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An Introduction to Puppet (DevOps Tool) and How It Works

All About Puppet (DevOps Tool)

A system administrator’s job mainly comprises of repetitive tasks that need to be performed in a timely manner and this work seems to be much more tedious when the infrastructure of the company grows. Automation is the apt solution to solve the problems of system administrators and scripting seems to be not helping when the machines grow exponentially with the ...

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    What Is Chef And Why Do We Need It?

    What Is Chef? (DevOps Tool)

    A powerful automation tool used in configuration management by transforming infrastructure into code is called Chef. It effectively manages infrastructure by writing a code rather than using rigorous manual methods and for coding it uses pure-Ruby, a domain-specific language (DSL). Irrespective of the size and the operating environment, Chef can effectively automate your Infrastructure configuration, deployment of applications and configurations ...

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      7 Incredible DevOps Tools That are Loved the Most

      7 Incredible DevOps Tools

      DevOps is a bridge that connects the development and operations with the help of stand out technologies. First coined by Patrick Debois, DevOps is not just for IT but optimises the whole system of an organisation which in turn improves its business. DevOps is considered as the greatest revolution in the world of software development and delivery, as this movement ...

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        Agile Vs Devops – Are They Different?


        The latest buzzwords of IT environment is Agile and DevOps, since many organisations have already started embracing them. Many think that Agile and DevOps are two different concepts where people work in silos but is not. Let us first see “what Agile and DevOps are?” then you can easily correlate their connection. About Agile: In order to better understand about ...

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          DevOps: What it is and Why is it Important?

          What is Devops and Why Now

          “What is DevOps?” perhaps, is the frequently asked question because of its recent limelight status among organizations. DevOps is rapidly spreading among the technical community and keep attracting many IT people to look for its definition. If you search for its definition on Google, you will receive loads of answers and each with its own definition. Being a large concept, ...

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            DevOps – Story behind its Origin – Is it right career choice for you?

            DevOps Is it right career choice

            DevOps, a latest and popular term in IT industry is all about blending developers and operations staff to improve the collaboration and communication which results in delivering changes to business, more rapidly yet reliably. It is widespread in such a short span of time because of its importance in adding significant value to business by creating a more collaborative environment ...

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              DevOps Certification: Is It Right Choice for Me?

              What is DevOps

              What is DevOps DevOps (Development + Operations) has become movement in the IT industry in recent years. DevOps has many definitions with some equating DevOps with Continuous Delivery and some perceiving DevOps is movement leading to notion “Developer is King”. Widely accepted definition “DevOps is a culture with strong emphasis on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers (Development) and ...

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