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Is a career in Six Sigma a good choice?

Key points for discussion

  • The significance of Six Sigma.
  • Career opportunities in Six Sigma.
  • The Six Sigma certifications.

Are you a quality-oriented person?
Do you believe in becoming a leader?

This article explores one of the best-known practices in quality management– The Six Sigma Methodology. The different levels of SixSigma roles, starting from Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt, that exhibit the highest levels of authority and leadership.

Quality is a necessity than an option. Most business enterprises nowadays find quality synonymous with success. A substantial part of their efforts comprises identifying the quality problem and taking steps to address the same. Six Sigma comes as a cure to this problem.

As said by Jack Welch:- “Six Sigma is a quality program that, when all is said and done, improves your customer’s experience, lowers your costs, and builds better leaders.”
Six Sigma rightly demonstrates the standards and procedures (that are data-driven) required to ensure that the quality objectives are timely met.

Is a Career in Six Sigma a Good Choice?

The Significance Of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is 0ne of the best-known tools to ensure quality in business processes. It has been in popularity ever since it was first devised in 1986 by Motorola inc. The whole idea of Six Sigma is based upon two statistical tools, namely Mean and Standard Deviation. Mean represents the standard to be met with regards to quality and standard deviation represents the degree of a shift from the set standards. Six Sigma considers the number of deviations from the mean as 6 for a process error to occur

Organisations nowadays hugely bank upon the Six Sigma methodology to ensure constant improvements in their business processes, remove the possible hindrances, and enhance the overall quality. Six Sigma is instrumental in identifying the problems in the internal processes and subsequently devising solutions to overcome them. It helps in brand building, goodwill creation, and customer satisfaction. With most organisations are turning service-oriented, they view it as a prerequisite for long term survival. For instance, a lot of complaints flow in for a particular product or service. The journey of addressing the problem starts from a Six Sigma expert collecting the customer data(Who have identified the problem) and forwarding it to the head of the concerned department, after which a team of Six Sigma professionals from the said department is assigned the task of eliminating the problem. The team analyses the problem by employing ‘Root Cause Analysis’, which involves a deep study of the problem.

Six Sigma Opportunities

The competence of the Six Sigma methodology has made it widely popular among present-day corporates this has directly influenced the degree of growth in career opportunities. Before understanding the career possibilities in Six Sigma.

Green Belt Professionals

The Six Sigma Green Belt professionals mostly work on decision making. They are team players and constantly strive towards improving the process quality. They work in coordination with the Project Managers and have a clear idea of the overall process. Some of their responsibilities include the following:-

  • Analyzing, Identifying, and Solving problems of quality.
  • Working along with the Black Belt professionals
  • Work closely with the data collection process.

Yellow Belt Professionals

The Yellow Belt Professionals are new entrants to the world of Six Sigma and likewise, work on such roles. They are knowledgeable about the DMAIC process and work on similar lines. They often work in coordination with the Green Belt Professionals. Their responsibilities include:-

  • Initiating small process improvements.
  • Work as a team member or subject matter expert.

Black Belt Professionals

Black Belt Professionals embrace leadership roles and are competent enough to lead a project. Their responsibilities include:-

  • Guiding Green and Yellow Belt professionals
  • Project Execution
  • They work on a result-oriented approach

Master Black Belt Professionals

They are the leaders who guide the Black Belt professionals. They identify the business goals and work towards devising Six Sigma strategies. Some of their duties include:-

  • Lead a team
  • Manage a project
  • Work towards achieving results.

Six Sigma Certifications

The Six Sigma Certifications are designed to upskill the candidates on the various methodologies and enable them to practically integrate the methodologies in the day to day functions. The certifications demonstrate responsibilities at different levels of leadership and clearly defines the roles and responsibilities.

Some of the benefits of learning Six Sigma are:-

  • Reduce risks
  • Helps in process improvements
  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase your value in the market

SKILLOGIC offers comprehensive Six Sigma Certifications, with the view of equipping the candidate about the knowledge of and skill of practically employing the Six Sigma methodologies for process improvements.

The Six Sigma certifications offered by Skillogic includes the following:-

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by SKILLOGIC is a globally recognised, industry-oriented certification that helps to delve deeper into the concepts of Six Sigma and also work on projects which give practical exposure to the candidates. The feature of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification offered by Skillogic are:-

  • Certifications accredited to TUV, ICFQ, and IASSC
  • 3 Months Flexi Pass
  • Case Studies Approach
  • Earn 16 PDUs from PMI.
  • Training sessions by industry experts.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by SKILLOGIC is a globally recognised, industry-oriented certification that talks about the skills needed to scale higher in the organisational roles. It mainly covers the advanced level of knowledge pertaining to Six Sigma. The feature of the Six Sigma BlackBelt Certification offered by Skillogic are:-

  • Certifications accredited to TUV, ICFQ, and IASSC
  • 3 Months Flexi Pass
  • Case Studies Approach
  • Earn 16 PDUs from PMI.
  • Training sessions by industry experts.
  • Complementary course on Business Analytics Foundation

Six Sigma Combo Certification

The Six Sigma Combo certification by SKILLOGIC is a 2 in 1 certification, wherein a candidate gets the benefits of learning both Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt in one single course,


Six Sigma professionals are the next most sought after professionals, after Data Scientists. Some of the companies employing Six Sigma professionals include- Honeywell, GE, Volkswagen, etc. The Certified professionals can often be seen performing roles such as Project Engineer, Lead Manufacture Engineer, Compliance Structural Engineer, and much more.

Now ask yourself. Do the above-mentioned positions attract you?. Are you someone looking for a leadership role ?. If the answer is ‘Yes’, then Six Sigma certifications are the right choice for you.

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