8 Major Advantages Of A Classroom Training

8 Major Advantages Of A Classroom Training
8 Major Advantages Of A Classroom Training

In today’s digital world, we have unlimited learning opportunities and access to numerous training methods. With this ever blooming virtual learning opportunities, why do we still bother to attend traditional classroom sessions?.

“80% of all Communication is Non-Verbal”

Yes, the technology is always on the rise and more online training are readily available which are more convenient too. However, we can also see that an overwhelming number of organizations and candidates continue to opt for traditional classroom learning alongside e-learning. Why is it so? In our ever-changing virtual world, the traditional way has its strong foundations embedded into the learning process and can never be completely replaced by modern technology-based learning.

“Should I take my next training sessions online or shall I stick with face-to-face classes?” If this question is bothering you now, here are the 8 significant advantages of classroom training that you need to look at

Classroom training advantage 1: Building personal relationships

The critical aspect of attending classroom sessions is networking and building personal relationships with the instructor or the fellow attendees. Although e-learning courses allow virtual networking through chats, message, groups, and forums, it seems to be not satisfactory like the personal interaction that you achieve in a classroom. With every method of learning having its own merits and demerits, classroom learning holds the most significant benefit of adding a “human touch” to each learning that you do. Notably, for courses such as Six Sigma and DevOps candidates are preferring classroom sessions over self-studies in SKILLOGIC®.

Classroom training advantage 2: Engagement and Focus

E-learning allows you to learn your lessons in a comfortable environment but it involves watching a series of videos, presentations, reading articles which demands an enormous amount of self-discipline and focus. The possibility of multitasking is more in e-learning whereas in classroom sessions you are in a controlled environment and your tutor takes up the biggest responsibility of making you involved and engaged. In fact, they follow different strategies to gain the retention of candidates which leaves better results. E-learning has recognized these problems and has attempted to resolve it by including quizzes, polls, and more interactive activities. In classroom sessions when the tutor senses the candidates getting bored, she/he might crack a few jokes to make the sessions lively which you can not expect a computer to do. Maybe in the future, when artificial intelligence has developed immensely, you can expect the same.

Classroom training advantage 3: Practice

We agree that e-learning has lots of simulations and quizzes to make you practice. How will it be if the same practice is performed under the supervision of a tutor? When you practice under the supervision of a tutor, even your minute mistakes are corrected at the base level, and the chances of carrying over will be less whereas in e-learning it is not possible. In fact, you get assistance from your peers as well.

Classroom training advantage 4: Discussion and debates

Human interaction can create magic than the virtual ones, and a great lot of things can come from a classroom. Healthy discussions and debates are the fun ways to learn things. You can pay attention to what others say and learn from their viewpoints which you have not given a thought earlier. This common ground is helping you to get along with different kinds of people and learn from them.

Classroom training advantage 5: Individual attention when needed

Each learner is unique and his or her learning abilities too. Some people are smart and independent, and they can quickly solve the problems or understand the concepts with little or no help. However, there are many candidates out there who need an explanation for each concept especially those who are switching the entire domain and taking up a trending course which is entirely new for them. DevOps is one such emerging topic which demands classroom sessions to lay a better foundation in your initial days.

Classroom training advantage 6: Instant clarification of doubts

Think of a situation wherein you are taking up a course for Six Sigma green belt training, and suddenly at one concept you are stuck and need an explanation. What will you do in e-learning where no one is there to clarify your doubts instantly? If the same situation occurs in the classroom, you can ask doubts immediately and get it clarified. Even your simplest doubts such as not understanding a phrase or a meaning of a word can become a tedious process in e-learning as you need to refer many resources whereas a tutor explains it better, so you know what is going on. The ability to clarify the doubt at the moment of need is best achieved in classroom learning.

Classroom training advantage 7: Learning from Peers

In every classroom session that you attend, it so happens that you learn many things from peers while interacting with them in breaks, lunch, dinner, and drinks. While online interaction seems to establish such opportunities, they still lack human touch and excitement. It teaches candidates on how to interact with one another in a professional, cooperative, productive way, which is something that e-learning can’t provide.

Classroom training advantage 8: Compressed schedule for fast learning

Generally, the technical certifications that are conducted through classroom sessions are squeezed to 2 days or one-day course leaving the candidates to a compelled environment of finishing the certification at the end of the classroom sessions. It will not allow the candidates to go out of track or forget the concept because the learning happens full day. Alongside, it works out to well for a tightly scheduled employee who can not dedicate days of e-learning for a particular certification. When we look at a SKILLOGIC® DevOps certification, it takes 2 days full day training for classroom sessions whereas live instructor online training takes place for 5 days in a specific schedule.

Is E-learning a better option than traditional Classroom training?

There is no doubt that e-learning is one of the effective ways but it has got its own advantages and disadvantages. E-learning means no instructor and your, the learner needs to take up the full commitment of putting the focus. Besides, the course structure needs to do a better job of including correctly formatted support and better explanations to enhance their focus. E-Learning is still a newly formed method and is growing well. We may expect more improvement soon and might even succeed compared to face-to-face training.

When we look at traditional classroom training today, there is a wide array of techniques, activities, methods, and training tools available to create and present influential classroom training sessions. Also, classroom training is influenced by specific factors such as, availability of classroom sessions for that particular course chosen, the time constraints and location constraints which makes it nearly inaccessible for few. Those candidates can take up Live virtual training which seems similar to classroom sessions so as to not miss the benefits of classroom training.

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