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How much is the Cyber Security Course Fee in Pune in 2022?

Kaspersky had forecasted that the number of cyber security issues is only going to shoot up in the coming years.

A cyber-attack is a calculated attempt by external or internal threats or attackers to compromise the security, authenticity, and availability of a target organization’s or individual’s information systems. Cyber-attackers utilise illegal tactics, tools, and approaches to cause damage and disruptions to computers, devices, networks, apps, and databases, as well as gain unauthorised access to them.

As human society will become more digital, networks, computers, and other electronic gadgets, as well as software applications, are facilitating all aspects of our lives. Computers or smart devices are used as a core aspect of critical infrastructures such as healthcare, financial institutions, governments, and industry. The great majority of the devices have Internet access.

Everyone may profit from cyber security in today’s highly interconnected world. A robust cyber security programme includes multiple layers of protection. That is, many layers of security are in place to secure networks, servers, devices, applications, databases, and data.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is a collection of technologies, processes, and practices aimed at preventing attacks, damage, and illegal access to networks, devices, programmes, and data.

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There are numerous types of cyber security:

  • The practice of using hardware and software to safeguard a computer network from unauthorised access, intruders, attacks, disruption, and misuse is known as network security.
  • Application security refers to the protection of software and devices from malicious assaults.
  • Putting in place a strong data storage system that assures data integrity and privacy while in storage and transport is what information or data security implies.
  • The process of determining each individual’s level of access inside an organisation is known as identity management.
  • Operational security is the process of analysing and deciding how to handle and secure data assets.
  • The protection of data housed in a digital environment or in cloud infrastructures for an organisation is referred to as cloud security.

Is cyber security important?

In a world where fraudsters’ intelligence and continuous attacks are unrivalled, cybersecurity is essential. You’re going to need cybersecurity. The earth, too, requires an ozone layer to protect it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. And, just as holes in the ozone layer have an impact on our civilization’s future, so do bugs in your company’s cybersecurity.

Terrorist groups fund hackers to break into security systems in the early phases of international conflicts, either to compromise national security features or to extort significant quantities of money by introducing malware and denying access. As such, cybercrime is turning more pervasive. Organizations must upgrade their hack-prevention plans and employ various technologies to secure the system before falling victim to a hacker. Ethical hacking is a very important and realistic cyber security approach.

What are the top job roles in cyber security in Pune?

Pune‘s startup scene has evolved as a result of a big pool of IT expertise, top player legislation in Maharashtra, as well as other factors. The Center for American Entrepreneurship recently labelled it a “growing global startup hub.”

Pune, Maharashtra, greets you with its captivating culture and simplicity. The city has it all: a rich cultural heritage, a great past, and a bright future. Pune has made significant contributions to the software sector in just a few years. Pune is indubitably the ‘Oxford of the East.’ The number of complaints regarding social networking sites being misused in Pune had increased exponentially in 2021.

Information security analysts, identity managers, cloud consultants, security engineers, network security engineers, cloud engineers, penetration testers, senior security consultants, chief information security officers, application security engineers, security architects and forensic engineers are some popular and in-demand jobs in cyber security.

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How much is the salary for cyber security in Pune?

As technology organisations pay greater attention to building secure information storage systems, cybersecurity personnel are in higher demand.
In agreement with payscale.com, on average, a person with skills in cyber security in India earns a yearly salary of 7,59,000 INR. Relative to glassdoor.com, a cyber security analyst in Pune earns an average salary of 5,06,618 INR a year. A chief information security officer’s salary in Pune is 20,01,537 INR per annum. (Payscale.com) Aligning to glassdoor.com, an average annual salary for an information security manager is 19,66,928 INR.

How much are the cyber security course fees in Pune?

Take a bit of time to establish essential IT abilities, such as programming, networks and systems administration, and cloud computing, before applying for your first cybersecurity job. While a degree isn’t essential for employment in cybersecurity, formal training can help you get work more quickly.

The course fee for cyber security can range from 30,000 to 1,00,000 INR in line with the level of training and the institute you opt you attend.

However, at SKILLOGIC, an IT consulting and professional certification training centre, you get the best of the domain knowledge through our online cyber security training. The Fee of cyber security course in Pune at SKILLOGIC is 94,000 INR covers all the fundamentals and gives practical expertise in the area. SKILLOGIC provides 25% to 40% discount on cyber security course fee.


Choosing a career in cybersecurity isn’t only about furthering yourself by getting more knowledge and a higher beginning income; it’s also about bettering the planet by preventing bad actors’ attempts to compromise the technology we use every day. Whether you utilise your expertise to prevent debit card theft, ransomware, or high-level government hacking, the influence you may have as a cybersecurity professional can be long-lasting.

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