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7 Major Advantages of Online Training

We can aptly say that today’s smart technology has made learning more accessible and comfortable. “Do you know that the e-learning market is 20 years old now?” but only the recent years surged its popularity and that is due to recent massive technology advancements. Of course, thinking of a learning session while traveling is not possible a few years back, but now the eLearning is in your pockets!

Online training or e-learning is the evolving trend in the learning industry as it is sure to bring immense benefits not only to students but also to companies which are migrating to this trend to train their employees. They know if online training is not adopted, their employees lack behind due to sub-par development opportunities.

By this time, there might be several questions popping out “How the training will be conducted?”, “will I be able to learn efficiently?”, “how will I interact with a tutor?”. We understand that it is normal to be placed in a dilemma while choosing online training over traditional classroom sessions. That is why we have come up with this article explaining the benefits of Online training and let’s try to understand them now.

7 Major Advantages of Online Training

Flexibility in Learning:

We are no longer constrained to a 9-5 job, and our work extends hours beyond this schedule. What happens when you enroll in a training course? It will further make your life miserable. However, if you don’t update your knowledge, you will be out of the job in no time. Sometimes, your precious weekends are entirely robbed from you because of enrolling yourself in a training. Online training is an excellent option as it is flexible regarding time and effort. You can sit on your couch and take up your course leisurely or even utilize those coffee breaks at work. All you need is a steady internet connection and few minutes of time…tada you are done with the course.

Mobility in Learning:

With rectangular revolutionary technology bringing all the information in your palms in just a touch of a button, wouldn’t it be easier to learn on-the-go??? Be it a tablet or a smartphone, or even your laptops, TV, whatever be the device and you can take your online course. E-learning or Online training allows you to access the learning materials and other resources at any time and from any place. You are no longer constrained to a traditional classroom session where learning is possible only in a limited location. During any difficult situation at work or if any question pops up in your mind suddenly, you don’t need to wait till the next session starts instead log in to your portal and access all the relevant resources immediately. When all your doubts and queries get clarified instantly, your learning sees a steep rise and your knowledge too.

Pocket-Friendly nature:

The budget is the primary factor starting from buying groceries to paying for your learning. When traditional training courses demand a high price, the same learning happens at less cost with increased comfort. Traditional learning comes with hard copies of books, notes, and professors whereas online learning comes with soft copies of course materials and examination scores that permanently gets stored in your hard drive. You can view these ebooks, reference videos, and notes multiple times or even print them whenever you want. Think of those days, when our physical certificate goes missing we end up showing no proof of course completion but with e-learning, you have course completion recognition in soft copy and print it whenever you want. On the whole, Online courses are incredibly pocket-friendly.

Learn at your own pace:

Think of our school days, when our teacher starts with one end of the blackboard and takes a jet speed to land on the other end with you completely confused on what to write and what not to. We all know that some are fast graspers and some are not, being slow doesn’t mean that they are struggling to learn altogether. Also in classroom sessions, when the information is already known to a few, they will tune out and feel bored. When you take up the course online, you learn at your own speed and never rush to the next topic without fully understanding it. You can always review it again and again till you are confident to face the final certifying exam. On the other hand, if you already know of what that is going to be taught, you don’t need to waste your time and go straight through entire course right to the test. Altogether, we can say online learning is a user-friendly and stress-free learning that allows you to learn at your own pace.

Better retention of information:

The human brain can easily remember things when they are related to colorful pictures and videos. This concept is well utilized in online training, they make you learn through varieties of attractive images, colorful videos, movie clips, animated description, legible fonts and much more. We understand the technique of making the trainees grasp the concepts easily and that is why in all our training, we quote real-life examples. Attractive display of information will reach your brain quickly and stays longer than boring notes jotted on a paper. When speech is the only mode of communication, you might feel bored and enter the dream world but an attractive way of learning will never allow you to get distracted and make you focus only on the learning without you even realizing the same.

Mock tests and Constructive criticism:

Mock tests and quizzes help the trainees to face the final certifying exam with confidence. In fact, through the constructive criticism received at the end of quizzes and tests helps you understand where you stay in your knowledge. The instant wrong answer or correct answer message that they receive for each answer, help you to correct instantly and not necessary to turn pages to look for the correct answer and hence saving your time and effort. Thus, your time is wisely invested in enhancing your knowledge.

Immediate results and feedback:

When you complete the test, your score will be notified right away. The results are instant and you don’t need to wait for days. Get back to work with confidence and start applying the knowledge of what you have learned in the online course.

Modern online training is providing more opportunities for learners to enhance their overall skills. Fixed learning schedule and pre-planned timetable will no longer be a hindrance to pursue a training. Sometimes, you might not fit in the similar kind of age group and face embarrassments in a classroom session which is completely evaded in an online training. Furthermore, long traveling hours in a snarled-up traffic to reach the training center is not going to happen in online training.

Interestingly, SKILLOGIC® is offering Live Virtual Classroom training with all modern, smart features equipped in a virtual classroom. Live online classes are conducted similarly to traditional classroom training where a tutor takes a class and interact with people in real time. Apart from self-learning, in which recorded sessions are played as per your convenience some trainees prefer to take up Live Virtual Classroom training too.

SKILLOGIC®‘s Live Virtual Classroom training has a global reach in different time schedules for the convenience of participants from various time zones. Business always looks for partnering with SKILLOGIC® to deliver excellent online training for their employees. With various training programs offered by us, PMP is the most renowned project management certification holding a tough final certifying exam. Being an authorized training provider with global reach, SKILLOGIC completed 6000 PMP certifications so far out of which most of them are through online training.

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In addition to PMP, we have been training many of the latest industry practices such as DevOps course through online and classroom sessions in various locations. In fact, DevOps has been the recent buzzword in the tech world and we have successfully conducted many online trainings so far. DevOps institute is offering many certification courses by partnering with various authorized training providers and we can proudly say that we are one among them.

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With technology pushing through new and exciting opportunities for learning and development strategies, it is the time for all professionals and business to ensure that they don’t fall short. Your training opportunities need to be rewarding and only online learning promotes effective experiences.

It is time for you to get on board and join the long list of 1,00,000 plus professionals who choose SKILLOGIC®. For more details, please visit https://in.skillogic.com/


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