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Top 10 Benefits Of E-Learning For Your Employees

Employees are the greatest asset and training them in the best way is required for the consistent growth of your business. So, you often look for productive ways to train your employees to ensure that they gain knowledge of the latest industry practices as well as equip themselves with necessary job skills.

The technology development and uninterrupted internet access have incorporated many advantages in education practices, and one such remarkable growth is “E-learning.” Though there are numerous training methods to choose, such as classroom training, Computer-based training, interactive training methods and more, the best employee training methods and techniques are achieved by e-learning. The availability of ample online training programs along with its rapid expansion has made e-learning most popular and useful training techniques among many companies. The online training has always looked upon as cost-effective and as the best method to equip the employees with various transferable skills by accommodating different learning styles.

Now, we can very well say that e-learning contributes a series of benefits to employee training and let’s take a clear vision on them.

Top 10 Benefits Of E-Learning For Employees

E-learning is a cost-effective method:

When you think of devising a learning method for a larger employee audience, e-learning always wins. Why is it so? The costs incurred with trainer’s fees, classrooms, catering, materials, travel, infrastructure rentals and most importantly employee’s time is saved through online learning. Companies can save 80% of the training cost in just printing the materials and can save more by adopting e-learning. Talking about employees, all they need is a smartphone or a computer or a tablet, and a few minutes of free time to finish their online training.

E-learning reduces employee learning time:

No more hectic drives to classroom location for updating the knowledge, employees save a considerable amount of time in e-learning. They save as much as 60% of learning time which is getting wasted in commutation, break schedules, introduction sessions, and more. Furthermore, employees need to take up all the sessions and cant skip any even if they are well versed in that topic. E-learning happens like one to one teaching at their comfortable timing on top of it, they can skip the lessons which they already know and get back to work soon.

E-learning creates better engagement and retention over the topics:

Your main perspective is to increase employee’s involvement and attention on the topics covered to deliver the best performance in their work. Being the better way to train the employees, e-learning uses most of the sophisticated tools available today to help employees reach the full potential of their learning goals. E-learning uses interactive contents and personalized study materials to make the learning fun and interesting one. Think of the compliance procedures or reference guides, which seems to be dull and boring subject for employees but e-learning uses interactive way to make them reach easily.

E-learning contents are accessible 24/7:

The increased use of smartphones, everybody prefers to do his or her work on the go, and there is no exception for leaning too. When the e-learning contents are made available to your workforce round the clock, this helps the employees to learn at their comfortable time and at their own pace. Fast learners can complete their training quickly and get back to work. It also helps incredibly when your employees work in different time zones and different locations. Irrespective of their place, they can access the training materials at their flexible timing. Furthermore, the 24/7 learning tools prove very helpful in staff training as there is no constraint on resources.

E-learning allows essential resources to be referred to when needed:

Once the training is over, the contents will still be sitting on your company portal enabling the employees to access the resources when they need them. With the introduction of the cloud environment, loads and loads of information can be saved and can be located at any time. In e-learning, your employees can log in and clarify all their doubts instantly whereas confined classroom sessions with the information available on paper seem to be difficult to access at the hour of need.

E-learning is scalable:

How much ever be the employees, e-learning can effectively make them learn in their preferred language. Once you have created your learning modules, it can be used by a large workforce in as many languages as you need. On the contrary, if you search for instructors and classroom locations then think of “how many you have to recruit?” and “how much you will be paying?”. We can very well say that e-learning is nimble as it helps the organizations to quickly create and communicate training idea, new policies, and concepts.

E-learning creates Stress-free, positive learning environment:

When in classroom sessions, few employees might hesitate to contribute to the lesson because of fear of failure whereas it is evaded in e-learning. It provides a safe environment also offer opportunities to fail and learn from their mistakes. Interactive sessions such as quizzes allow the employees to go wrong and learn the correct answers by evading embarrassment in front of a group. When you look at e-learning, the increase in pass percentage is more because of a comfort level that they provide while learning. Also, your employees can apply the new knowledge or the processes on the job effectively. It is a win-win situation for both an employee and businesses as with better employee contribution at work the business grow well.

E-learning stresses on “Go green”:

E-Learning encourages “go green” as it adopts an electronic format with a significant reduction in paper consumption. Printing an enormous amount of paper-based learning modules, as well as  assessment sheets, are no longer required. By choosing a great alternative to paper-based learning, your organization is reducing paper consumption and significantly contributing in reducing your share of carbon footprint. Thus, e-learning is an environmentally friendly approach as it saves “trees” from turning into papers.

E-learning maintains consistency and standardization:

All of your employees receive the same high-quality training through e-learning. In classroom training, we can not say that all instructors provide the same quality output since each have their own style of presentation. This inconsistency will not occur in e-learning as high-quality eLearning modules are created and delivered across the entire workforce.

Earn better loyalty from your employees now with E-learning:

When an employee is switching a job or a fresher looking for a job in your company, they are not just for money but look for golden opportunities to learn in your workplace continually. E-Learning modules are always available at your employee’s disposal, this motivates your workforce to update their knowledge of the latest industry practices. Besides, it assures employee retention also better loyalty from such employees who have a greater sense of accomplishment at their workplace.

Disadvantages of E-learning:

E-learning is an improved and scientific alternative to conventional learning methods that delivers a significant reduction in the bottom-line. Alongside these factors, e-learning does have some disadvantages and seems to be not the best option every time. Some complex and collaborative topics might not reach the employees effectively through online learning as they get the most benefit out of small group training sessions. Furthermore, if you are looking for hands-on and mentorship programs to train your employees, then choosing live virtual training or traditional classroom programs from a quality training provider such as SKILLOGIC® will help your employees to get the most out of it.

Get started with your learning solutions from SKILLOGIC®:

SKILLOGIC® is offering e-learning, Live Virtual Classroom training, and traditional classroom training in the latest industry practices.  Business always looks for partnering with SKILLOGIC® to deliver high-quality training for their employees. With various training programs offered by us, PRINCE2 and ITIL are grabbing its most massive candidates for its e-learning option. So far, many aspiring candidates have taken up our e-learning programs and have successfully excelled in their career.

Being a renowned de facto standard for project management practice in the United Kingdom and Europe, SKILLOGIC®’s PRINCE2® course is the best to choose for management aspirants. Management aspirants select our PRINCE2® e-learning training for its unique learning ability and structured patterns that are being developed by top industry experts. It is the reason behind SKILLOGIC® achieving 15,000 PRINCE2® certifications so far in such a short duration.  Another popular training program is ITIL certifications, which is the renowned framework for managing IT services globally. Many organizations have already tied up with us and we have successfully delivered PRINCE2® and ITIL training and got their employees equipped with the latest industry practices.

With technology pushing through new business opportunities and strategies, it is the right time for you to effectively train your organization’s workforce and enhance your chances of success and business growth. We understand the current training requirements of businesses in their sector, as well as those skills likely to be needed in the future and we, offer tailored courses as per your requirements. It is time for you to get on board and join the long list of business who have partnered with SKILLOGIC®.

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