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Are You Not ITIL Foundation Certified Yet?

A constantly changing industry with sets of new practices emerging day by day is IT industry. It is pretty difficult to judge which practices are just a fad versus and which are currently hot. In this highly volatile situation, a set of best practices that prove to be helpful is the need of the hour for IT professionals involved in IT services.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, fondly called as ITIL is the robust framework consisting of a set of best practices and guidelines for IT service management (ITSM). These standard practices have been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide which includes many giant companies like Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, etc. Infact, ITIL is the only De-facto standard available in the market for IT Service Management best practice guidelines.

Are You Not ITIL Foundation Certified Yet

If you are not ITIL Foundation certified professional then have a look at the following advantages to earn one for you.

  1. Globally recognized: ITIL certification is an internationally recognized standard for IT environment. When you complete this certification, you would be recognized globally as an ITIL brand. Since this certification is recognized in any corner of the world so you don’t need to restrict yourself to one work location.
  2. Better career opportunities: By equipping you with relevant and desirable skills, you are boosting your career opportunities. Organizations are constantly looking for candidates who can work efficiently for their business growth, this ITIL certification can display to them that you are one such candidate to prove for in this ITSM arena.
  3. Out of Box thinking: ITIL training encourages the candidates to think new ways of working approaches which results in better outcomes and improved customer satisfaction. ITIL help you to work smartly and act proactively rather than being reactive this, in turn, contributes to a successful project completion by minimizing the failures. Focusing on customer needs and user experience is mainly concentrated in ITIL, so expect an ITIL certified to be contributing effectively in improving service delivery.
  4. Stand out from your noncertified peers: When you finish this ITIL Foundation certification it displays that you show a higher level of commitment to your work. And, you are definitely going to be prioritized for any critical projects instead of selecting your noncertified peers. In fact, you will be the part of ITIL community that regularly discusses on latest updates which help you to equip yourself in this competitive environment.

ITIL has several levels of certification from ITIL Foundation to ITIL Intermediate certifications such as ITIL Service Strategy, ITIL Service Design, ITIL Transition, ITIL Operations and Continual Service Improvement (CSI), and then last module to pursue ITIL Expert, ITIL Managing across life cycle (MALC). ITIL also has several capability related modules. Being the most comprehensive guidelines for ITIL Service Management, ITIL is been adaption past three decades by most large enterprises. Recent trend shows that ITIL is now adapted by all sizes of organisations including start-ups.

Do you know that ITIL exams are taken in over 150 countries worldwide and every 5 minute one or other candidate is attending this exam? An interesting fact to note about, isn’t it?

If this article is tempting you to get into the ITIL community, then we can definitely help you to join those millions of ITIL qualified people. Start your career journey with a brighter side with an internationally recognized ITIL certification by enrolling yourself in the world’s most recognized certification program of SKILLOGIC™.

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