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Cyber security professional plus

Start Date : 27 Apr 2024 | 120 Days

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Learning Mode : Online

THB 45,870

THB 28,749

Valid till 27 Apr 2024

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Cyber security professional plus

Start Date : 06 May 2024 | 120 Days

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Learning Mode : Online

THB 45,870

THB 28,749

Valid till 06 May 2024

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Cyber security professional plus

Start Date : 01 Jun 2024 | 120 Days

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Learning Mode : Online

THB 45,870

THB 28,749

Valid till 01 Jun 2024

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Cyber security professional plus

Start Date : 03 Jun 2024 | 120 Days

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Learning Mode : Online

THB 45,870

THB 28,749

Valid till 03 Jun 2024

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Cyber security professional plus

Start Date : 29 Jun 2024 | 120 Days

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Learning Mode : Online

THB 45,870

THB 28,749

Valid till 29 Jun 2024

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Keeping up with cyber security has never been simple. Additionally, it's critical to define cyber security and establish what outstanding cyber security looks like because attackers are constantly improving their inventiveness. Even if we are not aware of it, cybersecurity plays a vital role in some aspects of our daily lives. From banking to using your own computer to browsing websites, cybersecurity is present at work. 

A Cyber Security course is essential in today's digital age to combat the ever-growing threats in the online realm. With the increasing number of cyber attacks and data breaches, individuals and organizations need to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to protect their sensitive information. A Cyber Security course provides a comprehensive understanding of the latest security measures, tools, and techniques to safeguard against cyber threats effectively.

SKILLOGIC is an IT consulting firm that provides training in professional certifications including project management, agile, DevOps, business analytics, and more in nations all over the world in order to assure adequate upskilling in these fields. We provide career-focused cyber security training in Bangkok with the primary objective of producing qualified security experts. If you want to begin a career in cyber security, take a glance at the online cyber security training in Bangkok!

Cyber security courses online in Bangkok will be of 3 months duration and will cost 26309.27 THB. NASSCOM, CompTIA, IIFIS, EC-Council, and Jain University have all accredited the program's curriculum.

“The interesting thing about cybercrime and the whole cyber world is that many of the people that are most proficient in it are young people, really young people.”

  • Patricia Arquette

Currently, the majority of Thailand's tech entrepreneurs base their businesses in Bangkok, the country's capital. Bangkok has a thriving technological environment that allows many tech companies to grow.

According to, in Bangkok cyber security architect makes 785,507 THB each year. A rising pool of highly trained workers, significant government aid programmes, and superb IT infrastructure are the trio that highlight Bangkok's ability to compete globally. 

Despite accounting for only 13% of all IT positions, the shortage is causing havoc on organisations of all kinds, as seen by a threefold surge in cybersecurity job opportunities in the general IT market. It's possible that help will show up soon. One of the most in-demand skill sets for 2022 is cyber security and this proves why you need to enrol on the Cyber Security Certification Program in Bangkok.



For those with a degree or work experience in the field, the SKILLOGIC cyber security certification programme is the best way to further their careers by keeping their industry knowledge up to date. People who work in related sectors might also benefit from certification programmes as they try to break into the cybersecurity field.

The SKILLOGIC cybersecurity certification programme aims to meet the market's demand for seasoned professionals with the required skills and competence and the desires of those professionals to further their careers in the sector and increase their value to employers. Topics and curricula are carefully chosen to have the greatest positive impact.

Here are some qualities you'll need to possess if you want to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

  • Understanding a broad range of platforms and technical security

  • Problem-Solving Capabilities 

  • Communication Skills and Attention to Detail

  • An interest in learning how to hack better

  • Management skills

  • Basic Computer Forensics Knowledge

The practical cyber security training offered by SKILLOGIC teaches students how to use cybersecurity lingo effectively. A three-month time will be the time frame for the training.

The SKILLOGIC cyber-security course's main objective is to provide students with a strong foundation in the field while also developing the skills necessary for them to defend their data, network, and devices against online threats.

Roles and job titles are adjusted to the size and needs of the company in the security industry, which usually leads to overlaps of several functions. 

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Security Engineers

  • Security Consultant

  • Penetration Testers

  • Consultancy Specialists

  • Cryptographer 

  • Security Architect

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Specialist

  • Security Administrator 

SKILLOGIC does offer classroom instruction in cyber security that includes limitless revisions from top faculty members as well as an engaging classroom environment. If you prefer to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, you can choose to take cyber security courses online. Similar to a genuine classroom setting, our online training is as interesting and interactive. You receive cloud lab access and 24-hour e-learning access!

The most distinctive and popular courses in cyber security training include ethical hacking and certified cyber security professional at SKILLOGIC.

To address both internal and external security threats to enterprises, a set of procedures and instruments known as cloud security was developed. Organizations require cloud security as they carry out their digital transformation strategy and incorporate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure.

Computer crimes are defined as crimes that include the use of a computer. Cybercrime and Internet crime often include the use of computers and the internet.

Here are the cyber security hazards that your business is currently exposed to as well as the fresh, emerging threats that it will undoubtedly face in the future. Among the most common online security risks:

  • DDoS

  • Malware

  • SQL Injection

  • Ransomware

  • Data Breaches

  • Man in the middle

  • Phishing

  • Trojans

  • IoT Attacks

  • DNS Attack

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting programmes, networks, and systems from online threats.

Here are some characteristics you'll need to possess if you want to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

  • Communication Skills and Attention to Detail

  • Management skills

  • Problem-Solving Capabilities

  • Technical aptitude with security along with a range of platforms

  • Willingness to grasp hacking techniques better

  • Basic Computer Forensics Knowledge


One of the top suppliers of professional certification training in Bangkok is SKILLOGIC®. Participants in our online cyber security training in Bangkok should be interested in programmes that are specifically designed for novices, working professionals, and organizations with individualized training plans that align with their learning objectives. The SKILLOGIC cyber security programme has received endorsements from IIFIS, EC-Council, and NASSCOM. Participate in case study-based training, which consists of useful real-world projects and case studies, to learn from expert instructors.

Contingent to the institute and degree level you enrol in, a cyber security course in Bangkok should cost between 16150.18 THB and 55372.03 THB.

Students should completely comprehend both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject matter in order to benefit fully from the SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Courses in Bangkok. So, anyone who is interested may definitely sign up for the course. Students who have completed their BE/BTech or BSc degree in computer science, cyber security, information technology, or any other field similar are eligible to apply for the Cyber Security programme.

The three-month SKILLOGIC cyber security training course in Bangkok is accessible online and costs 26309.27 THB.

Without a doubt, SKILLOGIC will provide a free trial session for cyber security training in Bangkok, which will provide a quick but valuable glimpse into how the training sessions will be run and what the curriculum would include. The demo session, which helps you decide if the training is good for you, is something you may attend for free. 

A cyber security engineer's salary in Bangkok is THB 1,040,752 per year, according to the economic research institute. According to, a cyber security expert in Bangkok might earn around 9,41,000 TBH per year. The cyber security architect's salary in Bangkok is 785,507 THB in a year -

By recreating a real-time teaching environment, SKILLOGIC's online cyber security training in Bangkok is remarkable for its special capacity to provide learners with a sound basis in the subject. The SKILLOGIC Cybersecurity Program received accreditation from the highly esteemed worldwide organisations EC-Council, NASSCOM, and IIFIS. This strengthens the integrity of the Bangkok-based SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Training.

You will undergo cyber security training from SKILLOGIC in Bangkok for three months. 

Today, Bangkok businesses that are becoming digital require the assistance of information security professionals to safeguard their data. As a result, there is a huge need for cybersecurity experts in the area. However, there is a much greater need for cybersecurity expertise than there are available workers.

Conversely, through our most popular cyber security training online, delivered by the greatest trainers in the business, SKILLOGIC delivers a classroom-like experience in Bangkok that is just as engaging and effective as in-person instruction. Learning from home is more convenient for the student, who will value the experience more.

The SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Courses have earned accreditation from NASSCOM, EC-Council, and IIFIS, four of the world's most prestigious organisations for cyber security. Consequently, once you have completed the cyber security programme, you will be certified by all of the aforementioned organisations. SKILLOGIC would also award a certificate of completion and a certificate of participation for the cyber security training

You may pay the cost of the cyber security course in instalments, but be sure that the entire amount is paid by the course's completion date. 

For a period of three months, you are able to attend sessions from SKILLOGIC on any questions or revisions you wish to clarify thanks to our Flexi-Pass for Cyber Security Course in Bangkok.

The instructors at SKILLOGIC are experts in the field of cyber security who have a passion for teaching aspirant cyber security specialists the best techniques in the industry. The trainers are chosen after going through a number of rounds of interviews and being evaluated for their practical knowledge in the field in order to ensure that the training the candidates will receive is of remarkable quality.

EC-Council, NASSCOM, and IIFIS are just a few of the top cyber security organizations around the globe that have recognised the course. Due to this, SKILLOGIC Cyber Security Training in Bangkok has a good reputation. The curriculum's alignment with the best organizations and the fact that the best instructors in the industry, both of whom have in-depth subject-matter expertise, are offering the training boost the course's authenticity.

1. 100% pass warranty scheme provides candidate a second attempt paid by SKILLOGIC, in the case of an unsuccessful first attempt.

2. The 100% pass warranty scheme is the only application for classroom training candidates.

1. Money-back guarantee applies only for the training amount not for the exam as it is prepaid to accreditation bodies.

2. The candidate must have attended the entire course sessions without any absenteeism.

3. The candidate must have made an exam attempt within 45 days after the training completion date and failed in the exam.

4. The exam must have been administered through SKILLOGIC, either paper-based and ATO online exam modes.

5. The claim should be made within 45 days after the training completion date through sending an email to, with proof of exam failure, exam mode and training registration details from registered email address.

6. The refund takes 15 working days from the date of the claim.



All course content are accredited by international bodies and have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality training service.


Training is structured around case studies, problem-based learning approach to improve a learning experience and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.


Best of two methods, classroom training and online learning, is blended learning. Courses are conveniently designed with blended learning model to fit your requriments.


Friendly customer care executive will be always at your service. We pride in our awesome customer support.


instructors are certified and highly qualified with decades of experience in subject matter.


Be assured of your success on certification exam. Your are covered with 100% money back guarantee other wise.