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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Every individual desires a job with lucrative pay package. A high paying job, not only provides financial stability and good lifestyle but also earns respect from peers and society.

This article is focussed on listing top 5 high paying jobs in India and a brief guidance to qualifications and certifications required to pursue these jobs.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

1. Business Analytics Professionals

The Analytics Jobs such as Data scientist, is tagged as the Sexiest job of 21st Century. It is the highest paying job in India as of 2016. While the break through in Big Data such as Hadoop combined with cloud computing and data visualization made significant progress in technology front, more important are the people with right business analytics skills to put these technologies in good use.

The demand for such skill-set people also referred as data scientist is in serious shortage. As per the Gartner report, there is a gap of 45,000 analytics professionals in US only in 2016.The demand for Business Analytics professionals is projected to increase exponentially across the globe. India as a leading IT service hub with largest IT professional base, has potential to become a global hub for business analytics services.

To pursue career in Business Analytics, a extensive training in analytics concepts, relevant tools is required. This articles provide you a guidance to pursue career is Analytics.

 Job LevelSalary (in INR per annum)
Industry Average    13,66,332
Entry Level    6 – 8 lakhs
Mid Career   14 – 18 lakhs
Senior Professional   24 + lakhs

2. Management Professionals

Management Professionals are vital in managing organization resources, process to deliver business value to the customers. The role levels vary widely from trainee management consultant to CEO of the organisation.

The entry level roles are challenging as a junior professional getting work done is not an easy task. As you claim up in the ladder of management roles, you skills get horned and you learn to control the business environment to get the work done. The salary increments as you move to next levels are the highest in management career path.

 Job LevelSalary (in INR per annum)
Industry Average    7,84,364
Entry Level    4 – 7 lakhs
Mid Career   12 – 17 lakhs
Senior Professional   35 + lakhs

3. Investment Banking

Career in investment banking involves increasing equity and debt capital for companies, and it is an inviting option for fresher’s or experienced professionals.

Investment bankers starts their career as an analyst after you get some experience with higher education you can become as an Associate. Some will enter as associates if they have related experience in other organization.

Competition for these positions can be absolutely strong and this profession becomes a great option for young professionals seeking to earn more in addition to experience.

 Job LevelSalary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
Industry Average    7,16,174
Entry Level    6 – 8 lakhs
Mid Career   10 – 16 lakhs
Senior Professional   20+ lakhs

4. Marketing Professionals

Marketing is one the most important aspects of any organisation. As an entry level marketing professional, you may doing daunting tasks of routine marketing activities with low salary levels. As you learn the art of marketing through mastering the tools, techniques and channels of marketing you can command a lucrative package.

Marketing demands a creative professionals to do explore unconventional marketing ideas and techniques to increase the return on investment of marketing efforts. As we see the trend, a senior executive, who gained extensive knowledge of Marketing, can be the next CEO of the company.

  Job LevelSalary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
Industry Average    6,31,156
Entry Level   2 – 5 lakhs
Mid Career   9 – 12 lakhs
Senior Professional   25+ lakhs

5. Software Engineers

Software jobs salary levels are not very exciting as it was a decade ago. Particularly in India, a hub for IT resources, the salary hikes past 4 to 5 years were not so satisfying. Big Indian IT companies are prominently into software development services, software maintenance and support domains of Software industry, where the salary levels are considerably low when compared to Software research and product development.

Past few years, top Indian companies are slowing moving towards Product Development and professionals engaged in such assignments are drawing significantly high salaries.

   Job LevelSalary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
Industry Average    6,27,187
Entry Level    2.5 -7 lakhs
Mid Career   10 – 14 lakhs
Senior Professional   15.5 + lakhs

*The data for this study is derived from indeed.in and payscale.com/research along with research reports from Gartner and Gallup.
* Professions such as Medical, professors, space research etc., as not considered in this study as the number of opportunities are limited.

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