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How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Chennai?

We frequently hear about computer security destroyers and the issues they might occasionally bring. And because of the numerous damaging issues these hackers create, it is impossible for other users to use the Internet securely. However, are ethical hackers familiar to you?

1.What is ethical hacking?

Hacking is a term that has been used for a while. The first incidence of hacking was observed in the early 1960s at MIT, where the words “hacking” and “hacker” were also used. Since then, hacking has developed into a discipline that is widely practised in the computing industry.

Penetration testing is the other term for ethical hacking and is the legal hacking of computers and other technology to evaluate an organization’s security. Hackers now play a crucial role in today’s rapidly advancing world of IT systems. Having this profession is one of the most exciting IT careers one can have. In a real sense, you are being compensated for staying current with technology and getting to get into computers without fear of being apprehended.

2. What are the in-demand skills for an ethical hacker?

Due to the increasing demand for ethical hackers in the cybersecurity and IT sector firms throughout the world, ethical hacking has consequently become one of the most sought-after job possibilities. However, the field does call for computer expertise and ethical hackers particularly need to be specialised and become subject matter experts (SME) in a particular field.

  • Linguistic expertise in programming
  • Operating system expertise
  • The foundations of information security are well-understood
  • The capacity to solve issues
  • Extensive knowledge of networking and database technology
  • Cryptography

3. What does a career in ethical hacking look like?

With the ever-increasing, serious risk of cyber threats enterprises now spend time and money employing ethical hackers that can stop this kind of hack as well as safeguard data. A job with a promising future and a competitive salary can be had by learning ethical hacking. Spending time and money to master ethical hacking will undoubtedly lead you in the direction you want to go.

Being on the right side of the law pays well in the field of ethical hacking, which is excellent news for existing and aspiring cybersecurity experts. career options for white-hat hackers, whose services are in high demand across almost all industries and who frequently fetch incomes of 1,00,000 LPA in a month! (Glassdoor.com) According to payscale, a certified ethical hacker’s salary in Chennai is 5,50,000 LPA! An entry-level certified ethical hacker in Chennai with less than a year of experience earns an average salary of 5,89,581 LPA. An early career-level certified ethical hacker salary in Chennai with 1 to 4 years of experience is 3,40,000 LPA.

4. What are the job prospects in ethical hacking?

Cybersecurity has become a high-growing industry in 2017, and probably the entire decade, thanks to its exceeding growth in comparison to all other IT-related fields. With good reason, Chennai is referred to as India’s software capital. The city has a great deal of room to grow and is blossoming with tech firms. The city has been completely overtaken by the IT industry, offering excellent opportunities for IT and cyber security aspirants to prosper. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics research, the number of advertisements for cybersecurity positions rose dramatically by 75% over the five years between 2012 and 2017.

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Jobs are plentiful and well-paying as a result of the numerous open opportunities like; Vulnerability assessor, Information security analyst, Security Engineer, Security analyst, Penetration tester, Certified ethical hacker, Security consultant, Security consultant, Security auditor, System administrator, Cyber security specialist, CISO and Information security manager.


Keep a look out for our Cybersecurity Certification Training in Chennai if you want to learn cybersecurity and develop a vibrant career in the field. This programme includes instructor-led live training and real-world project experience. Your understanding of cybersecurity will be deepened, and you’ll gain mastery of the subject thanks to this course.

  • Industry-specific teaching – an accreditation from EC-Council, CompTIA and IIFIS
  • Using the Case Study Method
  • Flexible 3-month pass with separate sessions for asking questions and clarifying responses.
  • Business Analytics Foundations is a course that is comparable.
  • Learning takes place in a flexible setting.

A prominent certification that is accessible and recognised all around the world that covers the most ethical issues is Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Chennai. The certification course determines whether you, as a hacker, have a basic awareness of the dangers, risks, and security concerns. In addition to putting you in high demand with major corporations, displaying this certificate can help you go a long way in your successful career.

6. What is the Duration of Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai?

Despite the field’s size and abundance of opportunities, you could need some time to complete the ethical hacking training. Depending on the certification and the organisation offering the training, the duration and cost can change. Nevertheless, it can take a month to four months to finish.

7. What is the Cost of Ethical Hacking Training?

Most likely, ethical hacking courses in Chennai will cost between 35,000 and 60,000 INR. If you want to learn about ethical hacking and launch a successful career in the industry, check out our Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai for hands-on project experience and instructor-led live training. Thanks to this training, you will develop a full understanding and command of cybersecurity.

If you want to work in the field of ethical hacking, SKILLOGIC is the ideal place to study it. Our ethical hacking programmes have earned the endorsements of EC-Council, CompTIA, and IIFIS. Currently, the cost of an ethical hacking course at SKILLOGIC in Chennai is 44,900 INR, but thanks to a discount, you can enrol for just 38,999 INR. With the reduction, you may enrol in the programmes for 38,999 Indian rupees instead of the regular 44,900 Indian rupee Certified Ethical Hacker Training Fee in Chennai. In Chennai, we do offer ethical hacking courses in a classroom setting as well as online.

8. Conclusion

Your work options are greatly increased by earning an ethical hacking certification in Chennai. The advantages and disadvantages of ethical hacking will now be clear to you once you have a general understanding of the subject. You may now begin your exploration. If you’re interested in this area, you should absolutely sign up right now to learn more about what’s available to you. A high job role, good salary, and desirable location all work together to make a winning combination. Therefore, why are you still waiting?

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