanan – ITIL is process based best practice framework for IT service management so technical knowledge may help but not necessary. With 9 years of experience, your ITIL Expert level along with your functional knowledge in your respective domain, should definitely enhance your career prospects.

  3. Avatar


    I have a 5 years of experience in software development.Planning to move to a managerial fame.
    Planned to be an ITIL expert.
    Need help in how the process goes, meaning the course content and how to perform the certifications.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for the informative post.

    I need a little bit more explanation for advance ITIL certifications.

    Let me describe a little bit about myself. I am working as a ‘Technical Lead’ in one of the leading IT MNCs based out of Pune, Maharastra, India. I have a total of 5Years and 5 months of experience as a Microsoft SQL Server Database administrator.

    I have completed ITIL V3 foundation certification and I am looking forward to undergo other levels of ITIL certifications. However, I am not sure which certification should I take and which ITIL certification will have a better impact on my career.

    I am basically interested in moving out of the hectic rotational technical stream. I would like to establish myself in a managerial role and thus need your help in understanding ITIL career path in a better way. Also can you please let me know the opportunities ITIL presents at onsite and what is its demand in European and US markets.

    Looking forward towards youre reply.

  5. Avatar

    @Mr. Mohit Dutta,
    Pursing ITIL Intermediate level starting with SO as relevant to your profile could get your a ticket in IT Service Management career. Your work might be still hectic given that you are entering to new industry but, as you gain enough experience, you can plan good work – life balance.

    ITIL career opportunities are plenty in Europe and USA , especially in consulting and implementation areas. You might want to pick up relevant roles in India for some good years and then plan to apply for aboard opportunities.

    Please share you resume at request@skillogic.com , I shall revert with specific suggestions.

  6. Avatar

    Request you to kindly guide me the scope of this ITIL certification and help me how to proceed the basic level certification.

  7. Avatar

    Hi Sir,
    The information is very useful but having a doubt; I’m into IT operations as Sr coordinator over 2yrs and having hands on experience in service desk and technical assistance over 2.5yrs. What is the scope of this course and how it ‘ll add value to my career.

  8. Avatar

    For maintenance guy’s after pursuing ITIL FOUNDATION Which one to choose Intermediate Lifecycle or Intermediate Capability

  9. Avatar

    Hi Ashok, Thanks for the informative post,
    Well, I have total 8+ years of experience in Qatar (I dont have any experience in India) I work as Technical Support technician (Desktop support). I have done ITIL V3 Foundation. I am planning to do Microsoft / Cisco Courses too. What are my chances to get a good job in India, specially in Pune or Mumbai area. As i am planning to move back to India.

  10. Avatar


    You have provided detailed information about ITIL and thanks for this. After going through all the information I found that you have missed the important information and that is why many readers are posting their doubts here. Please try to understand your readers’ comments and update the article.

    For example, everybody wants to learn/acquire new skills/certifications for the new job/pay hike/promotion.

    Just mention some scenarios that who can do this certification and who can not do (not beneficial).
    Like this certification related to IT and of course IT experience matters, but what does mean by IT Experience, is it just related software development profiles and others too? In an IT company there are plenty of positions.

    How can an IT HR Executive (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?

    How can a Software Developer/Programmer (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?

    How can a Content/Technical Writer (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?

    And so on…..

    Above mentioned posts are related to an IT Organization, hence please explain the opportunities if possible.

    Thanks for your patience to read my opinion.

  11. Ashok A

    Hi Abhinav – I always recommend LifeCycle Track as it has clear demarcation that helps to grab the subject in better way. I suggest to start with Service Operations

  12. Ashok A

    Hi Anant,

    Sure. I shall try to answer your questions.

    How can an IT HR Executive (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?
    As IT HR, ITIL Foundation Level Certification is useful as you get the high level knowledge of how an IT Infrastructure works. This could enable to better understand the resource requirement , also filter the prospective employee application. ITIL Foundation certification for HR is valued in the market for the same reasons.

    How can a Software Developer/Programmer (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?
    ITIL foundation can be useful in understanding high level picture of how IT works.
    But ITIL is into IT Infrastructure , which is about Operation and Maintenance of IT Infra, applications etc., Development of Application could be a part of Service Transition of lifecycle but often doesn’t fall under ITIL umbrella.

    How can a Content/Technical Writer (fresher or experienced: 5+ years) do this certification and what are the opportunities?
    ITIL gives you tick to get into IT service management Industries. You have wide range of Opportunities from junior to senior levels within ITSM.

    Let me know, any further queries on this.

  13. Ashok A

    Hi Mohsin – It is subjective to your profile but in general the ITSM industry is doing relative good compared to other sectors. Pune has more options for ITIL related jobs.

  14. Avatar

    Hi Ashok, i want to take up ITIL Foundation Course 2011, But My Previous Experience was Into BPO as Customer Solution Executive, im Desperately want to Get into IT Industry, By doing this ITIL certification programme,,will this help me to Move to IT Firm.

  15. Avatar

    Hi ashok

    My experience is in BPO and retail if i do the ITIL foundation course and i wanted to move to the IT industry if i do a certification will it help to find a job

  16. Avatar

    Hi any advice will be really helpful.
    I have completed my ITIL foundation training recently. I am looking forward to do more trainings as well but now I am trying to get an opportunity (as a first step) on IT field . I have no experience as I worked most of years an admin field.
    Do I have any chance to start career from this stage or I need more study?

  17. Avatar

    Sunil, Given that you have a BPO customer Solution Experience, you can surely find opportunity in IT service management with ITIL Certification.

  18. Ashok A

    Hi Ika,
    I suggest to get into IT service management job rather than doing more certification.This helps in gaining experience and then you may plan to do further ITIL certifications. You should be able to find junior jobs with your current ITIL foundation certification.

  19. Ashok A

    Hi Prathuesh,

    ITIL Foundation give your best practice knowledge in IT service management in high level. The certification surely gives you edge in job market over non-certified applicants.

  20. Ashok A

    Hi Mohsin,

    Pune has good potential in terms of job market, specially in IT service management. With 8+ years of experience, you should be able to a good job.
    Try to choose company, which offer you good growth prospects rather than one with provide good initial package.

  21. Avatar

    My name is Mohammed Rahamdil k.I am looking for a carrier in IT industry .Many of my friends suggest me ITIL. As a fresher is it good for me to go directly for a foundation course.Is there any need of knowing any basic programming languages,and please suggest if you know any centres in bangalore

    Mohammed Rahamdil k

  22. Avatar

    HI, I have 3+ experience in manufacturing (Purchase), I want to get into IT industry. My friend suggests me to do ITIL certification to move into IT industry. please advice.

  23. Avatar
    Sowmya Vijayakumar

    Hello Ashok,

    I am an SAP Basis consultant since 9.5 years. I am a core technical person. Is it a good choice to switch to ITSM process side doing ITIL certification? I have already done ITIL foundation. what are the kind of opportunities which are available?

    Please advise.

  24. Avatar


    i have completed my one year in service management is it a right time for undergoing in ITIL program or it require a some more years of experience

    Divya shanmugham

  25. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    Myself Aniket. Presently, I am working in Project management profile with 5 years of experience in Mechanical projects. I am planning to enter in IT project management and looking for suitable certification. Had talk with 2 or 3 training institutions for their suggestion but didn’t get proper reply.

    About my educational background, done masters in Project Management from Northumbria University, Newcastle and basic graduation in Mechanical engineering.

    Kindly advice whether ITIL certification will help in getting opportunity in IT project management or suggest any other suitable option. Looking forward for your reply.


  26. Avatar

    hi Ashok,

    I am currently working as D.Mgr with overall 9 years experience in PMO- Operations, Staffing,invoicing and Finance in Service industry. Would like to understand that how will ITIL help me to enhance my knowledge and career. Please suggest.

  27. Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Neha Singh. And I am looking for my carrier in IT field. As right now I am an IT teacher in IB and Cambridge school, but I want to switch my profile from teaching want to join corporate industry. I Am simple graduate and then some B.ed , I also have done several courses of Computer. I want to do ITIL how it will be good for my carrier as I want to start in corporation as a fresher.
    Looking forward for your rply.

  28. Avatar

    Hi Neha,
    ITIL Foundation is basic certification and, as a fresher, you can pursue this certification. From career perspective, you can target IT
    support roles, BPO related and , most IT enabled jobs in the market. All the best in your career.

  29. Avatar

    Hi Needhi,

    Most the business operations are IT enabled. ITIL is the best practice framework to manage these IT services. Knowledge of ITIL surely help you to understand how to manage these supporting IT infrastructure and application, thereby enabling you to perform your job better. If you plan to shift IT service management career, then you need to deep dive into core concepts of ITIL and complete several levels in ITIL certification before pursuing career in ITSM. Let me know if any further queries.

  30. Avatar

    Hello Aniket,

    ITIL is about IT service management, which is more into operation and maintenance of IT services. You might pursue Project management certification such as PRINCE2 , PMP etc.,

  31. Avatar

    definitely yes. Get certified in ITIL at early stages of career is very helpful. This will enrich your learning and help you to gain quality experience. All the very best.

  32. Avatar

    Hi Sowmya :

    I normally suggest to stick to your domains unless the opportunities in your domain is fading off. If you like to switch, try to stay in SAP related industry so that your domain knowledge will add to your experience.

  33. Avatar

    Yes you can go for ITIL and switch to ITSM.

  34. Avatar

    Hi Ashok,
    I’ve 15 yrs of experience in Presales, Technical Support/consultancy and Business development in IT and ITeS domain. I want to switch into IT service management. Pl suggest if ITIL foundation will be the right choice in my career progression. Kindly also advise about any other certification more relevant to my profile?

  35. Avatar


    ITSM is vast domain and you could find suitable roles such as Incident manager, service delivery manager etc., leveraging your 15 years of experience. ITIL Foundation is basic level certification, you might need to progress further to intermediate levels mastering ITIL concepts through practical implementation. I feel, staying in ITSM is good choice for you albeit you could also look into project management as an alternative.

  36. Avatar

    Myself Sagar and i have nearly 7+ years of experience mainly into support domain ( L2 support of IBM Netcool tool ). Currently I was looking to enhance my career into Itil and hence needed some information.

    I have done my foundation certification and now.i was looking for the intermediate level of certification, but since in intermediate there are 2 streams ( lifecycle & capability ) , I was in a dilemma of which stream to choose and what kind of job roles I may get after the certification? And are the job roles depends on the stream ?

  37. Ashok A

    Hi Sagar,

    overall topics covered through Lifecycle 5 modules or Capability 4 modules is approx same. If you are already in a specialized roles, they you may choose the relevant capability module, otherwise, for most cases I recommend to go with Lifecycle modules.

  38. Avatar

    i have overall experience of 5 yrs in IT operations (Mainframes data center support), and i have acquired certifications in ITIL V3 foundation in ITSM and ITIL intermediate in Service operations too. iam planning to move to management role (Operations manager ).
    please suggest me which is the best way to proceed to choose the best role for my profile .

  39. Avatar

    Hi Ashok,

    I was working in wipro BPO for 2 and half years and then i am currently working in service desk profile from last one year. So my question is if I do ITIL foundation certification here ,will it boost my career further with growth and salary. And will it be suitable for me to have this certification.
    Kindly reply as soon as possible. I really need your suggestion on this .


    Tushar Singh

  40. Avatar

    Hi Ashok,

    Glad to see your replies and people are very lucky to have a lamp like you.

    I need your advice. I have around 9 years of experience into US Healthcare,Order Management profiles. However im not at all happy about my job. Im a person with more thirst to learn new things. My life dream to work in IT related domains where it was not fulfilled till date. I want to ITIL foundation from Skillogic and requesting you to guide my career path. FYI : I have already trained on PRINCE 2 from Skillogic.

  41. Avatar

    I wanted to know which career is better as software engineer or working on a ITIL tool?

  42. Avatar

    It depends on your skills and expertise. Also, the software engineer is a very generic term. you need to be specific to get an answer. In general, both have good career paths.

  43. Avatar

    Yes. ITIL foundation certification can open doors for a better career in IT service management.

  44. Avatar

    ITIL is mostly operations work unless you’re in ITSM projects. You should also look into business analytics. This is a very interesting and perspective field.

  45. Avatar

    Hi Ashok,

    Your post on ITIL is really inspiring. I would like to have your genuine advice to further understand if this can be my cup of tea.

    To let you understand my Profile, I am not from the IT industry, and no coding knowledge. Infact I have a 8yrs experience in ePublishing Industry as Project Coordinator & now as a Project Manager handling Publishing projects and liaising with stakeholder (internal & external). Mostly we work for Offshore clients such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Johnson & Johnson etc and directly communicating with the client with the status & performance of the Projects. I am having Prince2 Practitioner certificate. Now I am aiming for Data Science or ITIL, to switch to IT industry or to excel in my career by any means. I am good with computer operations (any software, tools, MS office, word, outlook, powerpoint etc.). Please advice me what should I start with as for anything I need to invest my time and I am really interested for both (ITIL & Data science) but for now want to start with any one, if only its helpful for my career growth. Which can best for me- Data Science or ITIL or may be some other?

    Thanks in advance for your help & guidance!

  46. Avatar

    Data science mainly focuses on drawing the pattern from past data and developing a system which can predict the future using algorithms, data analysis, graphs etc.

    The future is of data and data is new fuel so switching to DS will definitely have a good scope in term of career growth as well as salary hikes. Since you are from completely different background so its better to take professional training on DS which will help you to understand this field. You can check the professional training offered by DataMites(https://datamites.com/)

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