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7 Major Advantages of Online Training

7 Major Advantages of Online Training

We can aptly say that today’s smart technology has made learning more accessible and comfortable. “Do you know that the e-learning market is 20 years old now?” but only the recent years surged its popularity and that is due to recent massive technology advancements. Of course, thinking of a learning session while traveling is not possible a few years back, ...

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    The Key Concepts Of ITIL That One Should Know

    Key Concepts of ITIL

    ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a renowned framework that has a set of best practices for developing and executing the IT service management. Organisations have already realized that the adoption of the ITIL framework is the foundation of success as well as to attain a competitive edge over their competitors in a highly volatile business environment. More than 10,000 ...

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      The Do’s And Dont’s To Write An Impactful Resume

      Resume Do's & Don'ts

      You are super excited about seeing this wonderful career option that got posted in a job portal. As a first step, you are going to send your resume to the hiring manager. Being the first introduction to a company’s hiring manager, your resume is definitely a most influential marketing tool in your job search. Keeping in mind that your resume ...

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        How to Become a Scrum Master Certified Professional?

        How to Become CSM Professional

        “Scrum”, the latest buzzword that is taking the software industry by storm. Though Scrum is the recent project management methodology, many organizations particularly ITS and ITES organizations are taking to Scrum in a big way. Why is Scrum so popular? With the increasing Agile implementation, Scrum is taking its turn too. Scrum is the powerful and popular Agile methodology which ...

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          Agile and ITIL: Can they co-exist?

          Agile Vs ITIL

          The strict ITIL process definitely sounds opposite to Agile methodologies, but they can be friends too. This statement would leave you puzzled with so many questions such as “Can applying agile mindset to IT service management really happen?”, “Can Agile methods address all ITSM needs?” “Will there be a stable environment when they co-exist?”, and much more. I will surely ...

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            ITIL and DevOps: Friends or Foes?

            ITIL Vs DevOps

            More than 2 million people worldwide have been trained in ITIL and many aspirants are enrolling themselves in ITIL programs to get certified. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a highly structured methodology of IT organizations with strong roots dating to 80’s has matured substantially in the intervening time. In spite of these years of progress, however, the latest trending concepts ...

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              7 Key Differences Between Leadership and Management

              Leadership Vs Management

              “Leadership is doing the right things whereas Management is doing things right” is indeed a popular quote often heard when you are promoted to a role of managing people. “Can you be a strong leader if you are a great manager?” Though we use the titles interchangeably they mean completely different. Remember that you don’t automatically turn into a strong ...

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                What Is The Cost Of Six Sigma Certifications In India?

                Cost of Six Sigma Training & Certification in INDIA

                A majority of organizations implement Six Sigma practices in order to minimize the errors and to effectively improve their business process. This process improvement system can render a robust business system and eradicates the defect in the process. Since it is the proven methodology for quality management, many top-notch companies have already implemented this practice and enjoying an increase in ...

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                  All About Devops Certification Courses And How To Do Them?

                  Type of DevOps Certification Courses

                  DevOps, an evolving concept that merges Development and Operations team to result in a combination of culture, process, and tools. It has made life easier for both the developer and operations team to collaborate and work together. In fact, they can build and release software much faster and frequently than before. Watch video to understand ‘What is DevOps?’ DevOps is ...

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                    What Is DevOps And How It Really Works?

                    What is Devops-How It Works

                    “DevOps” is an emerging model that allows effective collaboration of development and Operations team so that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Traditionally in an organization, where a waterfall method is followed in which the development team tests the new code in an isolated development environment for quality assurance. Also, the two teams Operation and ...

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