How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Kolkata?

How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Kolkata?
How much is the Ethical Hacking Course Fee in Kolkata?

Usage of digital technologies and the internet is now commonplace in the world we live in. Even if a person doesn’t use a smartphone or the internet at home, there is a good probability that they will need computers, digital tools, or automated machinery to do professional tasks. In such a situation, where modern technology is becoming more and more commonplace, cyber security and the risk of hackers have also emerged as major issues. Ethical hacking comes to the rescue at this moment.

1. What is ethical hacking? What does an ethical hacker do?

The phrase “hacking” has been in use for quite some time. The phrases “hacking” and “hacker” were both first used at MIT in the early 1960s, which is also when the first case of hacking was first documented. Since that time, hacking has developed into a widely practised discipline inside the computing industry.

To steal data or crack passwords? Ethical hacking is much more than that, though. Scanning for vulnerabilities and identifying potential dangers on a computer or network is called ethical hacking. An ethical hacker identifies the vulnerabilities or flaws in a computer, web application, or network and notifies the company of them.

Ethical Hackers usually work towards;

  • limiting harmful attackers’ access to and theft of confidential data
  • finding flaws in the networks and systems used by their business
  • supporting the establishment of defences to “harden” or safeguard those vulnerable points
  • attempting to set up secure networks to prevent security breaches
  • by protecting data and assets, they may assist their business in gaining the confidence of clients and investors.

2. What are the skills that ethical hackers ought to have?

A “white hat hacker,” also known as an ethical hacker, is employed to gain unauthorised access to computers and networks in order to assess the overall security of a company.

Ethical hackers possess all the cybercriminal talents, but instead of using them to hurt and exploit organisations, they put their knowledge to good use. It’s important to like a challenge and problem-solving skills if you want to be a good hacker. Hacking doesn’t always require a deep understanding of programming.

While learning the fundamentals of computing, specific programming languages, risk analysis, and networking before working your way up is beneficial and may help you have a successful career in cybersecurity, the job opportunities vary depending on your interests and the career path you want to take.

3. What does an ethical hacking career entail in Kolkata?

Companies spend time and money employing ethical hackers that can stop this kind of hack as well as safeguard data. A job with a rewarding future and a negotiable salary can be made possible by learning ethical hacking. Investing your time and money to be adept in ethical hacking will definitely lead you in the right direction.

Being the East’s IT capital, Kolkata has a stunning array of talent in the tech fields. Due to the growing demand for ethical hackers in the cybersecurity and IT sector firms in India, ethical hacking has consequently become one of the most sought-after job possibilities.

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4. So, what are the job roles in ethical hacking?

When it comes to ethical hacking, you can understand the secret methods that not all hackers are aware of. You would realise how well you might make a career out of it because there are so many different securities following. You would discover things like how social media can be hacked and should be safeguarded or how to keep your data from being misused. If you have the ability to grasp the various ideas involved in it, hacking may be an amazing experience.

Look into some of the other exciting ethical hacking careers in Kolkata that are available: Vulnerability assessors, security engineers, analysts, penetration testers, CISOs, certified ethical hackers, security consultants, auditors, system administrators, information security analysts, cyber security specialists, and information security managers are among the security professionals.

An ethical hacker salary in Kolkata is 7,50,000 LPA! A certified ethical hacker in Kolkata earns an average salary of 5,00,000 INR a year. (Payscale)

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5. What would be the duration and cost of ethical hacking course in Kolkata?

Despite the fact that the ethical hacking sector is vast and offers a lot, training may take some of your time. The duration and cost of the ethical hacking training in Kolkata can vary depending on the certification and the organisation providing it. However, it’s possible that it will take a month to four months to complete. Probably between 35,000 and 80,000 Indian rupees will be needed to cover the cost of ethical hacking courses in Kolkata.

If you’re wanting to become certified, the best place to start is with SKILLOGIC if you want to become certified in ethical hacking.

  • Industry-specific teaching is recommended by EC-Council, CompTIA and IIFIS
  • Using the Case Study Method
  • Flexible three-month pass includes separate sessions for clarification sessions and question-and-answer sessions.
  • Business Analytics Foundations is a course that is comparable.
  • Learning takes place in a flexible setting.

If you really want to learn cybersecurity and advance your career in the industry, check out our Ethical Hacking Certification Training in Kolkata, which combines instructor-led live training and practical project experience. This programme will help you grasp the subject of ethical hacking while also giving you a complete understanding of it. With the discount, you may now enrol in the SKILLOGIC ethical hacking course in Kolkata for just 51,900 INR instead of the regular price of 73,000 INR.

6. What is the best certification in Ethical Hacking?

Surest ethical certification that is now available that is accepted internationally is Certified Ethical Hacking in Kolkata. It aims to ascertain whether you are aware of the risks, hazards, and security issues as a hacker. You’ll have a long way to go in your successful career and be in great demand among major organisations if you present this certificate. The EC-Council, which oversees the certification programme, offers the highly desired Certified Ethical Hacker accreditation.

SKILLOGIC Certified Ethical Hacker Training is your best bet in being a proficient and cabale ethical hacker. SKILLOGIC Certified Ethical Hacker Course Fee in Kolkata is 44,900 INR which you can get hold of for just 38,999 INR! Indeed, candidates possessing the Certified Ethical Hacker credential is highly sought after!

7. Conclusion

Credentials for ethical hacking can assist you into a variety of employment paths. Why then do you continue to wait? If you have a general grasp of the subject, you can now identify the benefits and drawbacks of ethical hacking. It is now your turn to go exploring. If this is something you’re interested in, sign up right away to find out more about what’s available. High job role, strong salary, and desired location make a successful combo!

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