Agile Vs Devops – Are They Different?

Agile Vs Devops – Are They Different?
Agile Vs Devops – Are They Different?

The latest buzzwords of IT environment is Agile and DevOps, since many organisations have already started embracing them. Many think that Agile and DevOps are two different concepts where people work in silos but is not. Let us first see “what Agile and DevOps are?” then you can easily correlate their connection.

About Agile:

In order to better understand about an Agile model, we need to travel to pre Agile era and especially to Waterfall model. Let us see how this model works, the customer is keeping his requirements to the development team and they do their work until a finished process is released.

Think of a situation wherein customer’s requirement changes in the middle of the development process. Now, “Will the customer receive the new product as per his new requirement or the old one?”.

The pitfall of this model is that developers will be working as per old requirement and if the customer is revising the requirement in between, it is going to cost lots of money and time for the customer in order to receive his new product. Whereas in the Agile model, the software is developed in small iterations and thus flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of the customer.

About DevOps:

DevOps is basically a combo of Development and Operations. You might be wondering, “What development and operations are going to do together?” since, all the while, you have been watching only these two teams working in silos. DevOps is a new approach which is first coined by Patrick Debois, brings in the advantages of these two teams working in a harmonious way to achieve better communication and collaboration.

The relationship between Agile and DevOps:

Now that we have seen the definition of both concepts Agile and DevOps, “Isn’t it important that we learn how they are related to each other?”.

Agile model is indeed flexible to receive the changing needs of the customer but there are some pitfalls too like

1) The deadlines and the budget goals are often compromised.
2) New features break old functions.
3) The compatibility of completed software components are often gone for toss

On top of it, the development team and operations team always work in silos with little cooperation. Agile values and principles are beneficial as they can effectively flip the ideas into working software but it is all going to work only in a test environment and takes a long time to reach a production environment.

Here comes the role of DevOps, it brings more flexibility in the Agile model. The collaboration of Development and Operations will be happening using DevOps tools and techniques, this ensures that the working software sitting in developer’s laptop reaches the production phase easily and quickly. In fact, these tools are pretty effective in automation too. Repetitive jobs are automated with an improved transparency and comprehensive visibility into the project. Releases are made often in a production environment that works with no hiccups which ultimately makes your customer happy.

In a survey conducted by Coleman Parkes worldwide over 1,770 senior business and IT executives, it has been revealed that Agile plus DevOps environment has contributed to 63% new business growth and 41% more operational efficiency than Agile alone.

On a concluding note, it can be said that “Agile and DevOps together gives better business results”. Now that, this importance is being realised by many organizations, they have started employing certified DevOps professionals who can effectively work in an Agile environment. With about 14,000 career opportunities awaiting in the US alone, it’s your right time to contact this globally authorised service provider SKILLOGIC™ to enroll yourself in DevOps training.

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