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PRINCE2® Or PMP®: Which Project Management Certification Should I Choose In 2019?

As an aspiring project management professional, you are continually looking for opportunities to level up your career, and that is absolutely “normal.” However, let me pose you a question here.

Is it that easy to pick an appropriate way that works just fine in the sea of endless leveling opportunities?

Not at all, you are often grappled with the confusion and need to do lots of research to find the perfect way. The same applies to professional certifications too. We are aware of the vitality and value of pursuing them however you need to do some research on finding an appropriate certification that helps you to iterate your current project management knowledge and build an essential skill set.

With only two renowned certifications in Project management, apparently, the question would be “PMP® or PRINCE2®, which one should I choose?”

PMP or PRINCE2 What to choose in 2019

Of course, the most bothering question for all aspiring management professionals definitely needs clarification. Although both PMP® and PRINCE2® are top project management certifications, there is always a dilemma prevailing in management minds on which to choose that can benefit the most for their career.

We have already discussed in detail on which certification to choose in our blog earlier “PRINCE2 Vs. PMP®. Which is the right choice for you?” and now we are going to see specifically for this year’s best choice and the distinctions among two.

What is PMP® Certification?

Whats i PRINCE2 Certification?

PMP® or PRINCE2®: Key differences

Both PMP® and PRINCE2® are prominent certifications and are of equal value. They both offer a body of knowledge and effectively proven approach to managing projects however their project management frameworks are pretty different.

Let us first dwell on The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification:

PMP® is highly regarded in the project management world, and this certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® USA. Since PMP® is not industry-specific, you can flexibly work in any methodology and in any domain. With PMBOK 6th edition got released recently, there are many changes included in the curriculum, and one of the most welcoming one is the introduction of Agile practices. When you pick this certification exam after March 25, 2018, in addition to gaining an extensive knowledge of project management techniques and competencies that are essential for any project manager, you can also learn about Agile methodologies. Though the course is administered by (PMI)® in the USA, it has gained great popularity in other parts of the world too.

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Now, we will have a look at Projects IN Controlled Environment PRINCE2® Certification.

Projects IN Controlled Environment (PRINCE2®) Certification:

PRINCE2® is a process-based management methodologies wherein a systematic approach is followed to deliver successful projects with clear templates, processes, and steps. PRINCE2 is owned by AXELOS, UK and there are two primary qualifications in it. PRINCE2 Foundation certification and PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. The Foundation certification is an entry-level credential that helps you to gain knowledge on basic project management terminology and methodology, while the Practitioner certification is an advanced level and requires completion of Foundation level.

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Compare (PMP)® Certification and (PRINCE2®) Certification:

We have already discussed the prerequisites, the difference in both the structures, the examination costs and the career prospects in our previous blog article. We hope that it has been pretty useful to you and so now, we will see the advantages of each certification and which one would be the better to choose in 2019.

Benefits of (PMP)® Certification:

1) When a project management professional holds a (PMP)® Certification, it assures of a good paycheck for him/her. Yes, PMP® Certification pays you well and is more employable across the globe.
2) PMP® Certification is a familiar framework not only in IT industries but is accepted as a golden standard across various industries. So, you gain better recognition across various industries.
3) Project Management Institute (PMI)® wants their certification holders to connect better with other professionals and share their knowledge to attain a significant advantage. So, it provides a platform through which you can get connected with other professionals.

Benefits of (PRINCE2®) Certification:

1) If you are an aspiring management professional who is interested in working in the UK or have UK clients, then PRINCE2®certficaition is what you should pick for.
2) There is a standard approach that has been followed throughout the procedure, for process and documentation, and thus it eliminates the confusion during the project execution.
3) PRINCE2® gives priority to the business case over the continuity of the project. The alignment of the objectives of the project to that of the business is essential in PRINCE2®. Hence, it follows a business-driven approach.
4) We should definitely appreciate PRINCE2® for its exhaustive and well-laid project management methodology that removes many bottlenecks and helps in the successful completion of a project.

Which certification is going to be a better choice in the year 2019?

When you want to choose between these two project management certifications, first, you need to answer below question.

“Which kind of work you are looking into?” or “What kind of company you are looking for or working in?”

PMP® contains a lot of processes and globally accepted techniques that help you evaluate the project success, whereas PRINCE2® is a methodology rather than a standard, it provides a more practical approach and step by step guidance to organize and run a project.

1) Both PMP® and PRINCE2® Project Management Certifications have gained a reputation throughout the world arena. However, United states prefer PMP® and UK, Australia and other European countries prefers PRINCE2® whereas Asia, Africa, and Middle east give equal preference to both.
2) When we compare on pay scale between PMP® and PRINCE2®certification holders, PMP® is winning the trophy as PMP® certification holder is earning more with an average payment of $105,000 per annum whereas an annual pay of £ 50,000 is offered for PRINCE2® certification holders, which will figure around $77,500. Moreover, according to a recent report, the PMP salary is going to hike in the near future.

As we have already seen, both certification is prominent in the project management field, and instead of going by salary aspect you should always ask a question to yourself of “Which certification suits you better?”. Once you sort out the priorities, I am sure the answer will become crystal clear.

Is it advisable to opt both PMP® & PRINCE2® certifications?

When you are not clear on which certification to choose, sometimes this thought of completing both the certification will come to your mind. Do not panic, you are not alone, we have come across this question from many of our candidates.

Well, let me make a point clear, PMP® and PRINCE2® are an entirely different framework, and that is why a battle is prevailing between them. They both have varied technologies and techniques as well as conflicting languages. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the one which gives better job prospects and according to the region you are working in.

PMP® and PRINCE2® are not always competing credentials in all the regions, some of them accept both of these. If you are really interested in learning both of them, then you can definitely take advantage of the skills and knowledge that both of these certifications offer.

Which certification provider to choose to complete your PMP® or PRINCE2®?

After understanding the vitality of both the certification programs, many aspirants are often perplexed regarding the vast amount of choices on certification providers available in the training market. You might immediately start browsing on the internet to find the best one but only in vain. If you have to take up a PMP® or PRINCE2® certification, then you should always aim for a leading certification provider who conducts a structured training program consisting of a series of revisions, mock tests, and self-study support that maximizes your success in the Certification Exam.

SKILLOGIC® is a globally authorized professional certification training provider who is AXELOS authorized for PRINCE2® certifications as well as PMI® Global Registered Education Provider for PMP® certifications. We are regularly conducting PMP® and PRINCE2®training sessions through each of the convenient modes such as Online, classroom, and self-study.

SKILLOGIC ® PRINCE2® course highlights are

Case Study Based Training
Conducted by Industry best-certified trainers through a practical approach
All included: Training, Exam & Certification fee 2 Mock Tests
Complimentary 180 Days of High-Quality PRINCE2 E-Learning Access
Earn 16 Hours Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate
Access to continuous Learning and premium access to PRINCE2 Job Portal.

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SKILLOGIC ® PMP® course highlights are

Case Study Based Training
Conducted by Industry best-certified trainers through a practical approach
Unlimited Classroom Revision
5 Full PMP® ONLINE Simulation Mock Tests to check your Exam Readiness
Earn 35 Hours Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate
Dedicated Team to provide End to End Support in PMP® Application Process

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SKILLOGIC®’s project management training has helped the candidates with the regular guidance and mentoring to pass the exam in their very first attempt. The aspirants who have attended the PMP® or PRINCE2® courses were able to understand the concepts clearly and have gained instantly usable information that made their Management work easier. Our training programs have been a door opener for newly graduated candidates who are looking to jumpstart their career as well as management professionals who want to further advance in their career. With a strongly-held core value, SKILLOGIC® is defining a right path and a successful management career for all the aspirants.

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