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AXELOS®- A Closer Look At It and Their Training Certifications and Partners

As you are pondering on certifications, AXELOS® is a popular term that is pretty often heard by you. A joint venture company which took its stride in 2013 by the Government of the United Kingdom and Capita, to manage, develop and operate qualifications in best practice and in methodologies.

Are you curious to know more about AXELOS®?? so, here we are

A closer look at AXELOS®:

As organizations grow, they seek opportunities to improve and perform better continually- this means they need to work on the right strategies and implement them in order to support their business growth. Holding a great portfolio and an evitable track record of globally recognized best practices, AXELOS® is helping the business to structure their processes for years. Their best practices are designed for businesses to effectively structure all their critical business capabilities that include project, programme, IT service management and portfolio management and cyber resilience.

AXELOS Global Certifications

AXELOS® is not only taking responsibility for developing the best practice frameworks but also committed to foster best practice communities on a global scale. In fact, a wider accredited community has been formed worldwide in order to help professionals and organizations to harness the knowledge by providing qualifications and practical guidance.

The certifications provided by AXELOS®:

AXELOS® manages following certifications

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library):

ITIL® certification is a modular approach to infrastructure framework with five certification levels, and they are Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert and Master. ITIL® is currently in a transition journey from ITIL® v3 to ITIL® 4 from one scheme structure to the other in a streamlined manner.

PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2®):

PRINCE2® 2009 Certifications offers three levels of qualification, Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional which helps the professionals to gain knowledge on project management terminology and concepts. Another certification is PRINCE2® 2017 Certification Scheme. In 2017, AXELOS® revised PRINCE2® guidance and built a certification scheme that places a new emphasis on customizing the method to the needs of organizations and project management environments.

PRINCE2 Agile®:

When we talk about this PRINCE2 Agile® certification, it is the world’s most recognized and complete agile project management solution, blending the flexibility and responsiveness of emerging agile framework with the defined governance of PRINCE2.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®):

MSP® Certifications helps you in developing your programme management capabilities with an effective scheme that teaches the essential skills and knowledge. The MSP® certification scheme offers three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner.

Management of Risk (M_o_R):

This certification helps you to gain knowledge on effectively managing the identification, assessment, and control of risks across any organizational perspective. There are two levels of qualification, and they are Foundation and Practitioner.

Portfolio Management (MoP®):

An essential certification for professionals in a range of portfolio management roles who are responsible for investment decision making, project and programme delivery, and benefits realization. The MoP Certification Scheme withholds two levels of qualification, Foundation, and Practitioner.

Management of Value (MoV®):

The professionals involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects can benefit immensely if they choose this certification. Similar to other schemes, this one also includes two levels of certification, Foundation, and Practitioner.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O):

In this certifications, candidates get equipped with a set of principles, processes, and techniques which helps them to deliver projects or programmes within an organization or department effectively and this Scheme includes two levels of qualification, Foundation, and Practitioner.


P3M3, also known as the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model, is a unique management maturity model that looks at the whole system and not just at the processes.


Helps the professionals to achieve good cyber resilience within an organization and how to manage the related risks and issues effectively. It offers two levels of cybersecurity certification for aspiring candidates, and they are Foundation and Practitioner.

In addition to providing globally recognized certifications, AXELOS® also concentrates on equipping professionals with a wide range of content, templates, and toolkits by subscribing to “My AXELOS® subscription service” as well as to their big online community of practitioners and experts.

Training Provider Partnering with AXELOS®:

AXELOS® has developed a strategic partnership scheme for collaborative working with Training or Consulting Providers. It is not easy to partner with AXELOS®, and they have stringent quality measures to qualify. The training provider should be capable of offering the courses at their highest quality with the right depth and has to be truly useful to the professionals attending the sessions. They also look into the track record of the training partner and select a partner who promises a high course completion rate. The heart of any training is the instructor who is teaching the course to the candidates since they are the one who is accountable for carrying the quality of the learning. AXELOS® also looks for these criteria of whether the training provider is employing certified and highly experienced trainers.

These stringent quality measures that AXELOS® follows helps to maintain the quality of the certifications that they are offering. SKILLOGIC® is a pioneer in delivering various training courses, has a long association with AXELOS®. PRINCE2 Agile™ is the world’s most complete Agile project management method, and SKILLOGIC® is an exclusive and highly recommended partner by AXELOS® for PRINCE2 Agile Certification in India.

SKILLOGIC® partnership with AXELOS®:

AXELOS® works in collaboration with over 1500 partners globally, and SKILLOGIC® is one among them who is delivering high training experiences by partnering with AXELOS®. SKILLOGIC® is one of the renowned and world’s largest authorized training organization who has been successfully training over 25,000 professionals every year. Since 2007, SKILLOGIC® is responding to the IT training needs of these professionals and organizations effectively. SKILLOGIC® trainers are recognized as highly skilled thought leaders who continually contribute to ‘best practices’-based curricula. A unique feature about SKILLOGIC® is the perfect blend of theory and practice sessions which guarantees the candidates with practical applicability and the know-how knowledge.

SKILLOGIC® also develops customized training programs for specific issues and objectives related to company training and organizational training to increase the impact of improvement processes. The individuals participating in our training program will acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience, while at the same time it grooms their professional development which in turn reflects in achieving business objectives. The knowledge and experience acquired by the professionals during our training increase their flexibility and adaptability at the same time of them being valued, encouraged and inspired.

It is time to upgrade your knowledge with SKILLOGIC®’s PRINCE2® certification:

Be it, you are a buzzy new employee who has just hit the IT floor or an experienced professional with significant merits added to your resume. Effectively upgrading the professional skill that delivers great career benefits is a challenge across many aspirants. Why because? On the realities of opportunity in the tech world, there seems a knowledge gap and a lack of rightly equipped professionals who can effectively handle the work. Remember, learning doesn’t need to be restricted only to college or school. It is a continuous process to upgrade your skills and climb the career ladder fast.

Great News!!! You can be one of those highly paid management employees now. Pick up our PRINCE2® certification training programme and earn 15% higher than your peers. For your convenience, SKILLOGIC® is offering classroom sessions, Live online training and self-learning sessions.

It is the correct time to learn about the de facto standard for project management practice in the United Kingdom and Europe and join the list of highly paid management professionals.

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