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PMP Certification – Is It Really Worth For An IT Professional?

Being an IT professional, you often get into a confusion of whether “PMP Certification” is really worth doing. You might even get a question popping up in your mind “How is PMP certification going to boost my career?

Well, “PMP” is the most prestigious certification that each management aspirant would readily pick up but, “will it be helpful to an IT professional?” Wait no more and read further to find the answer to this question.

PMP Certification – Is It Really Worth For An IT Professional

PMP certification and IT (Information Technology) career:

IT is the lucrative career that keeps attracting professionals to dive into it. You would probably have started your career as a Developer, tapping your keyboards to build those super complicated codes. In fact, you work hard to excel to next levels like a Senior Developer, Team Leader, Project Manager, etc to achieve those career heights. You could see that your path ultimately leads to a Management profession from a Developer. In this journey, you could have noted that an enormous amount of project management concepts required to be run on a software development.

In this situation, when you hold a “PMP certification” you will be readily equipped with the knowledge, tools, and technique for better project management control. Isn’t it true? Yes, in fact, you are not only be benefitted with the knowledge but there are other advantages that come attached with it.

The advantages of PMP certification for an IT professional are

  1. After acquiring the knowledge, it allows him/her to apply the knowledge earn from PMP to save huge time, cut costs, minimize labour in a project.
  2. The renowned book PMBOK unveils the standardized process for a Project Management and this Guide is the base for PMP certification. When you hold a PMP certification it is likely that your projects would be more successful.
  3. PMP certification is such a renowned credentials that it gains you respect not just among your team members, clients, vendors, management but also with in your friends and family.
  4. Project managers in IT, who hold PMP certification credential, would definitely be ranked high with promotions and increment.
  5. According to a recent survey, a PMP certified personnel is earning 29 percent more than their noncertified peers. In fact, Project Management Institute (PMI) is quoting that 71 percent of project managers saw an increase in compensation over last 12 months.
  6. When you hold a PMP certification, you have good chances of being retained in recession times. It is a known fact that IT industry keeps only valuable the employees at time of recession and this PMP credential makes you one of the valuable employee, providing a certain level of security.

To conclude, PMP certification would definitely be a valuable asset for your IT career. So pick up this internationally recognized PMP certification from a globally authorized Institutes such as SKILLOGIC™ and excel in those gold standard for project management.

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    Good article on the benefits of PMP, but not limited to. And is industry neutral certification for the project managers.

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