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SKILLOGIC®, one of the top organizations for professional certification training, focuses on the leading practice certifications in the areas of business analytics, project management, quality management, and IT service management. We offer training services to individuals with specialized programs for beginners up to working experts as well as to organisations with suggestions for training that are specifically suited to their needs in terms of learning objectives. Six Sigma Training in Faridabad is available from SKILLOGIC. You have a choice between attending classes, using self-study materials, or taking online six sigma courses in Faridabad during our three-month case-based training programme. We promise that the instruction you receive from some of the most skilled professors with sizable proficiency in quality management.

Professionals and recent graduates may easily tell individuals who are dedicated to lifelong learning apart in the present job market by having credentials that are internationally recognized, like the six sigma certification in Faridabad! We are all aware that the Six Sigma technique can be applied to the manufacturing industry, but it can also be applied to other areas of the economy, such as financial services, shipping, banking, telecom, IT, aerospace, healthcare, and marketing. Having a six sigma certification gives you the chance to work in a range of industrial verticals!

One of the most populous cities in the Indian state of Haryana, Faridabad is also a prominent component of the Delhi NCR area. The city is now recognized as one of the key startup cities in the country. The Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt are both included in the SKILLOGIC Six Sigma Course in Faridabad and are covered in this course. You will receive 2 hours of instruction per day for 12 days if you choose the online six sigma training in Faridabad offered by SKILLOGIC; however, if you choose classroom training, you will receive 3 full days of instruction. The training's objective is to give baptismal applicants a solid understanding of standards. We will issue credentials from TUV and ICFQ, two famous organizations, upon successful completion of the course.

A Lean Six Sigma certification can help you improve professionally on all fronts, whether it be in terms of finances or job skills. If you were interested in a successful quality management profession, getting your Six Sigma Certification Training would be a terrific place to start!

Along with Six Sigma Certification, SKILLOGIC also provides cyber security training, devops training, ethical hacking course, quality management, ITIL Certification, PRINCE2 certification, agile certification, PMP certification, AWS Course, azure, cloud computing course, GCP and business analytics courses in Faridabad.


 Six Sigma is a method that uses different tools and techniques to reduce waste and variation. Six sigma is used in business procedures to improve performance.

Lean Six Sigma is a process that declutters problems, eliminate wastes, and improves working condition to satisfy customer needs.

Six sigma certification can be joined by anyone who has knowledge of the six sigma domain and in-depth technical knowledge that opens doors for various job opportunities.

The job role after learning the six sigma course is project improvement manager, project quality leader, senior manager quality, senior process design manager, lean IT consultant, lean specialist, etc. 

The cost of six sigma certification in Faridabad ranges from around Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000.

 To learn six sigma courses some useful skills are needed such as presentation skills, business problem-solving skills, positive attitude, results-oriented, management skills, etc.

Six sigma certification is a global certificate that aims at educating students with levels of six sigma courses. Six sigma certification covers six sigma levels and teaches students how to detect and reduce defects.

The different levels of sic sigma certifications are a white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt.

  • White belt- White belt certification is the introductory certification in six sigma and it clears the basic fundamental of what exactly six sigma is.

  • Yellow belt- Yellow belt certification enhances the knowledge of the six sigma domain and teaches basic methodologies. Yellow belt covers important metrics and improves work procedures. 

  • Green belt- Green belt certification teaches students to prepare charts, create a map, and implement the role of six sigma within the organization. 

  • Black belt- Black belt certification is the advanced level certification that helps individuals with factorial assignments, multiple regression analysis, and optimizes work performances, etc. 

  • Master black belt- Master black belt certification is the highest certification in the six sigma domain. Master black belt offers a focused approach toward six sigma projects and uses statistical methods to resolve technical issues.

The demands of a six sigma black belt are full-time work experience on six sigma projects and thorough knowledge of the six sigma black-belt domain.

Six sigma certification requires internship experience on six sigma projects, work experience with the six sigma body, and thorough knowledge of six sigma levels.

 Six sigma training goals are to identify and reduce defects or errors, increase business proficiency, customer satisfaction, etc.

 Quality management functions in a way to oversee different activities to ensure a level of quality within the organizations. The main area of quality management is quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality management.

The scope of six sigma competition is increasing in the market and its strategy is growing, it is obvious to expect that Six Sigma would become popular in the coming future.

DMADV is a process that provides an improvement in product services. DMADV stands for five phases define, analyze, design, verify etc.

Six Sigma certification is a global certification that allows candidates to learn the business process and ensures the organization which helps them get a job in a giant firm with a high-paying salary.


The duration of SKILLOGIC six sigma green belt training is 5 days and 2hrs a day of the online training program with 2-day full-time classroom sessions.

The duration for six sigma black belt training in Hyderabad covers 2 days of the full-time classroom training program at SKILLOGIC.

According to the report, the salary of a six sigma green belt professional in Faridabad goes up from Rs 0- 3.0 LPA.

The salary of a six sigma black belt in Faridabad ranges from Rs 3,00,000 TO Rs 8,00,000 LPA according to the report. 

At SKILLOGIC, the duration for the six sigma course in Faridabad is flexible and it provides 12 days 2hrs with a day online training program and 3 days of full-time on-demand classroom training.

At Faridabad, the six sigma certification course from SKILLOGIC can be taken by Quality managers, professionals and operation process, professionals in project roles, etc.

 In Faridabad, Six sigma certification training from SKILLOGIC provides trending content for six sigma that includes guidance from expert trainers, access to e-learning, premium access to six sigma resources, mock tests, global certification from TUV and ICFQ provided after a training session.

Yes, SKILLOGIC provides 3-day full-time on-demand classroom training for six sigma courses in Faridabad.

Flexi pass for six sigma training at SKILLOGIC means once the candidates have registered for the course then he/she can attend the classes anytime in between 3 months. 

Yes, SKILLOGIC provides 12 days and 2hrs of online training for the six sigma course. The classroom training is effective and clears the domain's basic fundamentals. 

The different modes of training available at SKILLOGIC are live virtual training, interactive classroom training, and self-learning method.

The students will be certified with professional and global certification authorized by TUV and ICFQ after the six sigma certification course in Faridabad.

Yes, the documents needed during training sessions are Photo ID proof such as a Driving License, PAN Card, and National ID Card.

In Faridabad, if any class is missed of six sigma at SKILLOGIC, you can directly talk to your lead professionals and schedule your class according to your convenient time.

 The various mode of payment available is Cash, Net banking, UPI ID, Master Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, and American Express.

Yes, after the completion of the six sigma course, the aspirants will be certified with global TUV and ICFQ certification from SKILLOGIC. 

To receive six sigma certification after the exam in Faridabad, the candidates need to pass with qualifying marks which are 70%, and get the designated certificate from the international board within 10 days.

 Yes, at SKILLOGIC, the six sigma certification in Faridabad includes exam fees and training fees altogether.

The trainers at SKILLOGIC would be lead professionals with decades of relevant industry experience. They are selected because they hold practical knowledge and years of work experience in a particular domain. 

Yes, the students who complete six sigma training from SKILLOGIC in Faridabad are certified by globally accredited certifications such as TUV and ICFQ.

1. 100% pass warranty scheme provides candidate a second attempt paid by SKILLOGIC, in the case of an unsuccessful first attempt.

2. The 100% pass warranty scheme is the only application for classroom training candidates.

1. Money-back guarantee applies only for the training amount not for the exam as it is prepaid to accreditation bodies.

2. The candidate must have attended the entire course sessions without any absenteeism.

3. The candidate must have made an exam attempt within 45 days after the training completion date and failed in the exam.

4. The exam must have been administered through SKILLOGIC, either paper-based and ATO online exam modes.

5. The claim should be made within 45 days after the training completion date through sending an email to, with proof of exam failure, exam mode and training registration details from registered email address.

6. The refund takes 15 working days from the date of the claim.



All course content are accredited by international bodies and have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality training service.


Training is structured around case studies, problem-based learning approach to improve a learning experience and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.


Best of two methods, classroom training and online learning, is blended learning. Courses are conveniently designed with blended learning model to fit your requriments.


Friendly customer care executive will be always at your service. We pride in our awesome customer support.


instructors are certified and highly qualified with decades of experience in subject matter.


Be assured of your success on certification exam. Your are covered with 100% money back guarantee other wise.