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What is the Cost of the ITIL Certification Training in 2021?

Key Points

  • What is ITIL?
  • What is ITIL Life Cycle?
  • What is the cost of the ITIL Foundation Certification in 2021?

Denis Matte quotes about ITIL- “To successfully implement ITIL is to confront human nature and succeed”. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, most commonly known as ITIL is globally accepted standards and frameworks that contributes to the effective delivery of technology services. It serves as a handbook for IT service management. ITIL is instrumental in helping organisations to skillfully manage risks, meet customer expectations, and carve goodwill of its own.

ITIL was first introduced by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), an undertaking of the Government of the U.K. ITIL has undergone numerous revisions since then, to assume it’s present form.

ITIL Certification Training in 2021

The ITIL Life Cycle

The ITIL Service Life Cycle includes the following stages:-

  • Service Strategy

The first step in ITIL life cycle is to define the service strategy. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to know the business objectives and align them with the IT service provider. The service strategy immensely influences the decision-making process, therefore is considered as a component of paramount importance for managing the IT service requirements of an organisation.

  • Service Design

The Service Design stage is all about implementing the strategies formed in the first step. This step is implemented with much focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. This step involves the creation phase in the overall process.

  • Service Transition

It is a crucial stage and involves practically exercising service design into a real-world environment. It includes service testing, before it goes live. All the possible glitches have to be removed before the end product is delivered to the customer. The service transition stage mainly acknowledges this need.

  • Service Operation

After the service is transitioned to a live environment, it is the responsibility of the service owner to monitor the service performance and ensure that the customer expectations are being met.

  • Service Improvement

The Service improvement stage includes comparing the set service efficiency with the actual service performance achieved and making improvement wherever needed. Examining individual stages in the service life cycle will help in getting a clear picture of the degree of efficiency achieved in each stage. If it meets the company’s expectations, then it can be well assured of achieving the business objectives.

The ITIL life cycle is an integral part of the ITIL Foundation Certification syllabus.

The ITIL Foundation Certification

If you are getting exposure to the information technology servicing domain for the first time. There are no mandatory prerequisites to be met for pursuing the ITIL foundation certification. If you are interested in learning technology servicing then you are in.

AXELOS, a joint venture organisation founded in 2013 provides the ITIL Foundation certification.

What is the cost of the ITIL Foundation Certification in 2021?

If learning ITIL Foundation is a part of your ‘To-Do List’ in 2021, there are plenty of institutes in India, which provide ITIL certification training. If you look at the cost of pursuing an ITIL certification in India, it tends to vary based on the training institutes. However, on an average the cost of the ITIL certification range between INR 15000-INR 35000.

SKILLOGIC provides the ITIL Foundation Certification Training in collaboration with AXELOS board. The syllabus is designed in accordance with the current trends of the corporate world. Therefore, if you have been a part of the ITIL training by SKILLOGIC, you can identify most of the concepts, being applied in a real-world industry scenario. The duration of an ITIL Foundation course is 5 days, 2 hrs/day for online training and 2 days for classroom training.

The ITIL Foundation Certification Training cost for the Live-Online mode
is INR 19,900/-.

The ITIL Foundation Training Cost for Classroom mode is INR 21,900/-.

The ITIL Foundation Training Cost for Self-Learning mode is INR 17,900/-.

If you have made up your mind to pursue the ITIL Foundation Certification training, then SKILLOGIC is the best option, for the below reasons:-

  • Accredited by AXELOS.
  • Experienced Trainers.
  • Case-Study Approach
  • 3 Months Flexi Pass.
  • Industry oriented syllabus.
  • Complementary course on DevOps Foundation.
  • Earn 16 PDUs from PMI.

SKILLOGIC is a AXELOS largest ATO for ITIL Certification Courses.

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