How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Hyderabad?

How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Hyderabad?
How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Hyderabad?

Usage of the internet and other digital technology is now commonplace in the world we live in. Even if a person does not use a smartphone or the internet at home, there is a good probability that they will need to use computers, automatic equipment, or digital tools in order to do their professional obligations. In a situation like this, when cutting-edge technology is prevalent, cyber security and the possibility of hackers are also major concerns.

1. What is Ethical Hacking?

Essentially, ethical hacking (also known as penetration testing) is the procedure of seeking to exploit an IT system with the owner’s consent to find any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. The outcomes are then applied to tighten internet security for both system owners and end users.

The following are some of the vulnerabilities that ethical hackers most frequently find:

  • Attack with injections
  • Invalid authentication
  • Security configuration errors
  • Utilization of components with known security flaws
  • Disclosure of sensitive data

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2. What are the skills expected from ethical hackers?

Cybersecurity has become a high-growth field in 2017, and possibly the entire decade, with growth rates that are outpacing all other IT-related fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that during the five years between 2012 and 2017, job advertisements for cybersecurity positions rose by a startling 75 percent. A good ethical hacker should be well-rounded in computers. They frequently specialise in one aspect of the ethical hacking field, becoming subject matter experts (SME).

  • Understanding of operating systems
  • Having programming language knowledge
  • Cryptography
  • Abilities to solve issues
  • Knowledge of databases and extensive networking knowledge
  • A comprehensive foundation in the principles of information security

3. Job roles in ethical hacking

Because there is a growing demand for ethical hackers in the cybersecurity and IT sector firms around the world, ethical hacking has consequently become one of the most sought-after job possibilities.

The good news for practising and aspiring cybersecurity experts is that it pays to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to ethical hacking. The occupational outlook for white-hat hackers, whose services are highly sought after in almost every industry and who frequently fetch salaries of 9,00,000 or more. (

Jobs are plentiful and well-paying as a result of the numerous open opportunities caused by this. Penetration tester, Vulnerability assessor, CISO, Information security analyst, Security engineer, Certified ethical hacker, Security consultant, System administrator, Security consultant, Security analyst, Security auditor, Cyber security specialist, and Information security manager.

According to payscale, a certified ethical hacker’s salary in Hyderabad is 505,652 LPA! An entry-level certified ethical hacker in Hyderabad with less than a year of experience earns an average salary of 500,000 LPA. An entry-level certified ethical hacker salary in Hyderabad with 1 to 4 years of experience is 1,200,000 LPA.

4. Is a career in ethical hacking worthy in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, which attracts businesspeople, now gives investors the chance to support innovative ventures with significant development potential. Hyderabad is a city with innumerable IT companies. It is a key hub for innovative future techies because of the favourable environment.

In terms of career potential, ethical hacking is one such area in Hyderabad with a solid reputation. Money will never be an issue when it comes to paying, without a doubt. Companies are looking for candidates with good ethical hacking skills to protect themselves from these kinds of serious attacks, and the prospects for these individuals will be numerous and evergreen. Due to an increase in data breaches and corporate information releases, there has been a rising demand for ethical hackers.

Of all the ethical hacking certifications in Hyderabad that are now offered, Certified Ethical Hacker Certification is the only one that is recognised internationally. It is intended to determine whether you, as a hacker, are familiar with the dangers, hazards, and security concerns. By displaying this credential, you’ll have a long way to go in your successful career and also be in high demand among major corporations. The majority of non-government positions require this kind of applicant if you have looked around for employment. Candidate selection chances increase if they possess such certification.

5. What is the duration of the ethical hacking course in Hyderabad?

The training in ethical hacking may take some of your time even though the field is large and has a lot to offer. Depending on the certification and the company offering the training, the length and cost of the training can change. Nevertheless, the completion time could range from a month to four months.

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6. Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

The average price of ethical hacking training in Hyderabad is probably between 35,000 and 60,000 INR. For hands-on project experience and instructor-led live training, check out our Ethical Hacking Courses in Hyderabad if you want to learn about ethical hacking and launch a successful career in the industry. This training will help you grasp cybersecurity and develop a full understanding of it.

These certifications in ethical hacking attest to the hacker’s technical proficiency and comprehension of the duties of the position. The ethical hacking certification course in and of itself elaborates on the different hacker-accessible tools, fingerprinting tools, countermeasures, and sniffing techniques. The professional benefits from understanding how an exploit develops. Professional qualifications heavily influence the work market for ethical hackers.

The cost of an ethical hacking course at SKILLOGIC is now 44,900 Indian rupees, but thanks to the reduction, you can enrol for just 38,999. The discounted rate of 38,999 Indian rupees allows you to enrol in the classes instead of paying the full 44,900 Indian rupees for the Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Hyderabad. Both in-person and online courses in ethical hacking are available from us in Hyderabad.

7. Why should I take up the SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Course?

Try out our Cybersecurity Certification Training in Hyderabad, which includes instructor-led live training and real-life project experience, if you want to understand cybersecurity and develop a vibrant career in the field. You will gain a thorough understanding of cybersecurity from this training, as well as mastery of the field.

The greatest place to begin if you’re wanting to become certified in ethical hacking is through

  • Endorsed by the IIFIS and CompTIA Industry-specific training
  • Case Study Methodology
  • Flexible 3-month pass with different sessions for requesting clarification on the answers given.
  • Business Analytics Foundations would be a course that is similar.
  • Learning happens in a hybrid setting.

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8. Conclusion

You can enter various career doors with the help of ethical hacking credentials. So why do you still wait? You can now recognise the advantages and disadvantages of ethical hacking if you have a general understanding of the subject. It’s your turn to explore now. Sign up right away if this is your area of interest to learn more about what awaits you. The combination of a high job role, good income, and desired location is winning!