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DevOps Certification: Is It Right Choice for Me?

What is DevOps

DevOps (Development + Operations) has become movement in the IT industry in recent years. DevOps has many definitions with some equating DevOps with Continuous Delivery and some perceiving DevOps is movement leading to notion “Developer is King”. Widely accepted definition “DevOps is a culture with strong emphasis on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers (Development) and other IT professionals (Operations).”

DevOps aims to inculcate organizational culture to rapidly produce and deliver software products and services. It is emerged as a response to the interdependence between Operations and Developers.

The Four Continuous Processes of DevOps

The Four Continuous Processes of DevOps:

1. Continuous Integration
2. Continuous Delivery
3. Continuous Testing
4. Continuous Monitoring.

Continuous Integration is an existing agile practice where the builds are integrated on continuous basis earliest possible rather than waiting to complete the iteration.

Continuous Delivery extends agile concepts beyond development. The aim is to get the new feature/change coded by developers to the production (operations) and thereby end users as soon as possible.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery get the code in the right state and in the right environment to enable these two processes. Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring are what will validate that you have built the right application, which functions and performs as designed.

Career in DevOps

DevOps career has a lot of growth potential as more organisations of various sizes started adopting DevOps practices in enhancing their business agility.

Increasingly, the developers, who won’t get into Operations / Administration / Monitoring and Admins / Operation professionals, who won’t develop becoming less valuable to the organisations.

DevOps observed a tremendous increase in career opportunities. Many Organisations, tough they realize the potential of implementing DevOps concepts in their business growth and competitive advantage, they cite the availability of qualified DevOps professionals as the major limitation. There are about 12,000 open opportunities for DevOps professionals as on today (ref: indeed.com).

DevOps Jobs Trend

DevOps Certification: Is it for me?

Whether you currently work in Operations or in Developments, you could pursue career in DevOps with relevant domain experience. DevOps is exciting as you job is to bridge the gap between Development and Operations through improving communication, collaboration and integration between them.

In simple words, you need to find a good balance between developers and operations so that developers deliver and deploy the software on continual basis and operations manages to keep everything running smoothly. With the help of set of tools called “DevOps tool chain”, the systems are integrated and automated, to achieve this balance.

DevOps Certification Is it For Me

SKILLOGIC™ is a highly regarded DevOps training institute providing DevOps training and Certification globally. SKILLOGIC is authorized under the license of DevOps Institute, global authority for DevOps Certification.

For classroom training visit below pages

Bangalore: https://skillogic.com/devops-training/devops-certification-bangalore/

Hyderabad: https://skillogic.com/devops-training/devops-certification-hyderabad/

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