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  • Accredited by EC-Council, CompeTIA & IIFIS
  • The CYBER SECURITY certification course is accredited by the EC-Council, CompeTIA & IIFIS which recognised globally.

  • Massive growth in job opportunities
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 20% increase in the number of jobs from 2016 to 2026.

  • 1,00,000+ professionals trained by SKILLOGIC
  • SKILLOGIC is a global leader in professional training courses with more than a decade of experience.

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Cyber Security Professional

Start Date : 05 Dec 2022 | 20 Days

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am SAST

Learning Mode : Online

ZAR 26,630

ZAR 15,890

Valid till 05 Dec 2022

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Cyber Security Professional

Start Date : 12 Dec 2022 | 20 Days

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am SAST

Learning Mode : Online

ZAR 26,630

ZAR 15,890

Valid till 12 Dec 2022

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Cyber Security Professional

Start Date : 23 Jan 2023 | 20 Days

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am SAST

Learning Mode : Online

ZAR 26,630

ZAR 15,890

Valid till 23 Jan 2023

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Compared to the rest of the IT job market and the overall employment market, the demand for cyber security professionals is growing more than three times as quickly. There are between 20,000 and 40,000 cybersecurity job openings right now. 

With centres in over 30 countries globally, including India, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States, SKILLOGIC is an international provider of IT solutions and a professional certification training company. We are experts in a variety of fields, including project management, agile development, DevOps, and more. Our instructors are skilled and driven, and the SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Certification is thoroughly developed and delivered by industry experts

Our Cyber Security Courses in Cape Town will last for three months and will focus on providing individualised training to people ranging from beginners, business professionals, and business organisations, with training sessions, focused on helping them achieve their desired goals in the cyber security area. Online cyber security courses in Cape Town are 11890.01 ZAR each. The entire programme is in accordance with the guidelines established by the EC-Council, NASSCOM, CompTIA, IIFIS, and Jain University, which are internationally recognised organisations in the field of cyber security.

The cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg are home to a strong technology start-up culture, and South Africa's position as a worldwide leader in technology is growing. Cape Town's information and communications technology (ICT) industry has developed into a highly competitive and influential service industry in Africa. Numerous software development companies in this sector work with overseas clients, suppliers, investors, and business partners. It serves as a regional hub for a range of infrastructure, talents, and businesses engaged in growth. The Western Cape's fastest-growing region is also there. 

Furthermore, business and software services are the top value-add activities in Cape Town within the broader ICT sector. In Africa's cyber security arena, there are numerous work chances that might literally place your career on the proper track in the long term. In Cape Town, where the IT sector is developing like crazy, cyber security is in high demand.

 Cybercrimes are predicted to cost the world economy over $1 trillion, states The ever-increasing crime rates correspond to the growing need for cyber security professionals. As per, IT security skills in Cape Town can offer ZAR 43600 per month. 

 Cybersecurity is necessary for modern society. The global economy is increasingly computerised. As a result, we must strengthen our cyber security to combat potential threats and cyber challenges. Become a participant in the Cyber Security Certification Training in Cape Town!


Cybersecurity is the process of protecting programmes, networks, and systems from online threats.

The SKILLOGIC cyber security certification programme is the ideal option for those with a degree or job experience in the sector to advance their careers by keeping their industry knowledge current. Programs for certification may also be useful for those trying to get into the cybersecurity industry who work in similar industries.

The SKILLOGIC cybersecurity certification training is designed to meet the market demand for seasoned professionals' expertise and knowledge as well as the professional's desire to increase their value and advance their careers in the sector. Topics and curricula are carefully developed for the greatest possible positive impact.

There are actually no prerequisites for cyber security courses. Although being knowledgeable about the issues involved in cyber security and being consistent should help you better understand how the entire division runs.

Learning cybersecurity doesn't have to be challenging, especially if you have a keen interest in technology, despite the fact that it can be challenging. If you take an interest in the technologies you employ, you can find that challenging skills become easier.

Students learn how to use cybersecurity jargon successfully with the efficient cyber security training provided by SKILLOGIC. The training will last for a period of three months.

The SKILLOGIC cybersecurity curriculum is flexible and inherently structured to allow candidates to identify real risk and compliance issues that are consistent with the organization's business goals.

SKILLOGIC offers in-person cyber security training that combines interesting content and unlimited in-person revisions from expert instructors. cyber security courses online are without a doubt an excellent option if you want to learn in the convenience of your own home at the appropriate time. Our online cyber security training provides an engaging learning environment similar to a traditional classroom setting. You can access the cloud lab whenever you want!

Roles and job titles are adjusted to the size and needs of the company in the security industry, which usually leads to overlaps of several functions.  

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Security Engineers

  • Security Architect

  • Security Consultant

  • Penetration Testers

  • Cryptographer 

  • Consultancy Specialists

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Specialist

  • Security Administrator 

The cyber security course offered by SKILLOGIC is the greatest one you can enrol in. We offer in-depth case study-based training that is focused entirely on the external application of domain knowledge in the workplace. It includes a thorough investigation of the cyber security domain, speculations, principles, and toolkits.

The popular and well-known courses of ethical hacking and certified cyber security professional are among the cyber security programmes we offer at SKILLOGIC.

If you want to learn about the field and look for employment in it, having the most in-demand cybersecurity skills may be helpful.

  • Technical expertise in security across many platforms
  • Communication abilities, attention to detail, and a desire to become a better hacker
  • Basic expertise in computer forensics
  • Managing skills
  • Possibilities for solving issues 

Since malware operating systems are so common, there are numerous of them. The term "malware" covers a broad spectrum of dangers, including spyware, viruses, and worms.

A prospective adverse action or occurrence that could have a negative impact on a computer system or application and is made feasible by a vulnerability is referred to as a threat in the context of computer security.

Here are the cyber security hazards that your business is currently exposed to as well as the fresh, emerging threats that it will undoubtedly face in the future. Among the most common online security risks:

  • DDoS

  • Malware

  • Man in the middle

  • Phishing

  • Trojans

  • IoT Attacks

  • SQL Injection

  • Ransomware

  • DNS Attack

  • Data Breaches


SKILLOGIC® is one of the leading organizations in Cape Town that provides training for professional certifications. With programmes that are particularly created for everyone from beginners to working professionals and organizations with personalized training proposals to correlate with their learning objectives, our online cyber security course in Cape Town is tailored for aspiring individuals. The cyber security programme offered by SKILLOGIC has received endorsements from IIFIS, EC-Council, and NASSCOM. Case study-based training, which comprises practical real-world projects and case studies, enables students to learn from knowledgeable teachers.

Depending on the school and certification level you enrol in, a cyber security course in Cape Town might cost anywhere from 7467.68 ZAR to 25603.46 ZAR. 

The SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Training in Cape Town is available to provide students with a thorough grasp of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic. As a result, everyone who is interested can enrol in the course with certainty. Students must have completed their BE/BTech or BSc degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security, IT, or any comparable area to be eligible to apply for the Cyber Security programme.

The three-month SKILLOGIC cyber security training course in Cape Town costs 11890.01 ZAR and is available online. 

As per, IT security skills in Cape Town can offer ZAR 43600 per month. 

In Cape Town, for a total of three months, you will receive cyber security training from SKILLOGIC.

There are several justifications for choosing a profession in cybersecurity. Across the board, cybersecurity positions provide competitive salaries, room for advancement, job stability, fun daily duties, and the possibility to have an impact. White hat hacking is only one option for a cybersecurity job; there is a wide range of other paths available that suit various personality types. Many jobs are available in this attractive and in-demand sector!

Businesses in Cape Town advertised 100,048 "cyber-enabled" employment, where cyber-security is a component but not the entire job description, and 53,144 core cyber roles in 2021. These numbers represented increases of 58% and 66% over 2020, respectively.

Online cyber security training in Cape Town from SKILLOGIC stands out for its exceptional capacity to give students great potential in the field by recreating a classroom setting. The SKILLOGIC Cybersecurity Program in Cape Town has received accreditation from the well-known international organisations NASSCOM, IIFIS and EC-Council. This supports the trustworthiness of SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Training in Cape Town.

Instead, SKILLOGIC offers a classroom-like experience in Cape Town through our most popular cyber security training online, which is offered by the best trainers in the industry and is just as interesting and successful as real-time classroom training. Most importantly, studying from home is more convenient, which raises the student's level of satisfaction with the process.

Yes, you can pay for your cyber security course in instalments, but kindly make sure to pay the whole cost of your cyber security training in Cape Town before the course is supposed to end.

Without a doubt, SKILLOGIC will provide a free trial session for cyber security training in Cape Town, which will provide a quick but valuable glimpse into how the training sessions will be run and what the curriculum would include. The demo session, which helps you decide if the training is good for you, is something you may attend for free.

You can attend sessions from SKILLOGIC for a period of three months to clear up any questions or revisions with our Flexi-Pass for Cyber Security Course in Cape Town.

Yes, you will obtain a certificate in Cape Town proving that you have completed our in-depth cyber security training.

Candidates have several options for paying for their cyber security training in Cape Town, including;

  • Credit Card

  • Net Banking

  • Cash

  • Master Card

  • Cheque

  • Debit Card

  • American Express

  • Visa

  • PayPal

1. 100% pass warranty scheme provides candidate a second attempt paid by SKILLOGIC, in the case of an unsuccessful first attempt.

2. The 100% pass warranty scheme is the only application for classroom training candidates.

1. Money-back guarantee applies only for the training amount not for the exam as it is prepaid to accreditation bodies.

2. The candidate must have attended the entire course sessions without any absenteeism.

3. The candidate must have made an exam attempt within 45 days after the training completion date and failed in the exam.

4. The exam must have been administered through SKILLOGIC, either paper-based and ATO online exam modes.

5. The claim should be made within 45 days after the training completion date through sending an email to, with proof of exam failure, exam mode and training registration details from registered email address.

6. The refund takes 15 working days from the date of the claim.



All course content are accredited by international bodies and have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality training service.


Training is structured around case studies, problem-based learning approach to improve a learning experience and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.


Best of two methods, classroom training and online learning, is blended are conveniently designed with blended learning model to fit your requriments.


Friendly customer care executive will be always at your service.we pride in our awesome customer support.


instructors are certified and highly qualified with decades of experience in subject matter.


Be assured of your success on certification exam.your are covered with 100% money back guarantee other wise.


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