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How does the Six Sigma process work?

There is often a leader ship group or council which normally comprises of the top management of an organization which is called the “Six Sigma leadership Team” or “Quality Council”. This team primarily establishes the roles and responsibilities and lay the infrastructure of the Six Sigma initiative. It also includes selecting the various projects and allocating resources. They also help to quantify the impact of the Six Sigma efforts on the company bottom line and also assesses the progress and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the effort put in. These people are necessarily Master Black Belts and are subject matter experts of the processes and the company.

The Sponsor of the champion
Sponsor is normally a senior manager who oversees a project and its improvement. His or her charge is to maintain the broad goals of the improvement process including creating the project rationale. He must ensure that they are aligned with the business priorities. He also coaches on and approves changes in and the direction and scope of the project if needed. He serves as the advocate to the leadership team and serves as a representative of the team. He or she works with the process owners to ensure that a smooth handoff occurs at the conclusion of the improvement project. He also applies the gained knowledge of Six Sigma and the process improvement to their own management tasks. He or she has a cardinal role and is a Master Black Belt.

The Implementation Leader
The day-to-day implementation is done by the implementation leader. He or she supports the leadership group communicates with all levels and selects and reviews projects. He helps the individuals fulfil their roles and helps sponsors achieve their goals. He also prepares the curricula and makes the training plans. He documents the overall progress and the surfacing issues that need attention. He is also a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.

The Six Sigma Coach
The Six Sigma Coach works as a consultant and provides expert advice to the process owners and the implementation team. He does all the functioning like collecting and validating the data of the team activities and analyzes them. He helps the team to achieve success and guides in the areas that needs special support. He communicates with the project sponsor and the leadership group about various aspects and the progress. He or she is a Master Black Belt too as you can well understand.

Team Leader
The Team Leader can be a Black or a Green Belt. He or she is the one with the primary responsibility for the work. Team Leader is critical to the process and keeps a project on track and ensures that the project continues on the desired path. He reviews and clarifies the project rationale and selects the project team members. He or she helps the project team members in selecting and completing the project. He helps others in defining and using the proper Six Sigma tools as well as conducts regular meetings too.

The Team members
The team members are the organization’s vehicles for the most of the improvement efforts. They are people who measures, analyses and executes the improvement process. In an organization they are necessarily Green Belts.
From the above description and the role analysis we understand the role and function and also the necessity of the Green, Black and the Master Belts.

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