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ITIL – What You Should Be Knowing About This Framework?

ITIL, a famous word in IT world but its abbreviation is least known to many, which is IT Infrastructure Library. With constant changing tech industry, there needs to be a set of best practices which can help the IT professionals to provide quality service. ITIL is one such framework that inhibits those set of best practices used by companies to manage their IT services.

ITIL and Its Framework

What is ITIL is all about?

After a small introduction, there arises a curiosity to know more about this ITIL certification. Digging deep into this ITIL certification will help you to understand “why this certification is important for the growth in your career?”.  In almost all the companies, a set of globally recognised best practices have been implemented to maximise their profit. Many giant companies have already implemented ITIL in their IT service management and have overcome all the difficulties easily without comprising on quality of the service. A good knowledge of ITIL framework can help each and every member of a team working with ITIL can render best service. In fact, many companies started giving first preference to ITIL certified candidates and shortlist them for their company roles.

Levels of ITIL certification:

You have made a wonderful decision of entering this ITIL world. Knowing the levels of ITIL certification would help you to plan your this journey better.

ITIL Foundation:

An entry level certification that provides you knowledge of key elements, concepts and terminology used in ITIL service lifecycle as well as the process used and their benefits in service management practices. In order to lay a strong foundation, you need to pick a right service provider like Skillogic so that you can cross all levels easily with this base knowledge.

ITIL intermediate:

You learn about five primary ITIL framework phases in intermediate stage. This next step after foundation, lays a detailed focus on service life cycles in IT service management.

ITIL Expert:

An advanced certification that takes you through nook and corner of ITIL processes and practices. You can explore finest details of ITIL framework in this ITIL Expert certification, and it is a key demand to step into Master level.

The last one after Expert stage is ITIL Master which demonstrates an ability to apply ITIL framework to real world situations. The newest entry is ITIL Practitioner which comes after your foundation certification.

How to apply ITILHow to apply for ITIL certification?

ITIL examination is an online based and you need to register before attending this exam. There are several examination institutes that were set up to service candidates request in different parts of world.

Why should I go for a training session to complete my ITIL certification?

It is good that you are already working in an ITIL atmosphere and has a vague idea of ITIL concepts already. But, it might not be sufficient to take up this ITIL examination on your own. You need experienced trainers and better classroom lessons to understand this vast concept clearly. When you choose Skillogic, you not only achieve the ITIL certification but also an in depth knowledge about this framework which you can implement in your work efficiently.

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