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Know About PMI Certifications And Choose The Right One For You

PMI Certifications

Project Management Institute (PMI), being a largest certifying body is popularly known for its PMP certification. But, PMI does offer many other certifications which you can opt to boost your career. Began in early 1980’s, PMI started with PMP credentials since then started adding several certifications to its list. When you become a member of this renowned institute, you definitely ...

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    PMP Certification – Is It Really Worth For An IT Professional?

    PMP Certification – Is It Really Worth For An IT Professional

    Being an IT professional, you often get into a confusion of whether “PMP Certification” is really worth doing. You might even get a question popping up in your mind “How is PMP certification going to boost my career?” Well, “PMP” is the most prestigious certification that each management aspirant would readily pick up but, “will it be helpful to an ...

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      “Project Management Guide PMBOK” – What and Why ?


      Do you know that Project Management standards remain incomplete without this learning renowned book of knowledge “PMBOK” Guide? In fact, the value of this Project management standard guide goes beyond just turning you to a certified management professional. What is “PMBOK”? PMBOK stands for “Project Management Book of Knowledge” issued by renowned project management body “PMI (Project Management Institute)”. If ...

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        What is the Cost of PMP Certification in India?

        Cost of PMP Certification in India

        PMP certified professionals are constantly in great demand. This globally recognised certification never restricts itself to a particular domain, so you get the freedom of entering any domain. It is obvious that the opportunities keep pouring in when they add “PMP certified” in their resume. When you have a look at their salary and earning potential, they are the highest ...

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          Identify your PMP certification eligibility and how to obtain PMP

          PMP certification eligibility

          PMP in other words, Project management professional is a recognised standard for project management. Offered by PMI, this certification has global recognition. When you acquire this PMP certification, it shows that your Project management knowledge is at high standard and up to date. Hence, PMP certification is one of the hot certification that each and every manager would readily complete ...

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            Skillogic’s successful completion of 6000 PMP certification training

            Skillogic Completed 6000 PMP certification training

            “Have you completed PMP?” would be the first question that you receive if you say that you are in Project Management field. Say “no” then the question would be “why not?”. Yes, this PMP is indeed the most essential certification for this project management field. Talking more on this, cracking the PMP exam wouldn’t be as easy as you think. ...

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              A Better Insight About PMP Certification And How To Apply

              Insight About PMP Certification

              Are you a young project manager aspiring to succeed in your career? Then why not PMP? Project Management Professional, in short PMP is the often cited word in the management field. This most essential and industry recognised certification is a globally accredited one. If this brief introduction is kindling you to know more about this PMP then scroll further. More ...

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                The Benefits of Becoming a PMP Certified

                Benefits of Becoming a PMP Certified

                By going for your PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, you’re essentially opening up so many beneficial doors for yourself, that you can expand your career in ways you may have never even dreamed of. PMPs are the leaders of some of the top projects in corporations across the world, truly making a difference and seeing great success along the way. ...

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                  How PMP® Certification Can Enhance Your Career?

                  Why PMP Certification

                  This is a frequently asked question. Sure PMP® is one of the most respected Certifications globally in Project Management but, given that it takes quite some effort, is it worth pursuing? Well, it really depends. Many factors such as your profile, current role, career ambition, scope within your current employer etc., may influence its worthiness. I strongly believe that Professional ...

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                    Why PMP Certification is required anyway?

                    Why PMP Certification is required anyway?

                    In recent times all the technical subjects, disciplines and sub-disciplines that are used in the industry are being developed, controlled and guided by an independent knowledge body. These knowledge bodies create certified professionals in the respective fields. In case of PMP Certification as well there is a set of specialized course of action and a curriculum as devised by the ...

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