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Six Sigma Green Belt vs Black Belt – What you should be knowing?

Six Sigma is a quality control program that focuses on error and defect reduction and also aids in improving the business process. This program was first introduced in 1986 by Bill Smith while he was working in Motorola company. It was initially focusing on manufacturing defects and cycle time reduction in industries but now, it has taken up a more refined look to suit all business products and services.

Benefits received through Six Sigma implementation:

Six sigma definition looks attractive, but the most common question that arises from an organisation is “What benefits do we attain from it?”

Six sigma benefits both the organisation and the stake holders. Organisation gets number of benefits like reduced defects, increased productivity, improved process flows and faster delivery time. When we have a look at the stake holder’s position, they will receive more profit, customers feel happy, employees experience enhanced work satisfaction and suppliers feel secure.

Six Sigma Green Belt Vs Black belt:

Six Sigma Black Belt Vs. Six Sigma Green Belt

Belt colours help you to easily understand the skill and experience level of one holding it. Green belt is basically the initial steps in six sigma and this person is learning the fundamentals where as a black belt is their next higher step that he/she climb with additional training to get deeper into the concepts.

To pen more details about them,

Six Sigma Green Belt:

A six sigma green belt holder will get involved in projects and depending upon the size, their role changes. They might take up the role of a project leader for smaller projects and for complex ones, they might simply act as a team member. In the later case, they even assist Black belts in their project and provide their project improvement inputs. Six sigma green belt is a prerequisite for advancement into upper levels. The Green belts have the capability of effectively applying all the learned tools like define, measure, analyse, improve and control to their every day work. Candidates with thorough knowledge of Green Belt level will definitely see a boost in their career level.

Six Sigma Black Belt:

A Six Sigma Black Belt holder is suitable for leadership position of the projects, since they know all the aspects of DMAIC model and can effectively implement Six Sigma principles in an organisation. They assign roles and responsibilities to the Green belts and work towards improving the over all quality and profitability of the organisation.

When implemented correctly Six Sigma is going to bring lot of benefits to a company. So, an efficient Six Sigma certification holder would always be in the demand list of a company. Gaining a strong foundation is possible only when you choose a best training institute like SKILLOGIC. There are many training institutes offering training sessions for Green as well as Black belt, but only in SKILLOGIC, the syllabus is aligned with renowned international bodies also their certification is a globally recognised one. You can conveniently find SKILLOGIC training sessions on all major cities, so “why do you want to wait?” enrol yourself to achieve career benefits.

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