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SKILLOGIC®’S Successful Completion Of 7000 PMP Certification Training

Successful Completion Of 7000 PMP Certification Training

SKILLOGIC®, a well known global organization for training and certification in Bangalore, proudly announces their successful completion of 7000 PMP certification training. PMP, a globally accepted certification for Project Management checks your understanding of the PMI methodology with its relatively tough certifying exam. However, when PMP credential holders are earning an average of 16% more than their non-credential peers, it ...

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    SKILLOGIC®’S Successful Completion Of 1000 Devops Certification Training

    SKILLOGIC Successful Completion Of 1000 Devops Certification Training

    SKILLOGIC®, a well known global organization for training and certification in Bangalore, proudly announces their successful completion of 1000 DevOps certification training. Among few evolving industry trends, undoubtedly, DevOps is highly effective in transforming the business and industrial outlook. This Fast-Growing field in the IT Industry helps the organization focus on value and streamlined delivery by breaking down the organization ...

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      Understanding 6 Essential DevOps Principles

      Devops Principles

      DevOps is a methodology that has emerged as a result of decades of hard-learned lessons from manufacturing units, dependable organizations, reliable management models and the most trusted principles of the Business. The main aim of this methodology is to bridge the gap between Development and Operations team of an organization to release good quality software on time to the market. ...

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        5 Common Devops Myths Debunked

        Common DevOps Myths

        Corporate leaders know that accelerating the product speed to market is the key to survival in a highly competitive business environment. Since DevOps is all about Time to market, business is trending towards DevOps adoption on a much broader scale. After deploying DevOps, they are reaching the market faster with a higher quality product and a first-class customer experience. Now, ...

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          Top 10 Benefits Of E-Learning For Your Employees

          Top 10 Benefits Of E-Learning For Employees

          Employees are the greatest asset and training them in the best way is required for the consistent growth of your business. So, you often look for productive ways to train your employees to ensure that they gain knowledge of the latest industry practices as well as equip themselves with necessary job skills. The technology development and uninterrupted internet access have ...

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            8 Major Advantages Of A Classroom Training

            8 Major Advantages of Classroom Training

            In today’s digital world, we have unlimited learning opportunities and access to numerous training methods. With this ever blooming virtual learning opportunities, why do we still bother to attend traditional classroom sessions?. “80% of all Communication is Non-Verbal” Yes, the technology is always on the rise and more online training are readily available which are more convenient too. However, we ...

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              7 Major Advantages of Online Training

              7 Major Advantages of Online Training

              We can aptly say that today’s smart technology has made learning more accessible and comfortable. “Do you know that the e-learning market is 20 years old now?” but only the recent years surged its popularity and that is due to recent massive technology advancements. Of course, thinking of a learning session while traveling is not possible a few years back, ...

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                The Key Concepts Of ITIL That One Should Know

                Key Concepts of ITIL

                ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a renowned framework that has a set of best practices for developing and executing the IT service management. Organisations have already realized that the adoption of the ITIL framework is the foundation of success as well as to attain a competitive edge over their competitors in a highly volatile business environment. More than 10,000 ...

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                  The Do’s And Dont’s To Write An Impactful Resume

                  Resume Do's & Don'ts

                  You are super excited about seeing this wonderful career option that got posted in a job portal. As a first step, you are going to send your resume to the hiring manager. Being the first introduction to a company’s hiring manager, your resume is definitely a most influential marketing tool in your job search. Keeping in mind that your resume ...

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                    How to Become a Scrum Master Certified Professional?

                    How to Become CSM Professional

                    “Scrum”, the latest buzzword that is taking the software industry by storm. Though Scrum is the recent project management methodology, many organizations particularly ITS and ITES organizations are taking to Scrum in a big way. Why is Scrum so popular? With the increasing Agile implementation, Scrum is taking its turn too. Scrum is the powerful and popular Agile methodology which ...

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