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What is the Cost of Six Sigma Certification in India in 2021?

Have you heard of Six Sigma?

Have you always wanted to learn Six Sigma?

Are you planning to start learning Six Sigma in 2021?

This article talks about some of the best Six Sigma Courses to opt for in 2021 and their costs.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma refers to the set of practices employed by organisations to usher quality in their business processes. It helps to identify the possible variations that occur in a business process, and eliminate the unwanted elements, and eventually achieving process improvements.

The concept of Six Sigma was first introduced by Motorola Inc. in 1986. It has gained massive popularity since then, for the effectiveness it manifests, in terms of business outcomes. Today it has become ubiquitous across sectors, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, to name a few.

Job roles in Six Sigma are classified based on the varying degree of leadership as Yellow Belts, Green Belts Black Belts and Master Black Belts needed for individual functions. According to Glassdoor.com, the average salary of a Six Sigma professional in India ranges from INR 14,00,000- INR 15,00,000 p.a.

Why Learn Six Sigma?

Gaining adequate knowledge in Six Sigma has become important nowadays, as most of the businesses are emphasizing quality and consider it as a prerequisite for achieving long term goals. Some of the reasons you should learn Six Sigma are:-

  • Process Improvement

Six Sigma is an effective tool to identify the point of variations in the process flow. It helps to study the factors that cause the variation, often known as waste, and subsequently helps in eliminating them, which eventually facilitates process improvement.

  • Take up leadership roles

Mastering Six Sigma helps you to take up roles wherein team-handling plays a significant part. You can also work as a project manager which opens up better opportunities in the future in both Six Sigma and Project Management domain.

  • Better pay

Working in the Six Sigma domain allows you to tackle various challenges. However, the salary you get is all worth the hard work. As you go higher in the six sigma ladder, you can earn an average salary of INR 15,00,000- INR 20,00,000 p.a.

What is the duration of a Six Sigma Certification?

What is the cost of Six Sigma Certification

The duration of the Six Sigma certification course in India normally ranges from 5 days to 12 days. However, the duration may vary based on the training provider.

What is the best Six Sigma course to opt for?

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a beginner level certification. Learning this certification will help you get the knowledge and skill of working on a six sigma project.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is an expert level certification, which helps you in demonstrating leadership roles. Black Belts are project leaders and the reporting authority to Green Belts.

Six Sigma Combo Certification

The Six Sigma Combo Certification includes the combination of both Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt. The advantage of this certification over individual Green Belt and Black Belt certification is that you get to learn to both the certifications in one. Hence this is considered to be the best six sigma certification in the market.

Cost of a Six Sigma Certification in India

There are many training institutes in India which provides Six Sigma Course, in collaboration with certification bodies such as ASQ, TUV and ICFQ. The cost of a Six Sigma Certification in India range between INR 25,000-INR 40,000.

SKILLOGIC provides comprehensive certifications in Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt and Six Sigma Combo. The training is offered in three different modes, namely Live-Online, Classroom and Self-Learning, whose costs are as follows:-

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

SKILLOGIC provides the Six Sigma certification training in India in three different modes, namely Live Online, Classroom and Self-Learning.

For Six Sigma Green Belt Certification cost for live online training sessions are offered at INR 22,000, the Classroom training and Self-Learning modes are offered at INR 24,600 and INR 18,000/- respectively.

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is accredited by the TUV quality board.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

For the Six Sigma Black Belt certification training cost for Live-Online training is offered at INR 23,000/-, the Classroom and Self-Learning sessions are offered at INR 26,000/- and INR 18,000/- each.

SKILLOGIC has collaborated with the International Council for Quality (ICFQ) to provide the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Six Sigma Combo Certification

SKILLOGIC provides the Six Sigma Combo Certification training cost for at for the Live-Online training is INR 32,000/-, for Classroom Session it is INR 35,000/- and for Self-Learning, it is INR 26,000/-

Why choose SKILLOGIC for Six Sigma Certifications

When you want to learn a certification If you are interested in pursuing a Six Sigma certification, then SKILLOGIC is the best choice.

  • Accredited by global quality boards such as ASQ, TUV and ICFQ.
  • Training sessions by industry experts.
  • Case-Study Approach
  • 6 Months Flexi Pass
  • Separate sessions for revision and clearing of doubts.
  • Complementary course on Business Analytics Foundation.
  • Blended Model of Learning.

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